Monday, January 29, 2007

Viva! la REvolucion!

I'm getting the sense that everyone watching are all running out of patience. I don't know if it is conscious or not but it seems like "he's had his 6 months, time to give him a push" is the new paradigm. Likewise there's no more benefit of the doubt vice "supporters" aka enablers. There's certainly no love lost on the Real Estate priesthood nd their arcane practices.

Are we on the edge of a social/politial movement? One where business ethics are the new liberty, equality and fraternity? Of course it will be more of the "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore" variety. I sense people here are no longer content to allow the Caseys, Nigels, Chris', ablebuyers, mortgage liars, high flyers to continue their shady dealings. After all why in this day and age should buying a house be much more complicated than a used car? Title Insurance? What's up with that? Either the seller can rightfully sell or there's no sale. Doc fees? The County doesn't charge more than a few bucks. I can go online and order a GE jet engine or locomotive. It's time . [N.B. the image is the storming of the Bastille but the sound track is Talking Heads - Burning Down the House]


Anyone got change for a pardigm? said...

I'd say thats exactly where many of us are at. Casey has done nothing constructive since he started his blog.

His posters have been great entertainment though and Casey wins my vote for unintentionally funny asshat of the year award.

Misspeeled my screen name said...

Make that Paradigm!

Rob Dawg said...

2 pardigms = 8 plug nickels?

GameOver said...

I've been having the same feeling for a while. The case study is obviously our Favorite Failed Flipper and how sick I am that he was even allowed to get himself into this mess(should be fun to watch people squirm as lending standards tighten up!) but there is so much more.

Whatever happened to good old hard work and earning what you want? When did we decided to whore ourselves out as a nation?

How did we get so far removed from that thought that any 24 year old that can sign his name gets multimillion dollar loans?

How did we get to the point that government spending on pet projects EXPLODED so much?

How did we come to view the Fed as our saftey net(the Greenspan Put)?

A whole bunch of people are going to get a swift and HARD kick in the pants when all this starts to unwind.

I wish there was a feasible 3rd party to vote for in the 2008 Presidential election. I voted independent down the line in my last local election. Not because I thought they had a chance but because of my outright disgust at the current status quo.

Ugh, its all just kind of depressing...

Ok, Rant off.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


I can't face the morning without fishy treats and my Casey fix!!



[sitting on Stephanie J's lap, purring contentedly...]

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

I'm ready in more ways than anybody can know.

I have a plan to do something big to expose all this stuff. Can't discuss it, but when it happens you guys will be the first people I take my research to.

It will be fun to expose the wankers, liars and boy scam artists.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Game Over: I haven't voted for a non-indpendent in years.

If Ron Paul is serious about getting the Presidential nomination from the GOP, I'd be down with him.

My fear is he's too much of what our politicians SHOULD be and he'll drop out within 2 months.


Rob Dawg said...

The problem with Libertarian candidates is that by definition you have to abandon libertarian principles to become a politician. I'll go with great American's observations:

"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress." - Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)

"The condition of the public Treasury, as has been indicated, demands the immediate consideration of Congress. It alone has the power to provide revenues for the Government. Not to convene it under such circumstances I can view in no other sense than the neglect of a plain duty. I do not sympathize with the sentiment that Congress in session is dangerous to our general business interests. Its members are the agents of the people, and their presence at the seat of Government in the execution of the sovereign will should not operate as an injury, but a benefit. There could be no better time to put the Government upon a sound financial and economic basis than now. The people have only recently voted that this should be done, and nothing is more binding upon the agents of their will than the obligation of immediate action." - William McKinley, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1897

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

I don't disagree with you on this, but take Dr. Paul's reputation in Congress as a sign he isn't your usual politician.

His nickname is Dr. No. He was one of maybe 3 members of congress to vote no on the Patriot Act. He again voted no on it when it came up for renewal.

He believes in ending pork barrel spending (has voted no on MANY of these things).

Anytime you hear him on the floor he is railing against the printing of money by the government.

He advocates a return to the Gold Standard.

I could go on and on, but he is a genuine guy who seems to vote his conscience and not what the party wants him to vote. To me, he's the only true conservative in Congress.

He should be interesting in a Perot type way IF he stays in this thing long enough to make some noise.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Can somebody tell me if Sac Realtor is one of our little group?

I read a post where they were supporting Casey, then I read many others who trash on Casey.

I'm confused, but I did write a rebuttal to one of those posts.

OkieLawyer said...

I think you are thinking a little to narrow. I wrote a blog entry about this today, but I think you need to look at the bigger picture. Financial misdeeds of all stripes have been rampant in the last few years. It really comes down to a question of values. Are we going to work together to solve our problems or are we going to follow the law of the jungle?

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

I was checking out local grad schools a couple of yours ago.

While touring the campus of one, the overly enthusiastic adviser turned to me and said "And we now have ethics classes..."

*slaps forehead*

I decided to pass on the MBA until business ethics are the norm, not a neat new gimmick.


Anonymous said...

I get a little nervous when I hear, "I'm gonna do something big."

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...


I am a free marketeer, HUGE believer, but I also believe the government should have an oversight role.

Free markets should be free but there should be vigilant enforcement of the rules so that the playing field is level. That's not to say we should regulate businesses into the ground.

gordo said...

Here's a very easy fix - end the mortgage interest deduction and capital gains exemption. The whole sleazy industry goes away in a heartbeat.

I'm a renter - I'm fine with that. Any home owners want to get on board?

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...


Big means something significant that will truly expose the Caseys of the world via an electronic/visual medium.

Exposing his hypocrisy as well as those who enable people like him matters to me.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

I'm not down with the Cap Gains exemption as I should be rewarded for holding onto my investments.

I am not totally against the home mortgage deductions, but overhaul the whole tax system before punishing the good home owners.

It's the flippers and scammers who ruin it for the honest folks. Make laws that punish flippers by not allowing them to write off their mistakes. If they lie about their withholdings, then get 'em.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

Exposing his hypocrisy as well as those who enable people like him matters to me.

It matters to all of us Dolph. Anyone else remember trying to get credit in the early '90's, let alone a mortgage?


Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Oops. I want to clarify I am not down with Anon's feelings on scrapping the Cap Gains. I am always down with the Cap Gains if it is used as a reward for patience and not greed.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Jimbob: I know, that's why I love you guys :)

I remember, I was pretty young, but I bought my first house in 1991. Not an easy process by any means :(

I am not against allowing first timers to own when they have the means to. But the key word is MEANS. If they can't prove where the income is coming from, they should be turned away until they can. I also think underwriters should require cash down to dissuade the Kawasaki/Serin types who want to rape the system.

Sorry if I sound sanctimonious or harsh sometimes. I have some solid opinions, but I consider myself openminded to anybody who can make as good case.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I have a rant here:

The problem isn't cap gains or tax breaks on interest. The problem is the continuing raping and pillaging of every market that shows a profit by these locusts in politics, corporate America, and lazy, shiftless con artists. Someone who qualifies for a traditional mortage with 20% down and a monthly they can afford SHOULD get a tax break, they've shown they are fiscally responsible.

Real Estate is just as polluted and corrupted as politics are now - I mistrust any politician as a general rule, and I now feel the same about anyone in the RE industry after two years of reading about it, and following the bubble blog and the train wreck over at L'il Casey's site. Sure, their might be honest RE people with integrity and some altruism, but they are far and few between. I grit my teeth at the grocery store and some plastic pompadoured poodle is smirking at me from an ad on the cart for RE.

I'm now growing the same mistrust and loathing of corporate America, as more jobs are outsourced, given to illegals, paid less, and people laid off, but executive salaries and bonuses are higher than ever. I work hard, save my money, and am successful in my career - but thanks to cretins like Casey and everyone he's involved with, I'm doomed to renting for a long time - even if prices fall, I'm loathe to join the "serf to the bank and property taxes" line.

I used to be conservative, but I'm watching the middle class being destroyed before my eyes, and it disgusts me. Greed is the religion now. I'm beginning to hate money, and the hassles and hurdles I have to go over to make enough to just get by, let alone get ahead. I make more than the national mediam income, yet I can't afford more than a one bedroom apartment. Taxes are going to go up under the Dems, the cost of living will rise in the coming recession, and most investments are so risky it's better to just put it all on the line in Reno. Wages are not rising, and if Bush and his idiots push through an amnesty, raises will fall further.

I want them all to go down, so we can return to solid fundamentals, but I fear how far the flames will go. It's all corrupt, all polluted, and all dishonest. I cannot bring myself to embrace the suck.

I want thieves like Casey to be incarcerated, put on chain gangs, and made to demolish the McMansions off the hillsides and valleys, and replant them with the trees and plants they tore up to feed the flipper's greed. Then, make them work in farms raising crops to feed people. Make them earn an honest dollar for once in their pathetic, empty lives. Maybe 20 years from now, they'll appreciate hard work and the value of a dollar, and the importance of humility and ethics in life.

Put mortgage borkers who sold liar loans in jail making big rocks into small rocks, for a long time.

Oh, and I want all of the RE "gurus" to be investigated, audited, and their profession made a laughingstock and have them run out of town on a rail when they show their snake oil selling rears.

Ogg The said...

I've noticed a dramatic change in my attitude toward the Casey situation lately, but it's not what you think.

I just don't care any more.

More accurately, I realized that I never cared about Casey's particular situation, and I've long since vented my outrage over the general problem that it exposes. I just haven't been nearly as interested in the whole thing since IAFF went down.

Maybe it's that my life went on while the site was down, or maybe it's that I'm having trouble reacting to a situation where our favorite failed flipper is the mark rather than the grifter. Whatever the cause, I find myself checking back out of boredom rather than a desire to know what happens next.

I will say this -- it has been an educational experience, albeit not in the way Casey intended. I've learned a great deal about the gullibility of some people, and learned about a whole underworld of scams upon scams upon scams that I knew nothing of. The fact is that I go through life assuming that everyone around me is about as smart as I am. In that respect, IAFF has been an eye-opener.

I'll probably continue reading, at least the posts and the first 50-100 posts, but my days of following entire threads are over. I won't say that IAFF has seen the last of Ogg either -- no doubt our hero will do more things so obviously boneheaded that Ogg will have to comment -- but as I said, I just don't care any more.

Ogg have better thing to do. Ogg kill mammoth, gather grub, try to make weel, chase cavewoman with club. Ogg read internets less.

GameOver said...

I am eagerly awaiting my 'V' mask, ala V for Vendetta....

Game Over said...

Never thought I'd say this to you but very eloquently said.

I'll echo that sentiment. Ever since CS got into his catfight (not with Sputnik ;) his blog bores me. Maybe its due to the lack of actual real estate/mortgage fraud updates or maybe CS has actually jumped the shark.

I don't know about IAFF but I do know that I was reading EN before our FFF and I'll be reading it well after Casey goes to jail...I'll just know who's reading it with me!

Anonymous said...


I agree. That story has palyed out. Kinda like The Brady Bunch when they brought in Cousin Oliver (Duane Legate) in on the last year or so. How many more tired reruns of the same old plot can Casey post? The "Gee, I didn't know", or the "Oops. I forgot to..." is reaallly tired.

I'll tune in when they have the Casey Serin reunion special on Court TV.

casey_has_jumped_the_shark said...

I am starting to get sick of the casey serin story too. I want closure dammit with him in handcuffs and his wife turning tricks to survive on sunset blvd.

I know I am sick of it..because I come to this site and read the blog and comments before I even go to his site anymore.

Atleast I found roberts blog..after all this is said and done I will still be here....(better start planning a different user name that is more appropriate)

Gin n' Juice said...

Caser Serin's profile excerpts from

Serin was unemployed during this time, and was hoping to make a living as a real estate investor. Serin has repeatedly admitted that he lied on his loan applications, namely about his stated income and current employment.[3][4] In addition, he received cash back at closing on most of the properties.

Many readers of the blog encouraged Serin to contact an attorney in the hopes of discharging at least a portion of his debt by filing bankruptcy. Serin has largely ignored this relatively sound advice, and recently set his goals in 2007 for returing to fiscal solvency -- he plans on amassing an even greater debt burden by attempting to purchase an apartment complex. As one reader posted, "Not content to be a mere 2 million in debt, Casey Serin boldly looks toward a full eight figures of debt in as short a time as possible!". He has also been referred to as the "pied piper of financial ruin". A discussion of the fraudulent nature of overstating income in stated income load applications uses the case of Casey as a running example. [7]

Despite his repeated public admissions (both via the blog and on a webcam video) of lying on loan applications and committing felony mortgage fraud, Serin has not yet been arrested for these crimes, although IP logs of the visitors to his blog have shown that the blog has been accessed by the FBI, various state governments, and banks from which his fraudulent loans were obtained. In January 2007, Serin proposed[8] to transfer his personal debts to a shell corporation purchased with the sole aim of hiding the debt, a course of action that many people have advised him is illegal, and may well result in his corporate veil being pierced. A month after this advice was first posted on his blog, he conceded that there might be something "shady"[9] about his proposal. At roughly the same time (mid-January 2007) he started up two further real estate websites:[10] and[11], though the second address now directs visitors to the first.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Yep, I too am tired of the saga that is Casey's "life." I even wrote that and pointed it out to the little dweeb/wannabe.

Of course he'll disagree with us. I hope Duane's and the AZ Girls influence chokes the thing and everybody jumps ship thus again leaving poor wittle Casey holding his bag full of "haters."

It's coming and he doesn't see it. He has no clue how to monetize this new venture and doing it with "sponsors" reeks of whoredom.

Speaking of such things, Galina won't be working Sunset. That would imply she has the means to come to L.A. (she'd fit in very well in Hollywood - one of the larger concentrations of Russians and Armenians in the USA). I would bet she runs back to mommy and daddy and then she starts looking for a new hus...errrrrrrrrrr...sugar daddy who can keep pulling money out of their butts (to quote the little babushka).

LOL...Casey is so dumb he feels this weird need for mentors. Problem is he has no idea how to think contructively for himself. My question now is this...did daddy Aleksys ignore him as a child? It explains why he needs these mentors around 24/7.

Vague Guru said...

I have to agree with Ogg, apart from the recent NLL drama, the whole thing is getting pretty played out. Casey will never answer a simple direct question or tell the entire truth about anything. What is especially annoying is the little prick’s smugness about everything.

I was thinking it might be fun to stir things up a little by rallying the Hater troops together and threaten to boycott the site for a period of time (a week or two?), unless he answers (to our satisfaction) a list of direct questions within the next 24 hours.

We hold the power, let’s use it. What say you?

If others are interested, perhaps Robert can start up a sign up thread.

bemused guy said...

Ogg - I am so with you. Who knew I'd become this bored?? Thanks for reminding me that my real life is actually fascinating.

And the final lump of sugar in my wake-up espresso? When I took Heidi's boilerplate & sent it to Wells Fargo informing them of the website & the scam he allegedly pulled on them. "We value our client's privacy and will not discuss this." WF will never intentionally get an account of mine and they can have fun cleaning their mess - I'm sure his isn't the only one.

Rob - glad I found your blog. It's far more interesting than iaff and far more sane than say, a Craigslist housing forum.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Count me in. I would have no problem avoiding posting at Casey's site for awhile.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

If no one goes over there, who is going to bring the news to us when/if it breaks?

Does anyone have a little brother that posts here?


Jobu said...

Even on Happy Days, after Fonzie jumped the shark, there was an even worse period where they expanded the roles of Jenny Piccolo and whoever it was that Ted McGinley played and so on. Talk about double shark jumping.

Gin n' Juice said...

Latest Troll post by Casey on IAFF.

"January 29th, 2007
Calling Lenders is a Priority

I was going to do an update on all the different properties, Sacramento Bee article, top 5 ignored advice, and other open loops, etc…

But what I REALLY need to do right now is open this new stack of mail on my desk, check the balance in my bank account, and get on the phone with all my unsecured lenders to see what we can work out. My goals:

1. Get them to lower the interest rate on my wife’s cards from 30% APR down to something manageble
2. Find a way to pay all my wife’s cards to keep her credit up
3. Negotiate with my unsecured lenders to see what we can do about my debt that I haven’t been paying on for a few months.

I need to learn to prioritize my time. Taking care of this mess and producing income should come first, blogging should come second. Will try to finish the update and moderation this evening.

Hey if anybody is willing to help me with moderation of comments let me know. I’m looking for a couple of trusted individuals to help me start filtering out all the negative non-constructive comments with personal attacks, etc. Time to start changing the mood of this blog from negative to positive."


Let the boycott begin!!! No commenting for 48 hours until we start getting answers.


Ogg The said...

From the latest:

I’m looking for a couple of trusted individuals to help me start filtering out all the negative non-constructive comments with personal attacks, etc.

Looks like I'm boycotting whether I want to or not. All of my posts are negative, non-constructive, and can be construed as personal attacks.

Ogg The said...

On an unrelated note, does anyone know how to make Blogger display my full name? I'm posting with my gmail account, and my real name there is "Ogg The Caveman", not just "Ogg The".

Heidi said...


I hear your disappointment. I didn't expect them to answer me. I just wanted to let them know we are watching them.

I spoke to First American Title and Central Bank of Utah (escrow on Utah house) and they bumped me up several levels of peons and promised to look into Casey's blog.

I also wrote and emailed Wells Fargo, and Countrywide again. Talk to their PR or media relations department, they care more about bad publicity. I called First Franklin and Aurora (Burdett & New Mexico). I called a friend from high school who is an FBI agent in Virginia to ask him how to register a complaint. Done deal. Who knows if it will help but if I didn't do it I wouldn't have felt I had fought the good fight.

Then, because Heidi was still pissed, I filled out an IRS 3949A and dropped it in the mail. No one deserves the scrutiny that only the IRS can give more than Casey. A good days work.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for my "V" mask from Dolph and enjoying the boycott. So who is going to be the mole to bring us the news? I'm looking forward to this new plan of action.

anon@1am said...


I hear you. The middle class will be a fond memory after this real estate bust plays out.

There are two sources of middle class wealth left -- real estate and retirement accounts (pensions / 401ks). A crashing real estate market will manage to take both out (hint: MBSs), and the wealth transfer from middle to upper (at least in the USA + most western nations) will be complete.

Sprezzatura said...

Here's some info from a blog that I doubt most people here frequent ( Nevertheless, it's relevant:

Perhaps the most under-reported release of economic data is the quarterly data on housing vacancy rates from the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau just released the data for fourth quarter of 2006. This showed the vacancy rate for owner occupied housing hitting 2.7 percent. This is up 50 percent from the 1.8 percent rate of two years ago.

This is big news. The vacancy rate for ownership units has hovered near 1.5 percent for 50 years. It had never previously crossed 2.0 percent. The most recent Census Department estimates means that there are more than 2 million ownership units sitting vacant. In most cases, this means that an owner is paying a mortgage on a home for which they are collecting no rent. Few homeowners can afford to pay a mortgage on a house in which they don’t live for very long.

This record vacancy rate is likely to mean considerably more downward pressure on house sale prices in the months ahead. It will likely mean downward pressure on rents as well, as some vacant units will eventually be put up for rent.

Rob Dawg said...

The middle class will be a fond memory after this real estate bust plays out.

A common theme here on EN. We usually refer to the US middle class as a great but temporary phenomena.

There are two sources of middle class wealth left -- real estate and retirement accounts (pensions / 401ks). A crashing real estate market will manage to take both out (hint: MBSs), and the wealth transfer from middle to upper (at least in the USA + most western nations) will be complete.

I'm not so pessimistic. The Upper Middle Clas has "invested" and the rest have become "entitled.
This isn't a case of a final soluton but rather one of good enough for now.

I can't pick a name said...

Damn! Hell hath no fury like a Heidi who hath been comment-scorned.

It feels like the NLL drama was the last day of school craziness and now we're on summer break. But the little dumbass has found new creative and magical ways to be retarded before. Maybe he'll deliver again. I don't count him out yet.

Dolph, I'm pretty sure Sac Realtor is a hater who often likes to troll, like Rob BBB.

Anonymous said...

Casey says: "Time to start changing the mood of this blog from negative to positive."

I think that it is incumbent upon us all to add positivity to IAFF by posting comments along the following lines:

1. Spending $41 for a Jamba Juice (price plus overdraft fee) is a great thing to do - entrepreneurs don't have time to worry about trvialities like overdraft fees - not when you can make sweeeet deals and make $500 or $1000 an hour.

2. How dare Wells Fargo Bank steal $1000 from Casey's checking account, just because they are owed thousands of dollars that Casey has no intention of repaying. It's just not right!

3. NRU is both a wonderful school and a wonderful investment opportunity that everyone should participate in. Click a mouse and buy a house! Sweeeet! (Besides real estate leads, the chancellor of NRU probably has some good leads on where to fence stolen auto parts in Phoenix.)

4. Casey should spend thousands to acquire a corporation (aged, like fine wine), and then he can borrow tens of thousands of dollars through the corporation for his personal expenses. Sweeeet!

5. Only loosers hold real jobs. Besides, working for decades, and then seeing if you have enough money for retirement is just too risky! Casey needs to pursue his dream of financial independence before he is 25 - the only jobs that make sense for him is "working" for one real estate scamster or another, so he has the leisure to pursue more sweeet deals!

Etc., etc., etc....

Review copies of the newspaper Pravda under Stalin to get the right tone.

Of course, since Casey lacks the Irony and Sarcasm gene, this will all go right over his head...

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Without the so-called negativity (funny, Case - why do you think people are so freaking negative!) his blog would DIE.

I can't think many people would stumble there look at maybe 10 cheerleader posts and that is it and NOT want to post something negative.

The kid doesn't get it.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...


Do you have your name filled out as

First: Ogg The
Last: Caveman

If so, lose the last name and make everything your first.

segfault said...

I hate to speculate, but assuming he gets a few years in a FPMITA prison, I propose the following conditions for his probation:
- Finances under court supervision--no more "sweet deals," ever.
- Transportation: Once he rejoins the free world, he is sentenced to twenty years to life in a mid-80's American sedan with no aftermarket modifications. No sweeet Jettas. I'm thinking a K-car, Caprice, or LTD.
- Job: Forty hours a week, every week, until the end of his probation. If he is too much of a looser to tolerate a real J-O-B, he violates his probation and gets put back in the FPMITA prison.

On another note, I'd like to speculate on an event that will cause Galina to leave Casey, should it occur. As we all know, she's very private and has gotten really irritated when Casey has been haphazard about posting pictures or personal details. If someone recognizes her out in public and approaches her ("Hey, you're that real estate scammer Casey Serin's wife, aren't you?"), it will mark the beginning of the end of their marriage.

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

LOL on Casey.

So basically he believes he'll get on the phone and work that Serin magic to get a better deal on his CCs?

First of Casey, here's some facts about credit card debt you retard:

1) You are running 30% interest because you are close to or maxed. Guess what kid, you will NEVER get them to lower your cards because they most likely noticed some scary things on your credit report. I have an ideas...check the TOS on the credit cards before running them up, doofus.

2) LOL. Who in the world would give you a 0% card with your crappy 300 credit score? You trashed G's as well so guess reap what you sow. Galina is the looser here (yes, I did that on purpose!).

3) Pay off her cards. Hmmmm. Good luck there little skipper. Are there truly coffee cans of cash in the backyard that you will now tap for reserves to pay this debt down?

4) LOL...My partner once had a problem with Cap One. He let the payments go to focus on other debts. They charged off the debt and then demanded payment in full. HE negotiated a settlement that haunts his credit to this day. Casey, you loose here as well.

You always post this crap, yet we see you spinning and spinning and spinning those wheels.

And you think you are better than us how?

LOL said...

"Without the so-called negativity (funny, Case - why do you think people are so freaking negative!) his blog would DIE."

I've already posted to let him know that without all of us "haters" his blog is nothing. Of course it will take him 12-48 hrs to read it.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

You're right Dolph, he just doesn't get it. Case(y) in point:

Jobs are for loosers.

He needs someone to buy his properties. Probably somebody with a job.

Ergo, he needs a looser to buy his house.

I don't have me no fancy-schmancy MBA from a Real Accredited College(tm), but I'm pretty sure that your target market is not keen on being called a loser. Maybe I'm just weird that way.


Ogg The Caveman said...

Dolph: Thanks for the tip about my name.

You always post this crap, yet we see you spinning and spinning and spinning those wheels.

Be careful saying stuff like that. He might get the idea of putting some sweet spinners on Vdubs. Naturally, he'd have to take out a loan to pay for them. Maybe he can hock G's wedding ring.




BIG props to Heidi. You kin be Homey's mane squeez any timez. I seez dat u did wut Homey dun. U dun dropped da 411 on hiz punk azz FO SHO.

U needs to callz da Posmassa Genral, an da Deepartmint o Justus. Dee Homeyland Securty folks bin callin wut Casey kat bin doin domestik terrerizm- fo sho. Yo fogettin to callz dem cash kall peeps an gib dem da 411 on howz too fined Casey kat- dey kin start with his daddy, or Cris or Dustin. Allso, callz da Atorney Genral fo Utah- he alredy gotz da 411 on his azz an he be reel mad bout Casey kat- fo sho.

Dont foget bout dat Cris Record kat. Iffin he dunn hired dat Casey kat, da IRS be wantin taxes an da stayt of Califonia be wantin taxes.

An sins dat Dewain playa be lysensed, u kin drop a 411 to da georja reelty peeps,da gorja divishun of bizness an da Fedral Comunikashun Cumitee. Jes in kase it dunn cross yo mind too do so..hehehehe

I ain gonna goez bak to dat Casey kats blog no more, unles you be sayin it be cool Rob dawg.



PS. chek dem records on dem houses reel kareful lyke. A hole lotta naim swishin goin on. Due yu be thinkin hiz lendas be no in da troof? NOPE

Hi...I'm Dolph DeRoos said...

Jim Bob: Yep, he needs us low life suckers! Sweet!

Ogg: LOL, I thought about that. The spinning comment works well as a hidden jab. Remember, he can afford them. After all he thinks he is gonna pay off G's cards. He must be gifted and magical if he pulled that miracle off.

I won't post anything on his site for the next few days. I may peek in to see what's being said, but if we stop posting for 48 hours, he will get the message.

But then again, he may enjoy not moderating so many posts.....Nah, he revels in the attention we give him.

LOL said...

1.Casey threatens to moderate out all the hate
2.Haters stop posting
3.Page views drop dramatically
4.Duane dumps Casey's ass, no $750 for Casey


Diane Cipa, The Closing Specialists® said...

In the mood for a revolution? Visit Radical Title Talk and sign on.

Homey DA Clown said...

Casey kat ain gonna post dis butt I dun tryed at hiz blog.


Wassup Casey kat?

Soes, yu dont be wantin no negutiv peeps here on yo blog?

Wellz gess wut fool. LOTS o peeps don wan tu be lissenin tu yo whinin an cryin no mo eether. We be wantin da truf frum yo fo munths.

Heer be da deel fo shnizzle lil boy. We ain gonna be postin NO MO til yu start anserin qwestshuns. FO SHO

Yu ain gonna post dis butt it dont mattu. Da peeps allz be gettin da 411 an ain nobudy gonna heer makin yu punk azz da bling til you cum kleen. An dat goez fo yo brotha Dewain tu.

We noze de ownly thin yo gots iz dis heer blog. Butt it ain woith nuttin witout US, dig fool?



PS. Yu dun pissd awf Heidi reel bad cuz. She be lyke Homey and noze DA man. She dun giv him da 411 on yo azz fo sho. Shee kin be my fust biatch any ol tyme fo sho. Homey be in luv wit her.

casey_has_jumped_the_shark said...

Heidi, I love you (if you had a dirty jeep like stephanie J..I will take you both to Utah and we can join the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and get some sweeeeeeet deal money by having our own version of "big love". I should start contacting all the title companies and lenders like you have too.

Dolph----Again your advice and insights are painstakingly clear. Just thinking about our little friend casey here makes my blood boil anymore that he can go on and on and on with no accountability. I hope cashcall starts to turn the heat up. Like casey here, I faced financial ruin at one time with a breakup (but I obtained all the loans the proper way--without lying) ..but the difference is I had reserves set While I had my head buried in the sand I was still covered. Now I deal with RE Investing in a whole 180 degree turn from the way I was before...and My yields are phenomenal and a helluva lot less risk..but guess reserves are set up automatically for 9 months now instead of 6 months.

OGG---You rock....I will loan out some of my harem to you should you ever come to Utah.

Homey--YOYOYO its HOMEY Time...I love your insights..keep them coming.

Robert Cote----if you were a woman I would make you move to Utah with me.

JimBobJoeBobJim said...

Man, am I feeling the love in the EN tonight.

Off topic and mostly for Robert: pick up the March issue of Car and Driver. The mailman finished mine today, so it should be on the news stands soon. On page 26, John Phillips wrote a pretty entertaining piece on roundabouts.


PlumbDev said...

At 6:32 PM, casey_has_jumped_the_shark said...
Heidi, I love you (if you had a dirty jeep like stephanie J..I will take you both to Utah and we can join the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and get some sweeeeeeet deal money by having our own version of "big love". I should start contacting all the title companies and lenders like you have too.

If you come to Utah it won't do you any good to join the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, they don't practice polygamy, and in fact still labor under the delusion that Joseph Smith never practiced polygamy either.

If you do want to come and join a polygamous sect, the Kingston clan has several sister wife homes within a block of one of my four-plex units, I could take you over there and make some introductions. You may need to get a new wardrobe, circa plain white pioneer dress's and bonets. Stephanie J would also have to trade in her dirty jeep for a handcart.

Lord knows they need some new genetic infusion into the genepool, some of those kids are downright scary looking.

PlumbDev- Utah resident -one wife, one mother-inlaw and plan to keep it that way.

Vague Guru said...

Just posted this on Nigel Smarmy's blog, of course once again he will never approve it.

Nigel - "I'm all for an open discussion"

"I'm all for free speech."

"Remember the Iraqi Information Minister dubbed "Baghdad Bob?" Well, he's taken on a new form. I'll dub him "RE Bob," as in Robert Cote"

Bwah, Ha, Ha!

Dude, I say it again, you're F'ing hilarious. And the tongue in cheek way you pretend to serious, Priceless!!

Gin n' Juice said...

@ Casey,


Here's a news article you should read-

.A wave of mortgage fraud in the Valley has prompted state legislation that would define it as a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

A day after The Arizona Republic's special investigation into cash-back mortgage deals, Sen. Jay Tibshraeny of Chandler introduced a bill that would make mortgage fraud a felony.

"Mortgage fraud hurts everyone," said Tibshraeny, who has been working on the legislation for months. "Buyer, beware of a deal that seems too good. The strings your Realtor or mortgage broker pull may be illegal."

Cash-back deals are a newer form of mortgage fraud whose rapid spread in Arizona has alarmed regulators and real estate industry leaders.

The fraud involves obtaining a mortgage for more than a home is worth and pocketing the extra money in cash. The deals inflate home values and can affect values across whole neighborhoods. Homeowners stuck with overpriced mortgages may never recover the difference. Ultimately, lenders end up with bad loans. All this can hurt the Arizona real estate market, the largest segment of the state economy.

Complaints or concerns about cash-back deals can be filed with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions,, and the Arizona Department of Real Estate,

Rotellini said that her agency can take complaints anonymously but that it needs people to testify to prosecute the fraud cases.

Reach the reporter at catherine.

I've already emailed her to give her a heads up on you. Hey, it will help you and Duane on the ad traffic, right?

The Jamba Will Guide Us said...

Guys and gals,
Let's not refer to this as a 48 hour boycott, but rather as a 48 hour juice fast. Keep it in terms that Casey can understand. It will be symbolic in that it will be just as successful in getting Casey to wake up and smell the coffee as Casey's was in getting himself out of foreclosure. Here for reference, is Casey's Nov. 25th juice spiel (just as unintentionally hilarious now as it was then):

"To facilitate focus and direction I will be doing a first-ever “Facing Foreclosure Fast” from 6pm tonight to 6am tomorrow (12 hours). I have never fasted before, so I am starting with a short time frame.

I will be praying and listening to personal development material. I’ve been wanting to watch The Secret that everybody keeps talking about. I also have The Dream Giver DVD to go with Bruce Wilkinson’s book I just read. And then there is a ton of personal development CDs/MP3s, from Anthony Robins to Zig Ziglar, that I have been wanting to brush up on.

I will be abstaining from food so I can focus and let My Maker direct me and the personal development material to motivate me. (Although I have to be careful with personal dev stuff… it’s not all good).

My parents are out of town so I am going to be house sitting their house by myself. A great opportunity to get away and quiet my soul and listen. I have my green tea to keep me awake and my notepad to capture ideas.

My goal is to come out of this Facing Foreclosure Fast with a rough draft for a plan of attack. I will be finalizing the plan over the next few days with my advisers. I may post it here for your feedback as well."

So, if anyone wants to join me at Casey's parents' house for a Facing Foreclosure Comment Fast, please bring your copy of The Secret and some green tea so that our Maker and Dirk Diggler or whoever he's talking about can guide us through this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, as soon as I saw that positivity bit I was not going to post, so I'm all for a boycott.

Nevermind the whole, 'well, I was going to do what I keep saying I will but it's more important to make five phone calls, which Duane LePornName said I already have, just btw, which will apparently take 48 hours.'

Teach condom-hat a lesson. A different kind of lesson than Heidi is endeavouring to teach him, but in the same vein. I'll volunteer to peep for news, but I think we should put a moratorium on posts until he gets a clue. Which may occur sometime in 2022.

- beezer

Anonymous said...

He may not notice, since he seems to have given up on moderating comments. Maybe he decided this blog is no longer a bright, shiny object...

Bow Wow said...

Trust me on this one,

Casey's only source of reality and worth is that pathetic blog. It's the only "asset" he has left in life, and his only escape. Without it he has no life, no publicity, no fame.

I am all for the boycott. The dweeb will loose it, I tell you. First here to say the little prick comes here to troll us back.

Backstage said...

I go through life assuming that everyone around me is about as smart as I am

But Ogg -- You are a caveman. Almost everyone is smarter than you ;) (except out tragicomic hero).

Ogg's descendent said...

I disagree. Ogg is one of the smartest cavemen I know. In fact, and you may not be aware of this, but Ogg has won over 100,000 clams on "Who Want Evolve Into Millionaire?" with Gronk Philben. Sadly, he missed out on the million clams because he used Grogg Serin (Casey's ancestor) as his "Smoke Signal a Friend" lifeline.