Tuesday, July 06, 2004


OPAC- Obsolete Pre-Automotive City
Full credit to J F Scott (who prefers to be known as John Finley Scott)

Regards OPAC as a useful term. Don't mistake obsolete for useless or dysfunctional. Obsolete just means it isn't how we'd do it now. Unfortunately, the term "obsolete" does carry with it the connotation "no longer useful" in the minds of many--dare I say most?--people. Obsolete works but there's also outmoded. "Obsolete" works precisely because of the negative connotations.

Alternate whimsies:

Ossified; physically and curmudgeonly.
Old; psychically and conceptually.
Obviously pales against contemporaries.
Only patrons are convivial.

Acronym-Du-Jour is an occasional explaination of the acronyms that pervade this exurban nation.

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