Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Sometimes stuff happens. One kind of stuff is inexcusable like forgetting wagga's birthday. Cheers mate. Sorry. I may be buying a Volvo this week if that helps at all.

Sometimes you get pleasantly surprised. TJ of the long time "bear and comrade" fame, infamous blogger and long time reader/lurker called to say hello. Big shout out there TJ.

Sometimes it is a small world. At Jim the Realtor's 50 bday par-tah it was "small world" time. A fellow blogger sent their kid to a summer camp where I was a lifeguard a long time ago. And ChrisG 'bout fell over when he found out the supposedly normal guy he was talking to was really not so normal, he was me! Jim the (Really Old) Realtor didn't even try to cover up the cement scratches from where the minivan went into his pool.

Anyway. This morning Mrs. Dawg and I were on our morning "constitutional" and walked past a new candidate for leverage university senior project failure. We went a little further, 3.8 miles and in a less common direction and thus discovered what we'll call "The Bookends." Two houses, one street, two delinquencies, one owner. First up:
1925 Ramona

A $870k loan from the tippy toppy Oct 2005. Borrowers; Garry J & Christie J.

Next up the other end:
1324 Ramona

At least they bought after the peak, a whole 8 weeks later grabbing a sweet $682,500 mortgage on a house they paid $1,183,200 to buy. Currently for sale. $825k.

So read here and learn the darkside of the property ladder.


wagga said...

Thank you, kind soul. If at first you don't...

wagga said...

Australian Housing Now World's Most Expensive

Australia's housing price bubble is almost the only one in the world that has not yet burst.

Rob Dawg said...

Recall that my sister is there (Gin Gin). She tells me much.

H Simpson said...

Is Gary and Christie's UPS store foreclosed on too?


Guess buying 2 overpriced houses is not so good of an idea?

spooq said...

The clock is ticking now for Oz. Every time I talk to someone there, they fail to understand what is happening in the rest of the world.

To be honest though, I think the lag is getting less... it used to be years before Oz would react to outside events, now it seems to be in the 18 month range.

Rob Dawg said...

It may be cruel and over the top but Aus is Oklahoma with drop bears. When things get worse they'll be forgotten. Sad but true.

MaxedOutMama said...

Rob - what are you talking about? It is global warming that is the real threat to CA. That's probably what is driving down home values, because the esteemed Energy Sec says that the vineyards and cities alike are going to be wiped out. Story here.

Only Pelosi can save the world!!!!

w said...

Oh to be forgotten. Can people please forget about California?