Thursday, November 29, 2012

Massive Fail

Since the Oct. 26 launch of Windows 8, consumer notebook and desktop sales in the U.S. have fallen 21% compared to the same period last year, said Baker. Laptop sales were down even more -- 24% year-over-year -- while desktop numbers were off considerably less, just 9%.
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"Windows 8 isn't any good."  How hard is that to say?  


Stagflationary Mark said...

"Windows 8 isn't any good." How hard is that to say?

My computer's roughly 10 years old. My operating system is well past obsolete.

I was planning to purchase a new computer with Windows 8 a few months ago.

Let's just say that I'm apparently not all that inspired to do so.

I was an Apple developer for many years but I've never actually owned an Apple product (due to the higher price). Microsoft may have convinced me this year though.

Rob Dawg said...

Apple being more expensive is a myth. The box lasts twice as long for but one thing. TCO favors the Apple.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Rob Dawg,

It wasn't a myth for me.

A friend helped me build my PC a decade ago. Still runs fine. It's just obsolete. The advantage here is that if a part did fail, I could replace it myself and would not need to pay someone else to do it.

I'm probably not a representative sample though.

Property Flopper said...

Correlation does not equal causation.

I think you're missing a huge point - the rise of tablets in general. The drop in laptops and desktops isn't due to Windows 8, it's due to people not wanting to lug around a PC when the tablet is much easier.

If the tablets were running windows 8, there would still be a drop in laptops and desktops.

Thomas Stone said...

I'm likely to go to a tablet next. Much handier for what I do, but I always wait for the third or fourth generation, fewer bugs and a lower price.

w said...

My wife got a tablet about a year ago. They are so clumsy to navigate the internet with and typing is such a pain. I think a small laptop is so much more useful.

The reason PC sales are lagging is because the economy is failing and there is no reason to go buy new hardware when the stuff we already own is more than adequate for running MSOffice and using the internet. Gamers who are the natural demographic to adopt new hardware are never enthused to take on a new operating system for the fear of software compatability issues.

The laptop example Rob posted from Fry's is a perfect example. More than adequate for most peoples uses. !$349! Technology has outpaced need.

Personally I am looking for something sexier. My last work laptop was an Alienware MX11. Now I am thinking about getting an Asus 11.6" or 13". They just don't look very durable. Any suggestions for a small form laptop?

Lou Minatti said...

W, the reason PC sales are lagging isn't due to the economy. It's because people are moving to tablets and the PC's they already own are good enough.

Windows 8 sucks.

Rob Dawg said...

I love my Acer Aspire 4750. 1366x768 LED, i7 2Ghz, Came with 4Gb/640Gb but I live 4 miles from a Fry's so... 16Gb/1Tb, the Tb went in yesterday $59. Too good to pass up. Dual boots OS X 10.8.2 and Win 7 Premium. Originally $599 but has increased.

Scott said...

A tablet is now good enough for the use that an average household would put it to. People now just play the games that are available on tablets. The only market where PC's still have a reason for existence is office software and hardcore gamers.