Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Corning Understands

Mike Thaman (Corning): "Obviously there is never a more expensive time to own a home as when prices are falling."

Amen brother Mike. His only shortcoming is that Kramer likes him.


Jean ValJean said...

When I FIRST started learning about financials, I used to like Cramer.

Now I've soured on him.

Gator Fan said...

So what can I do to get money from the government?

I've saved my money, not lived beyond my means, have a modest house that I can live in on one salary, never been late on a bill, 800+ credit score...

What can people like us do?

H Simpson said...


You can help out all the greedy and slackards who caused this grief.

But we all have to pitch in cause President Obama said we all have to pitch in on the pain today.

H Simpson said...

and don't feel bad.
There is a small clique of honest, hard working stiffs just like you left in this country.

Gettting to be a smaller group every day.

Welcome to the club.


Sun said...

"When I FIRST started learning about financials, I used to like Cramer. Now I've soured on him."

Why? He's as enertaining as he's always been! Oh, you were making financial decisions based on his CNBC sanctioned authority...bummer.

He gives some decent advice, but if he could predict the market, he wouldn't be on TV.

s said...


you get to share your wealth!

And like it!

Pleather Murse said...

I'm starting to wonder about Fast Money too. Last week Guy Adami said to expect an 80-100 upside on the S&P this week. It was weird, he wasn't looking at the camera but was looking down at his papers at the time he said it. Not that I changed my strategy in any way because of his statement, it just struck me as odd and off base.

Lost Cause said...

When you are gonna work the system -- really, really work the system.

House where octuplets' mom lives in danger of foreclosure

The Whittier home where Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets, and her six other children have been living with her parents is in pre-foreclosure, according to records.

The three-bedroom home is owned by Angela Suleman, the childrens' grandmother. A default notice was filed Feb. 9 for a loan that is $23,224 past due. The notice lists a projected sale date of June 9, according to the website

Akubi said...

@Lost Cause,
I was going to comment about that. Octomommy really is Casey meets Cthulhu in drag. She gives me nightmares. Too bad she doesn't allow comments on her site.

Anyway, I thought some astute folks around here might have some insight on some interesting mail I received from the bank that provided the HELOC I have never used:
Because your account is in good standing you will receive a $200 Visa Gift Card as a bonus when you choose to close your account. It is just a way of saying thanks for your great handling of your account, and giving a little extra cash to spend any way you like.
Wow! Whenever I try to close a credit card that I never use, they give me sweet deals to stay with them, but I went through the fine print and this is the exact opposite.

Tyrone said...

Interesting tidbit...

K-12 enrollment declines for Inland-area school districts
Public school enrollment in Riverside and San Bernardino counties dropped by more than 8,700 students this year as the region suffered from a housing crisis and high unemployment rates, preliminary estimates show.

The decline represents only about 1 percent of the K-12 enrollment in public schools in the two counties, which totals more than 840,000 students. But for Riverside County, which lost nearly 1,600 students, it was the first drop in enrollment in decades.

The decrease of more than 7,000 students in San Bernardino County is not the first enrollment decline during the past few years, but it is the largest.

Akubi said...

Hey Tyrone,
I think aliens absorbed them somewhere in inner space.

Jean ValJean said...

Want to talk about Weird, Dallas, right in the middle of a boom, has been LOSING (or, should it be LOOSING) students for 10 years. It's almost back to 1997 levels.

Lost Cause said...

Another Real Estate Suicide.

After leaving the volleyball tour, Whitmarsh worked in real estate in San Diego County. Survivors include his wife, Cindy, a fitness and nutritional expert; and their two daughters. Whitmarsh had attributed his longevity as an athlete to his wife's advice to eat better and avoid weight gain.

rock and roll suicide

Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth
You pull on your finger, then another finger, then your cigarette
The wall-to-wall is calling, it lingers, then you forget
Ohhh how how how, youre a rock n roll suicide