Thursday, January 03, 2008

$508 Per Square Foot

Sweet. I just don't understand why anyone thinks there's a housing implosion. After all when you can ask $229,000 for this luxomatic crib with a swinging whole hunka 450 square feet of love nest there's no telling where the top is. Check out this deal on Realtor dot com.

Let's get real. Those "450" square feet are on two stories where you cannot stand up on the second. 1br 1ba and more than five hundred freakin' bucks per sq ft!


Sac RE Agent said...


Anonymous said...
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Rob Dawg said...

I didn't say overpriced. After all the lot is 7500 square feet.

All kidding aside, your example is is in someplace called Oklahoma. Mine is down the road from a ski area and 2 hours from Ventura or Orange County beach locations.

Rent for maybe $600 making the fair value about half the wishing price.

Akubi said...

It has that heart warming Little House on the Prairie charm though.

Rob Dawg said...

Got any Laura Ingles in fishnets?

I'd go stir crazy inside a week. That mouse house isn't much bigger than my sancto santorum away from my family.

w said...

$509 per square foot. In lovely Santa Paula. Comes with free gang initiation for the kids.,-N287395,-N,-A,-N7579578

Anonymous said...

Yeah, y'all's shit's all good. It's a bargain at any price. You should buy it. LMAO!!

Bilgeman said...


I like and appreciate my power lawn equipment as much as the next guy, but I'm not going to buy them a fucking house, y'know.

They're perfectly happy in the shed they live in now.

Ogg the Caveman said...

My last apartment cost me $380/month and was considerably bigger than that.

Akubi said...

I bet Wagga could find Laura Ingles in fishnets...
Thoughts on Iowa results or shall we avoid politics?

H Simpson said...

I thought in California every home had to have granite countertops and stainless appliances by law? I see granite appliances (I take it the stone wall is the stove correct?), but where is the stainless?

How come no photos of the bathroom? As little as they have to show, you would think it would be showcased on that site instead of photos of the neighbor's trees.

Or the master bedroom (technically can you call it a master bedroom if there is only 1. Usually you need more than one to specify which is for the master). Is it one of those relaxing spa kinds of bedrooms I see on all the california makeover shows or a Tuscan theme to it? Does it have marble floors or bamboo laminates.

Don't these realtor people have any regard for their good name by listing such trash?

Only legit angle is this is some crap homesteader hut on the border of a really nice lot and the guy is trying to make a fortune on Uncle Milt's property by allowing the abbutters to buy him out and bulldoze the shack before some other riffraft moves in. Usually you need waterfront to make this play succeed though.

better exit strategy is to get a balloon and some s/s wire and pray lightening hits this shack ben franklin style so they can collect the insurance.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

What's most interesting to me is that the front runners in both parties are seen as outsiders, and the second place Democrat is running on a largely anti-establishment platform.

Paul did better than anyone had a right to expect, but not nearly as well as many on the internet *did* expect. We'll see much weeping and wailing and accusations of foul play from the Ronulans in the days and weeks to come.

Unknown said...

Zillow sez $210K - $290K, with current est at $230K.


10/13/1998: $60,000
06/11/2003: $129,000
06/02/2006: $225,000

According to the mathematics, in mid-2007 it should have been worth $450K.

However, Germans have a saying: "The trees don't grow to the sky".