Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Nueva Kalifornia

After the revolution I plan on using SLO as my new Capital of El Centro de
Kalifornia. Stretching from San Vincente Blvd at the base of the Pacific
Palisades to my summer Palace at San Simeon, encompassing the Santa Monica
Mtns., Santa Lucia Range, San Rafael Mtns inland to as far as Taft, my
benevolent dictatorship will rule in peace and prosperity. After the
rotting corpses of any remaining lawyers are dealt with my first act will be
to outlaw public transit. My second act will be to replace all these damn
compound Spanish place names. Henceforth Santa Barbara will be simply known
as "Babs."

Regards from the temporary exile HQ in "Cam,"
El Supremo de Nueva Kalifornia

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