Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Husing Bubble Poster Property

Tell me what "rule" of the housing bubble isn't validated by this dog of a property?  There's even the sadness of the street view showing a basketball hoop and the sales picture of an empty shell.  A "lake" in the desert?  Dead lawn?
Price History for 18144 Harbor Dr

10/18/2012Price change  -$20,000  (-5.0%)$379,900Farnam & Associates Real Estate
10/06/2012Price change  -$40,000  (-9.1%)$399,900Farnam & Associates Real Estate
09/09/2012Price change$439,900Farnam & Associates Real Estate
08/23/2012Soldview details$430,418Public records
08/28/2002Soldview details$410,000Public records
08/08/2000Soldview details$410,000Public records

The high desert is a long way from bottom.  Don't even suggest recovery.

Sale price for 18144 Harbor Dr$379,900 
Average listing price for similar homes$500,07832% above sale price
Median sale price for similar homes$340,86210% below sale price

Why even bother?  


sm_landlord said...

You know, I could set you up with a Wordpress site. Lots more control of formatting ;-)

Good to see you back to updating this site, btw...

TJandTheBear said...

PLEASE let sm help... the formatting on this post is as ugly as that house.

(At least it's in a better 'hood)

Lou Minatti said...

Rob, did you get tired of the endless bad recipes at CR? The pretentious comments? The 2:00 am drunkposts from the west coast and Manhattan liberals angry and bitter about radical rightards like Mitt Romney? Or maybe it was endless spam from Puke of Con Dao?

Rob Dawg said...

Let me count the ways.

Nobody left to discuss the post topic.

When I comment on the post topic the replies consist of attacks or devastating rejoinders like "nope."

Racists seeing racism in others.

The tight group that gang up to derail any discussion of value.

The astounding lack of introspection.

Let's face it. Bill has been mailing it in quite a lot lately. He certainly isn't taking a critical eye to lots of the good news lately.

The continual one upping of over the top recipes got boring when it became clear they weren't real. I tuned those out long ago.

I usually have no problems with liberals. I think of them as those rumble strips on the highway that when you start hearing them it is time to stop drifting left. The breed on HCN who don't think their shit stinks are a whole different thing.

And gosh, the complete lack of sense of humor...

Besides, it's time to start watching the capitulation economy that is just starting down.

Fun factoid: The day after Obama was elected the S&P fell, 5.08%.

Unknown said...

Dawg, you forgot to mention all of the Anti Semitic Slurs!