Thursday, April 01, 2010

Huevos Grande

Give 'em credit. It takes a big pair to bring this one to market:
271 Myrtle Ave Oxnard, CA 93036

$/Sq. Ft.: $223
Lot Size: 0.69 Acres
Property Type: Detached, Modular/Manufactured
View: Other/See Remarks
Year Built: 2000
Community: El Rio / Nyeland Acres

What's the big deal? Location, location, location. Here's the aerial:

Best described as "construction adjacent. Bet they don't mention the freeway is being widened. Not that it matters. Look at the sales history:

Mar 23, 2010 Changed $579,000
Feb 16, 2010 Listed $649,000
Dec 02, 2009 Sold $450,000
Jul 13, 1999 Sold $216,000

Nice flip. Fail.


Jean ValJean said...

FIRST rule of selling something for an outlandinsh price:
All it takes is one...

Pleather Murse said...

Possibility of eminent domain resulting in nice cash buyout by the state at above market rates? (Then they wouldn't be selling it ...)

Re-zone into a business -- location is favorable depending on where the freeway exit is.

Northern Renter said...

Huge huevos or remarkable stupidity? You decide.


TJandTheBear said...

Still waiting for my killer redhead.

p.s.: Yes, last post was a mulligan. ;-)

Monica said...

Hey, guys, have you noticed what happened to Caseypedia? Did Kyosaki really buy it?

Pleather Murse said...

California's last auto plant shuts its doors

FREMONT, Calif. (AP) - Workers are trickling out of the New United Motor Manufacturing plant in Fremont as they complete their tasks and the plant readies to shut down. The plant made Toyota Tacoma trucks and Corolla sedans. The last Tacoma rolled off the assembly lines last week, and Corolla production ended Thursday. The plant began 25 years ago as a joint venture between Toyota and GM. GM pulled out last year, and Toyota later announced it would halt production, eliminating about 4,700 jobs.

sm_landlord said...

A $60,000 house on a $20,000 lot with $30,000 worth of furniture staged in?

That area is so low rent that the local franchise merchants get breaks on their fees so they can keep their prices low.

Rob Dawg said...

I'd call it a $60,000 lot but yes.

Lou Minatti said...

Gack! My neighbors from Mexico in my old neighborhood, if they were Elvis fans, would have chosen that decor.

walt526 said...
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