Monday, April 24, 2006

$5/gal Nonsense

Gas, energy, gas, energy, yadda, yadda, yadda. No insult intended but there isn’t anyone that can connect the dots with a housing bubble. Let’s give it a rest shall we? I am certain the sun will come up tomorrow a little earlier than yesterday and I’m almost certain housing prices will be a little lower. Come this fall I’m certain the sun will come up a little later and housing prices will be a lot lower. Lots of people spend more on lattes and mineral water than gas but no one ever tries to draw that connection. Transit fares are skyrocketing yet…

You want to try price corellations? How about the cost of lumber and labor making it expensive to upgrade exisitng homes causing people to buy up rather than remodel? A perfectly fair and logical conclusion except that it doesn’t fit the bubble model so it is chucked. See my point? No, I can see out the on your puzzled faces, people don’t. Try this then; the high price of gas will cause people to stay home thus increasing their willingness to spend more for the place they spend more time and increasing their willingness to improve their homes for energy efficiency and their willingness to hit the housing ATM for the costs andthese expenditures will stimulate the economy and raise the average price of homes. Perfectly logical and totally unacceptable if you are one of the energy prices will kill conventional housing clarions.

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