Thursday, September 10, 2009

Somebody Get A Rope

LATimes story:
"For a business to allow this to happen in today's ethically charged climate is quite suicidal," he said. And because Madoff's fraud was the root cause of the situation, he added, "it's like rubbing salt into the wounds of a national tragedy."

The home's former owners, Lawrence and Linda Elins, didn't respond to requests for an interview.

Their real estate agent, Irene Dazzan-Palmer, said she had tried to lease the home for the couple last spring after they were "devastated" by Madoff losses. But before she could find a renter, the couple signed over the property to Wells Fargo to help satisfy a larger debt, she said.

Wells Fargo subsequently denied requests to show the house to prospective buyers, said Dazzan-Palmer, a Coldwell Banker specialist in Malibu Colony properties.
I don't even know how Casey got the sex change operation nevermind the new job.


Bandit said...


Mr. Outspoken said...

No way that could be our Casey. Getting a job? Come on. Stick to the realm of possibility.

Northern Renter said...

After the Great Quake of 2012, however, Malibu may well be an island. Self-sufficient? I doubt it.


Lost Cause said...

I'll bring the torches and the pitchforks.

Lost Cause said...

Cheronda Guyton
Head of Commercial ORE Department
Wells Fargo Bank
333 S. Grand St., 9th Floor,
MAC #E2064-091
Los Angeles, CA 90071
As Head of the Commercial ORE Department, Ms. Guyton manages a team of Real Estate Asset
Managers for Commercial ORE as well as a team of Relationship Managers for Commercial Loan
Workouts. With over 17 years of asset management experience, Ms. Guyton has handled
portfolios of real estate loans composed of hospitality, apartments, office, industrial, retail,
argicultural and land assets.
Prior to her tenure with Wells Fargo Bank, Ms. Guyton served as Asset Manager for First
Interstate Bank of California where, in addition to portfolio management, she structured and
negotiated loans to facilitate sales in conformance with both regulatory and corporate policies.
Ms. Guyton also previously held a position in the controller’s office during the administration of
California Governor Gray Davis. She holds an undergraduate degree from Emory University and
a graduate degree from University of Southern California.

Lost Cause said...

People who live in glass house should not throw stones.

Lou Minatti said...

People who live in glass houses should be prepared for lots of pervs looking through their windows.