Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fat, Forty and Failure

Ogg make good point. Ogg say; Robert, if you're reading this far, may I propose a new post topic? Suppose the best-case scenario, that Casey files for bankruptcy and manages to get all his debts discharged, takes place. Where does everyone see Casey in 10-15 years?


Legion said...

Good Lord!
It's like looking into an eclipse..that image is burned in my retinas forever!!!

Legion said...

Incidentally, when Casey says

take a shower, get dressed for success and go to the office to get back to taking care of priorities

Umm, doesn't all of this occur within 20 feet of each other?

Benoit said...

Where does everyone see Casey in 10-15 years?

Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. :-p

BTW, the guy in the picture... more information here:


- Benoit

Legion said...

That's a guy?!?!?!!?!?!

JimBobJoeBobJim said...


Have you been drinking?

I have.


Anonymous said...

most desired outcome: cellmate tells casey "Jelly or syrup? I perfer syrup."

worst outcome: casey writes a book, sells the movie, and makes $$$$

most likely outcome: a few months jailtime (feds go for bigger fish, using casey's testimony). casey spends rest of life looking over shoulder,
living with galina's folks, with fico score lower than the temperature outside.

galina's future: babushka.


That is precisely what is wrong with the system.

Any debt that Casey acquired through fraudulent means, should not be dischargeable and Casey should be sentenced to paying back every dirty penny. Stay the interest, as of now, but pay it back, the hard way, by WORKING for it.

Refusal to do so, is contempt of court, the punishment should be chain gang like.

I know I'm mean, but in 33 years I never paid late, did not pay or ever bounced a check.

All of you wanting club fed for Casey, that's the easy out.

Nigel Swaby = Eddie Haskell said...

@Legion, and fellow Nigel hater,

Probably less than 10 feet!

Sprezzatura said...

Ugh. I wish I hadn't eaten a nice dinner (NOT Macaroni Grill, rather some excellent schwarma from the Lebanese joint 2 blocks away) before looking at that picture, because now I feel really ill.

Where will Casey be at 40? Probably working a crappy sales job (used cars, maybe?), still dreaming of finding the magic ticket to riches despite a bankruptcy, maybe 2, and trashed credit, and living in his parents' basement. Oh, and G is long gone, of course.

GameOver said...

Casey is ruined for life.

Not because of his debts, pending jail time or more likely than not divorce but due to his "Guru's".

He has been so ingrained to believe he is special (magical?) and will succeed at life that he will ALWAYS throw logic out the window and go for his dreams of financial independence.

Sadly this whole situation reminds me of Dumb and Dumber (the movie, not fellow commentator!). At one point someone says something about the odds being 1 in a million and the response is "SO YOU'RE SAYING THERE IS A CHANCE!!!!"

It doesn't matter what it is, real estate, used cars, tupperware, stock options, forex, or amway...our FFF has been and always will be ruined.

PS. doesn't help that his mental health issues will continue to go undiagnosed.

Legion said...


No, haven't been drinking, have to go to work tomorrow...here's my plan

1. Get up at 5 am so that I am an early rizer (little baby successes lead to big things)
2. Scratch my ass for success
3. Take a wiz, playing sink the cheerios (another ego booster)
4. Take a dump
5 Pat myself on my back for remembering to wipe my ass this time
6. Eat all of my cereal then lick the bowl clean of remaining milk (I'm a good boy momma, I finished everything!)
7. Look at bills to pay from last night
8. Ignore bills
9. Laugh at myself at how I got rid of all my bills, I'm net flow positive again!
10. Put on socks then pants then underwear..woops..gotta remember, undies first

blah blah blah
shut up Casey


@ legion, I think you were the first person to say is it me or is Nigel an asskisser? ( paraphrasing)

Not just you and our organic Casey negahero had deleted several of my posts objecting to Mr Nigs ass kissing.

Dimes said...

In 10-15 years, Casey is running for Congress. This way he can be a do-nothing attention whore, gets paid a fair sum of money, and can help write new laws about mortgage lending.
Most of his debt will have been discharged, and the rest he'll either be ignoring or paying off at a piddly pace.
All of this will be a sign that there is most certainly a God, and He has a sense of humor.

Legion said...

@nigel loather

yeah that was me

I notice that he is updating his comments quite fast lately, must mean his email comments must have taken a hit.

"come back guys! I'll moderate faster, I'll even allow one hate comment per day! Per person!"

Legion said...

@nigel loather

What'd you expect? Of course he is not going to allow any nigel bashing..Nigel is the only one left who gives him head. G's orifices are closed up tighter than Fort Knox.

Ha ha I made a funneeee

Nigel Swaby = Eddie Haskell said...

I must say, I heart you, for your excellent perception of well ass kissers.

Dolph, Just Dolph said...

I LOVE all the Nigel Swaby names. Great and fun stuff!

Oh and I changed my handle to just emphasize the name you all know me as.


Nigel = Eddie Haskel , shucks one and the same, multiple identities one and the same, I hate phony but kissers.

As smramy as he is, I wonder about the quality and honesty of HIS deals.

Ogg The Caveman said...

Well played, Robert.

All in all, I tend to agree with GameOver. Casey has the sort of personality that will doom him to floating from one scam to the next. House flipping, envelope stuffing, Amway, h3rb@l v1agr@, whatever, his life will be an endless stream of fleecings. Ironically, his attempts to get rich quick will doom him to a life of financial insecurity.

Casey won't end up fat, though. He doesn't have the body type for it. G, on the other hand...

Legion said...

well Nigel = haskell

While Nigel is kissing his ass, I'd rather be kicking it.

I really can't believe that Casey still thinks his blog is informative and a good read on what not to do. Even as he is going into foreclosure, he still makes the dumbest mistakes and appears to compund them with each passing day.

I commented a while back on his blog (which he screened) where I told him that the guy who is going to steal G away from him is already in his vicinity, and it is just a matter of time. FRankly I don't see why she is so gung ho about going to her community college or whatever the hell it is for 300 a month. I mean hell, they spend more on phone bills per month than they do college? Might as well just use that money to make up a fake diploma. They lied about everything else.

Casey "What am I going to do? All these bills, all these behind late fees and catch up costs! My blog is dying without the haters! Nigel won't get his lips off my ass!"

G (stops her crayon homework) "Hey did you pay my bills yet?

Casey "ER..that depends on what you mean by pay, I meant to (Just like I meant to pay back all the lenders) and that's all that matters right?"

G "You suck at finances!"

Casey "You can't keep the coloring in the lines!"
Then he storms off to his office (3 feet away from where he was standing) and slams the imaginary door. "guess it's just me and you again buddy" he sighs as he looks at his hand.

Wet Dry Sandpaper said...

Fat, forty and failure? Sounds like Matt Foley circa 1992.


That could be Casey.

Jade said...

more importantly, what the heck is wrong with Galina? Why would you POSSIBLY allow this man anywhere near your finances if you had any inkling of what he'd been up to?

She is SURPRISED that he dropped the ball on keeping up with her credit cards? She continues to think that he can pull money out of his butt? Do these people not realize that credit is not the same as having money?

Why does she rely on him for so much? He is clearly not capable of doing ANYTHING, and no one should be relying on him for anything. Her credit is already f**ked, and she apparently has no idea.

She has got to be even dumber than he is.

Anonymous said...

Homey - it's getting really difficult to read your posts, can you ratchet down the Homey-speak just a little? Please?

Sid_Finster said...

Let us begin the service with a chorus of that deep-toned Hellene hymn "Young Casey is hosed"!

The Clown Prince of Real Estate cannot declare bankruptcy or take a job, not if he wants to save what remains of his marriage.

I suspect that Galya married him not "for richer or poorer" but "for richer". She thought she had landed a junior tycoon, a young man in a hurry. That's how Casey sold himself to her. Her job, as they see it, is to look cute.

If Casey declares BK or gets a burger-flipping job, he has basically admitted failure. Galina will jump ship for someone who can promise to support her in the lifestyle she wants. I don't think she will have a hard time doing so. She may be looking already.

The same logic explains why Casey has to keep Galya in the dark about their finances for as long as possible. If he were to come clean now, that would be as good as filing bankruptcy in Galya's eyes.

This probably also explains why Casey continues to spend money on luxuries, in order to keep up appearances to his wife.

In other words, Young Casey is hosed.

Hecatonchires said...

I've no doubt that G has checked IAFF, so she can't honestly claim to be that in the dark about things.

Sid_Finster said...

On the one hand, you'd think Galya has seen IAFF, but imagine her response if she did?

Would you respect any guy who lets himself be abused like that for attention? Would you not start asking tough questions like "OK, so what ARE you going to do about (my credit/the Utah wrap/money you are throwing at gurus/etc.)?

The fact that Casey admits on IAFF that he hasn't told his wife yet about such things makes me wonder whether Galina reads IAFF. If I were her and I read that, I'd be livid.

Hey Guys said...

Hey Dolph and/or you all how do you know how the FBI,Countrywide,Wells Fargo and the DOJ have visited IAFF? Do you have have access to his ISP logs or something?

I know Cote can see his own logs or the IP of the poster but thats here.

Just curious.

Backstage said...

what the heck is wrong with Galina?

Maybe she's the problem! Is she depending on him for everything? Is she high maintenance? Did he promise her the moon to get her to marry him? Does not hell her 'stuff' because he knows what the outcome will be? Is she pouty or a fireball?

I know any comments on her are pure supposition. However, from what's posted, it does not seem like a healthy realtionship. (I'll bet Homey could find out). She seems to think life is a bed of roses and CS will take care of everything. She does not know that all that's left are thorns.

In my younger years I dated several high maintenance women. I shutter when CS tells of his interaction with her -- it reminds me of not-so-good times. It got very old pretty quickly. But I'm not Casey. I give up on a 'loosing' game pretty quickly. He does not.

Perhaps that's why I rent a house, and have to w-o-r-k at building my own small company while I wait 'til the housing market returns to reality to spend my cash from the house we sold. If I did not give up, I, too , could own four houses and have a mountain of debt equal to what the average person earns in an entire working lifetime.


Backstage said...

@ Sid Finster

If I were her and I read that, I'd be livid.

Livid is the minimum I'd be. In her position, I'd do a John Wayne Bobbitt.

He's so stupid in so many ways...that's what's so amazing.

Backstage said...

Hey Dolph and/or you all how do you know how the FBI,Countrywide,Wells Fargo and the DOJ have visited IAFF? Do you have have access to his ISP logs or something?

Under the tip jar on the right side there's a little button labeled 'sitemeter' you can see who's on and who's been on. Firefox may take some adjusting to see it, but Explorer can always see it.

Hecatonchires said...

I just really can't believe that G has not seen IAFF. She knows he has a blog. All it takes is googling 'Casey Serin' after all. And given the mess that he is obviously in, you would think after all these months she would have been curious enough to do it by now.

On the other hand, if she hasn't, it speaks volumes about the post high school education system in this country.

PlumbDev said...

In the spirit of dumb and dumbers post, I just had to try my hand. Sorry for already posting over at IAFF--I feel like I have the willpower of Kramer in the master of your domain episode.

101. William Hung
January 30th, 2007 at 9:30 pm How much celebrity status is really out there. DID Kato Kaelin really get all that much out of the Simpson trial. CASEY hasn’t been put through the criminal justice system yet, but I guess after the BANG of a trial he could be somewhat of a star. There is something to be said about even being associated with Casey, for better or for worse, just ask ERIN and that other woman that Casey had dealings with when he went to meet Robert Kyosaki IN PHOENIX. I have a feeling that Casey isn’t going to be able to surf this disaster into a financially beneficial opportunity in the way others have. I guess we should never under-estimate the American public and their addiction to train wrecks and gossip. All of that sells reality television and magazines with slogans like ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

Dolph, Just Dolph said...

Here's some ideas I have on the posts you guys have made.

Sid: I believe she married him for richer, agreed. Problem is he lied to her and she deserves all that has happened. I do NOT believe she married out of love. She married a man who made a ton of promises and her greed convinced her it all sounded good.

Jade: She's as lazy as he is. Proof positive there should be a means test for young marriages (no offense to anybody here who married young and made it). They are two sheltered kids with Casey thinking he's a player of some sort and G thinking he is going to amount to something. I bet she thinks this is just a bump in the road.

Hecatonchires: If she hasn't peeked at his blog, she is one dumb person. If I were her, I would put my foot down on a lot of the stuff he posts. We know he has said she has in the past, but one has to ask if he respects her since he always finds a way to fit her into his posts.

Hey Guys: Yes, from the ISP logs are open to anybody who clicks on that SITEMETER link.

Backstage: You hit the nail on the head. She is blinded by what she perceives as his potential.

He once said he "rescued" her from overprotective parents. If that is true, she may take her sheltered view of things and looks to him to protect her. I believe she won't leave him anytime soon because it would tell allow her parents back into a controlling situation, which a person like her may not want.

Dolph, Just Dolph said...

Re: Nigel the bootlicker...

I noticed something about his blog today. He started it in Sept of 2006.

Casey started his Sept of 2006.

Coincidence? Did Nigel sell Casey the house in Utah?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the link to the old Casey blog? Where he blathered about his day, apparently? He mentioned Homey had it, but I haven't seen a link anyplace?

- beezer

bemused guy said...

Most Likely: I'm thinking he'll be making his alimony payments by doing gay porn. Luckily there will be no child support for his own children because Stephanie J will have stumbled across him in a back alley at some point & delivered that kick.

Unfortunately, Galina will have convinced him to pay child support to children from her second marriage.

Most Awful to Think About: In 20 years the housing market rebounds & we find ourselves with skyrocketing prices & Casey thing he should start this nonsense all over again.

bemused guy said...


Am I blocked or something? Some posts I am sending don't seem to be making it through.

Anonymous said...

Hey guy - am I blocked or something? When I try to send posts as Bemused Guy, most of them don't seem to get through. Was I voted off the island?

Anonymous said...

I agree, Galina is looking or has her eye on her next victim/husband/father figure, as we speak. Community College is nothing more than a big playpen for young 20-somethings to flirt and hookup - if she's gone all day at school (and not doing homework between classes, she's doing it at home), I'd bet she has a boyfreind on campus, maybe even doing the beast with two backs in an empty classroom or car...

The two of them are nothing but children playing adult - the key photo for me for Galina was her "all dressed up and playing rehab foreman" pic - designer duds, no doubt put on one of her many CCs just for the occasion. no getting dirty for our young Miss Galina, no, she just likes to order people around.

Kids these days at their ages are not encouraged to be adults, it's horrifying sometimes when i run into them. I've met some highly motivated, mature 24 year olds, but they are getting far and few between. L'il Casey is just a little 12 year old boy playing with adult toys and looking for a Daddy to bail him out - all the while saying 'you're not the boss of me!". He wants his new Daddy Duane to pay the bills, but then passively aggressivly ignores what he's supposed to be doing and does what he wants to do - play.

L'il Casey at 40...stilly dumb, naive, deluded, pigheaded, pretending to be a success and playing at being an adult. Galina is long gone, and is a fat, whining babushka in a suburban tract somewhere who still bitches about "that loser" she married.

Picture a dusty, seedy used car lot, out on I5...that's L'il Casey's future. Hanging out with the jackrabbits and tumbleweeds waiting on that big score, bitching about how the IRS and lenders are still "stealing" his money every month.

Naptime said...

Robert, Future Casey has some really sweet cleavage in that photo.

Rob Dawg said...

At 5:01 AM, bemused guy said...

Am I blocked or something? Some posts I am sending don't seem to be making it through.

At 5:02 AM, Anonymous said...
Hey guy - am I blocked or something? When I try to send posts as Bemused Guy, most of them don't seem to get through. Was I voted off the island?

You are probably visiting so often your btowser is cacheing the pages. Try refreshing. No funny business but there is an occassional issue when two posts have the exact same timestamp.

Anonymous said...

Casey's future:

Casey goes to jail for loan fraud and meets Bubba

Casey testifies before Senate investigating loan fraud and the real estate bust

Casey uses publicity to launch his own Senate campaign

Casey elected to U.S. Senate

Casey forced to resign when "sweet" deals exposed

Casey goes back to prison

Bubba tells Casey he's the love of his life

Anonymous said...

So I checked out IAFF this morning and that site is just plain boring without the usual hater posts. Must of it is just new haters or folks giving Casey advice that someone else gave him in November.

Some of this is dated but I wanted to comment. G is definitely reading spending time on his site. How could she not. He spends hours on the thing. And she is definitely getting some on the side. The reasons for that are obvious. I'm done posting there.

Doug aka Craven Moorehead aka Mr. Bates aka Pulling for(out of) Casey.

Sid_Finster said...

*IF* Galina is reading IAFF and has not given Casey a serious ultimatum, then she clearly has her next meal ticket marked out and is setting the hook.

Heidi said...

Homey@6:23 yesterday,

Yes that is the basic info I have from that sight. All I can add is I believe Lisa Lott was the closer at First American.

He lied about the address on his blog, hoping no one was "bright" enough to figure out it was public record. So yes anyone who still questioned that particular personality defect, CS is a pathological liar!

Don't know why 10190 & 10302 are both valid for 51:453:0008, sometimes cities or counties change addresses or maybe the owner asked for an address change. I don't know.

Utah's system is a little different than ours so I had some trouble understanding what I was seeing. Their serial number 51:453:0008 would be our parcel number so you can see the entire chain of transaction on that property with that number.

Go all the way back to the 1st transaction they have by doing an "abstract entry search by serial #" search.

From 1/2005, Platinum Development & Construction is shown as the owner but CS at his current Roseville address is the "Care of Name" so I'm assuming he was buying this POS from Platinum (who I can't track down)using 1 of his "creative" financing methods.

There were 2 liens placed on the property in Sept & Oct. 2005. 1 for $9,983.26 & 1 for $24,858.00.
They were recorded as released on 11/30/2005 and 12/12/2005 but Utah doesn't have imaging of their documents so I can't see exactly what happened.

The most interesting thing is the Warranty Deed from Platinum to CS on 3/10/2006. The consideration was only $10.00. He also took out mortgages with Magnus on that 3/10 date for $288,000 and $72,000 on 3/11. But CS is no longer the owner, Richard & Jennifer Wilcox are the owners. So this must have been some more creative "subject to" financing. Richard & Jennifer couldn't get credit? You guess.

The wrap with Linda & Edward Christensen & the Wilcoxes happened on 9/13/2006. Right when CS began IAFF. He gave them the Warranty Deed but then took back a Deed of Trust for $360,000 on that date.

These are some fishy looking transactions. And by the way Christensen's own at least 10 other properties in Utah.

What do you think Homey? I smell real estate fraud by knowing individuals not a poor, gullible little boy who never understands what he signs. As my Dad says, "This is Bull Pucky".

bemused guy said...

@Heidi "What do you think Homey? I smell real estate fraud by knowing individuals not a poor, gullible little boy who never understands what he signs."

Not Homey but I agree something isn't right. As RK told our hero, there's a bigger sucker every minute & that was you (something like that). This sort of reminds me of the prlyknz debacle when people pointed out the possibility of our con artist hero getting conned by a bigger, better, smarter group?

Let me rephrase that slowly in case our hero reads here. Maybe he thought he was being smart in Utah but got played.

Rob Dawg said...

Any bets whether Magnus knows he doesn't own the house anymore? That's gonna be one helluva mess. Lenders yake a very dim view of having their secured loans converted to unsecured.

Vague Guru said...

I picture Casey at 40 being similar to the Uncle Rico character in Napoleon Dynamite. He’ll be driving around in his old Jetta, his old guru books and press clipping in the trunk, his mailman at his side. Driving around Sactown bird dogging some sweet deals.

Casey saying stuff like:

“See those mountains over there? When I was 24 I owned those mountains. Then the market turned on me”.

“See that apartment building over there, if I only could’ve got a loan, I would own it right now.”

“Hey, did I ever tell ya the story about the time I fasted for 8 whole hours?”

"Man, I'm thirsty. Let's get a Jamba a juice. Ya got any money on ya?"

Anonymous said...

@ heidi

Maybe you or Homey can answer these. Why would the two realtors names be on the loans and deeds? That looks very fishy. Did CS get a qwit deed from Platinum? Did CS buy it as a foreclosed unit and get a kickback from Platinum?

Accoriding to CS, the buyers were poor, little niave people. You are saying they own at least 10 properties? Why didn't he use the same title companies, was that to hide the wrap?

I agree with all of you- I HIGHLY doubt the lender is aware of the status.

Anonymous said...

He really did remove the $50k from the balance sheet.

Moron, master manipulator, inveterate liar, all three?

Rob Dawg said...

Yup, Casey did indeed drop the $50k promissory note to CFC. With it he's over $600,000 and $800 more each day.

Anonymous said...

Also, that Macy's card wasn't on there before, was it? I don't remember seeing it. As well, iirc, the HSB was new when he'd originially put the spreadsheet up, now it's maxed and late.

What the hell did the little princess need to spend $128 on at Macy's?

I'm on the side of she's just as culpable and stupid as condom-hat.

Legion said...

That macy's card is what he probably used to buy G her gift for Christmas..you know, the picture where we see her feet at the end of a gigiantic present while his feet are all cocky and relaxed to her left? "Here's your present honey, and a new card, and uh..by the way you owe on it now."

They figure they are going to declare bankruptcy anyways. As for that 50K he just dropped from his spreadsheet, geez, what a jerk, he probably thinks he can just make anything disappear if he just stops paying attention to it.

I did glance at his blog today, yes there is quite a few comments, but with all the old timers gone, it was pretty boring as stated previously..the joy is gone from that place. Kind of like C and G's relationship.

Anonymous said...

And now, today's episode of:

As The Worm Turns

G pauses while coloring in her homework, and puts the red crayon down.

G: "Casey hunnykins, did you pay my credit cards and save my FICO thingy? I need a new Coach bag, I want to get it tomorrow."

L'il C: "Uh....um..., schnookums, I did'nt, I've been too busy moving pieces of paper from one side of my office to the other. It's really hard work!"

(G's "I want" lines appear on her forehead as she frowns)

"But you PROMISED!" Stamps her foot.

L'il C: "Uh....well, diddums, you know I have to score a sweet deal this month first, but the haters won't give me a loan"

G: "I don't care! I want that bag! You PROMISED!"

L'il C: "Uh...."

G: "I don't care! I want that bag! You PROMISED! You loser!"

L'il C: "Uh....you know, you're not being very organic about this. I'm gonna go open an envelope." He leaves in a huff and slams the door to the spare bedroom where he plays Real Estate Tycoon™.

G sticks her tongue out at the closed door and picks up her cell phone and dials a ntmber.

G: "Hi baby. Yeah, i miss you too. I know, it's not much longer. I want you too. Maybe tomorrow at lunch we can go to your house again. Yes, I'll wear that thong you like. Night baby, love you too!"

Anonymous said...

Heidi, or anyone else.....

Could you summarize, in small words, what happened in the Utah deal? There's so many trails heading in different directions and players, dumb folks like me can't figure it out.


Endgame Observer said...

@ Anon 9:27

Yes, Macy's is new, and HSB was zero last time.

Stupidtoo said...

I noticed That Casey spent quite a bit of time installing and updating MS Money. For people who are budget conscience there is a better, free app available.

Money Manager EX

This is the software I use for managing finances. Because the software is open you have the ability to create custom reports.

Ogg The Caveman said...


He leaves in a huff and slams the door to the spare bedroom where he plays Real Estate Tycoon™.

Playing Real Estate Tycoon™, eh? Is that what he calls it when he flogs the dolphin?

Sid_Finster said...

Sorry if I am beating a dead horse but the other reason I doubt Galina is reading IAFF is that she has never posted there.

What woman could read such observations about herself and about her husband and not say anything?

And if Casey tried to moderate her out? She'd blow a gasket!

So as much as it beggars belief, I don't think Galina is reading IAFF. I wonder why.