Friday, February 27, 2009

Good News Finally

Expect lots more of this. A German company locating here for reasons of political stability, cheap energy, infrastructure, tax breaks, etc. - February 26, 2009
CLEVELAND, Tenn. (AP) — Wacker Chemie announced Thursday that it will build a $1 billion plant with 500 jobs in southeastern Tennessee to produce hyperpure polycrystalline silicon, a product used to make solar panels and semiconductors.
The Tennessee site was picked because of its size; proximity to a chlorine supplier, OLIN Corp.; power from the Tennessee Valley Authority and the transportation infrastructure, a company statement said.
Wacker Chemie is based in Munich, Germany, and is the second-largest producer of hyperpure polycrystalline silicon. It reported last month that its sales reached $5.5 billion in 2008.

In early December, Bradley County commissioners approved a $50 million incentives package for what they described as an unnamed international manufacturer that would create at least 500 jobs.

Hope wears a smile.


H Simpson said...
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H Simpson said...
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H Simpson said...

First they get 1 piece of data.
Then idiots say the worst is over.

Same fools who go out in the eye of a hurricane

How bout you?

Agent #777 said...


Only 60 miles or so from me! That should give the area a shot in the arm! Just make sure you observe the speed limits on the interstate there - enforcement is heavy!

Peripheral Visionary said...

Rob, I think you've hit on the key elements: stability, cheap energy, infrastructure. Favorable tax treatment is nice but not necessary; what's critical is government that understands how important jobs are and will protect them rather than try and squeeze industry for money to waste on political agendas.

Fortunately, most of the U.S. understands that; which is why there are plenty of areas that are business-friendly, particularly in the South and in the Mountain West. New York, Illinois, and California don't get it, and are determined to kill their remaining businesses, which is why they're in a death spiral.

The challenge now is to get the U.S. to figure this out at a national level.

segfault said...

TVA power is about the cheapest in the country.

1.44MB said...

I am the one in ten
A number on a list
I am the one in ten
Even though I don`t exist
Nobody knows me
Even though i`m always there
A statistic, a reminder
Of a world that doesn`t care

My arms enfold the dole queue
Malnutrition dulls my hair
My eyes are black and lifeless
With an underprivileged stare
I`m the beggar on the corner
Will no-one spare a dime?
I`m the child that never learns to read
`cause no-one spared the time

Ah the oldies and goldies. We'll all be back to wearing (hand me down) flares soon as well.

Akubi said...

And here in California we have a 10.1% unemployment rate. Pretty scary.

Rob Dawg said...

No, 10.1% of the employable and actively searching are unemployed. Huge difference. More like 14% and going to get a lot worse.

1.44MB said...

Yeah but 'I am a one point zero one in ten' or ' I am a one point whatever in ten' just don't got dat ring.

More to the point - if all these people are so poor and so out of work why is my commute still so fricking clogged up?

H Simpson said...

Hey Dawg

Article on the old hood..

Akira said...

Yeah, well weeeezzz be having some Sweet Subprime Gangsta fun over at dem daaar Nuclear Tentacles and fishnets shit spot.

Akira said...

WTF is Homey when you need him?

Lost Cause said...

Flares are "in" again.

Germany has the most installed solar power in the world, thanks to government support. I think alot of that material will be going back to Germany.

To recapitulate: TVA, government subsidized. Infastructure, government subsidized. German solar power, government subsidized.

You can do this, America!