Monday, November 19, 2012

Carrying a Charge

 Good news in the field of RTSC (room temperature superconductivity).  The progress has been like all young sciences; fits, starts and blind alleys.  A new piece of the puzzle has been dropped.  Materials that lose SC properties at lowered temperatures.
You may ask so?  Not so.  Commercial RTSC or near room temperature even, bodes well for world changing technology.  Right now Less than a third of the primary source energy used in making electricity ever makes it to the end use.  When that end use is a plug in electric vehicle less than 10% is ultimately useful work.  The mere discovery of viable RTSC would end any thought of an energy crisis and would lift the entire world economy overnight.  

Here's a quicky article.

Sorry the promised CA financial analysis is delayed.  Very complex work and besides RealWorld™ keeps intruding.


sm_landlord said...

Nice Bot you have there.

Many years ago, after reading an enthusiastic article in in IEEE magazine, I wrote a letter to the editor suggesting they calculate the total losses involved in charging an electric car, from the power plant to the batteries. They never even published my letter, let alone the dismal efficiency of such a system.

The only good news is that charging systems have gotten quite a bit more efficient since then. I'll bet the losses are still staggering, though.

TJandTheBear said...

Now THAT's what I'm talking about. I'll go see about skk...

Thomas Stone said...

SKK is helping his wife choose the new drapes. This would be nice to see, there are several world changing technologies that seem close to being practical. I d wonder if the political landscape will allow implementation of some of them.

Peripheral Visionary said...

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Bill said...

So this is where the exiled have gone to lol.

How about some trade discussion and lets make some money shall we?

Rob Dawg said...

Exiled? No. Expatriates at best.

Welcome "Bill."

Lumber futures are so high I worry that I am losing my touch.