Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Burn Zone

Even I didn't realize this was in the works.

From the LATimes:

The first-ever no-burn alert comes with a $50 fine for first-time residential violators and applies to the downtown area, West Hollywood, Burbank and much of the eastern San Fernando Valley.
Residents can enter their ZIP Code at to see if they live in an area affected by the alert. They can also sign up for daily air-quality reports at
Alerts are called whenever fine particulate levels are expected to rise to levels unhealthful for sensitive groups such as those with respiratory illnesses, Atwood said.
In addition to paying the first-time fine of $50, violators could be required to attend a wood-smoke awareness session. Fines rise for each repeat violation up to $500. To report a suspected violation, call (800) CUT-SMOG.
Yes, indoor fireplaces and yes mandatory reeducation classes.  


Cinco-X said...

"Yes, indoor fireplaces and yes mandatory reeducation classes."

Arbeit macht frei

Winston said...

We've had no-burn days in the Bay Area for years. It isn't the end of the world. Regulations like this are part of living in a city. You can't dump your sewage onto the curb either.

Property Flopper said...

"Mandatory Reeducation classes"? Yeah, like traffic school has been for years.

Technically not mandatory, but in practice, keeping points off insurance makes it so.

It's hardly a Marxist plot, more like an annoyance to make people pay attention rather than just blow off the fine.

w said...

The AQMD Governing Board established an Ethnic Community Advisory Council on September 7, 1990 to serve as an advisory body to the Governing Board with specialized expertise on the impact of air quality issues on the ethnic communities in the South Coast Air Basin.

In 2008 the Administrative Committee recommended that this group be restructured into an ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE Advisory Group (EJAG), with a focus on air quality and environmental justice issues in the area served by AQMD. On May 1, 2009 the Governing Board amended the EJAG charter to increase membership from 20 members to 30 members.

My Lord! It's all whitey's fault!