Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Eyes of Laura St.

1446 Laura St. to be exact.

Check out the listing history:
Oct 17, 2009 Price Changed $235,000 -- MRMLS #I721298
Jul 14, 2009 Price Changed $265,000 -- MRMLS #I721298
Jul 21, 2008 Price Changed $299,000 -- MRMLS #I721298
Jul 21, 2007 Price Changed $309,000 -- MRMLS #I721298
Apr 28, 2007 Price Changed $329,900 -- MRMLS #I721298
Apr 02, 2007 Listed $344,000 -- MRMLS #I721298

As we close in on the 1000 day listing you would think they'd have learned a few lessons. They've made 30 mortgage payments and 5 tax payments in this time while losing equity faster and faster. Had they listed in April 2007 for $275,000 they'd have closed in a month. Instead they've spent $25k and watched another $50k evaporate.


Bob said...

sweet panelling

Mr. Outspoken said...

Wow. That was fast.

Here's my contribution:

Fifteen areas recorded jobless rates of 15 percent or worse in October with nine of those in California and three in Michigan. That's up from 13 areas with rates above 15 percent the previous month.

Looks like a brown shoot poking out...

Orange10 said...

The U.S. is officially a 3rd-world country.

When is the Zimbabwe-like hyperinflation going to start here? 5 years??

Cobradriver said...


The in town homes here just keep dropping. Sale right across the street from Mom and Dad. 2100 sq/ft4/3,full remodel right after Charlie. Really nice pool. Cash price of...88K. If it had a little more land I would have bought it.

MLS listings...
In the area I 7900-8100 over teh last 3 months. Double that with raw land included.

Median household income...~40K
Number of homes under 120K?...less than 1600.

That is inflationary,right?

Have fun...I am.


EconomicDisconnect said...

This homes price is just depressed due to market panic, it should snap back any day now.

Lost Cause said...

I saw these two items at the same time:

-- Huge earthquake estimated to cause $10 billion damage in Orange County.

-- Real estate tax rolls reduced by $1 billion this year in Orange County.

TJandTheBear said...

Still $204/sf, which means still too much.