Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Earth First! (Pave The Other Planets Later)

One of the "Big Lies" thrown up to oppose exurbia is the "Paving of America" myth.

The FActs are these:

Centerline Miles of roads, 3,933,985
Lane miles of roads 8,177,978
(Average road width 2.08 lanes, weird huh?)
Percent paved, 60.5%
Centerline Miles paved, 2,380,061
Lane miles of paved roads 4,947,676

Generously assume an average width of 12'
(remember millions are rural).

Square miles of paved roads in the US, 11,245.
This is a patch 106 miles square. BFD.

As a percentage of the US: 0.32%

94 feet of one lane of paved road for
every person in the nation.

This makes a great rationality test. Ask your local planner or urban militant their guess for the "Paving of America."

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