Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Leapfrogging Kalifornicators

California housing mobility is a thing of the past. Partly due to price appreciation. Partly due to Prop 13 discussed downblog. Parlty due to a "housig gap" not seen since the end of WW-II. The "big shuffle" of the past dozen years is over and people have settled in on spot for the life of their mortgage (exaggeration). These people remember their nice family homes in the suburbs (Reseda, Van Nuys) or out in the country (Northridge, Canoga Park) that were overrun by urbaniztion by the time they had to go to community college because there weren't enough spaces in the Universities. They have learned to not stand in front of a commuter train so they move waaaay out to buy some time for their family. They don't need to go to a job -inside- a conventional city, they only need to get to the edge where the jobs and Walcostdepots are located. Oooops, I guess Walcostdepot needs a Wurd-O-Day bloggation.

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