Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hurry! New shipment, new listing! Only 2 Days On Market.

Look, if you did it with fruit you'd go to jail. This is a call to action. Let's insist our District Attorneys prosecute the blatantly misleading DOM figures in the MLS.


Anonymous said...

The one in the upper right looks just like my bunghole.

incessant_din said...

The re-listing for fresh DOM thing is another example of the realtor monopoly on information leading to a broken market. What we need is Wal-Mart to drop their foolish Since the houses are built to Wal-Mart standards, they need to get in on that market.

For the less technically savvy, less they get left behind, you could go into the big box store, fill your cart with groceries and trinkets, and present the cashier with a tag for the house you saw pictured on aisle 12.

incessant_din said...

Blogger ate my post. All your post are belong to us, or something.

My post should read:
"What we need is Wal-Mart to drop their foolish online music store aspirations."

Rob Dawg said...

I was thinking more like RFID chips. Wave a wand over the toilet and get info about water rates, etc.

surfer-x said...

What is it with us whiny little GenX bitch-ass white boys? All of us woman-raised little never-got-a-broken-nose punks were brought up given whatever we want, and now the one thing mommy caint give us is causing the foot stomping, tantrum throwing siezures we were never slapped out of when we shoulda been.

I'll bet there aint one fuckin' bubblehead that aint a little white IT / MS bitch boy with a perfect little haircut, made more so with haircare fuckin products for that perfect I-don't-give-a-shit look which really says give-me-what-want-or-I-just-might-cry. Throw in some student loan, car loan, and plastic payment stress and we do what we've always done - demand someone fix things for us.

It could just be that there is us, and there is the market - and the market is right, whether we like it or not.


The market is fucked and needs to revert back to where we can buy the cribs we fuckin deserve.

incessant_din said...

I've been watching a couple of candidates for my money slowly chase the market down. If some moron swoops down with a bagful of borrowed cash to buy one of these after a fresh re-listing before I'm ready, it's no big deal. I will feel somewhat sorry for the poor slob, but my money will remain mine.

I guess I have an antiquated belief that an investment of this magnitude should be undertaken carefully. I believe that you should do your research, and take your time. At the same time, if information you pay for is downright fraudulent, then that should be fixed.

Can a Dutch auction work in slow motion in a declining market?

If a market falls and there is no Realtor willing to report on the actual facts, will a transaction occur?

Many millions of data points are poised to come in.

Osman said...

I agree 100% with the push to fix the data on the MLS.

With that said, I can also see through the refresh very easily because I have access to the dataset on the MLS. If I'm helping a client with due dilligence on a property, I will always look up whatever history is available. If they withdrew the listing and reposted on our MLS, it's quite easy to see.

The MLS has a dual and conflicted mission. On one hand, it provide a easily accessible database of sales and inventory information for appraisers, realtors, and other professionals. on the other it provide marketing info to prospective buyers and sellers.

Marketing, as we all know, is prone to hyperbole and preys on human psychology. The idea of getting a hot property before someone else drives realtors to refresh listings. Just like the "new model" game that auto manufacturers play.

If I'm not wrong, the basic principle is relative wellness. Above a certain threshold of earning (I think the number is like 26K or so), wellbeing isn't correlated to wealth very well. It is however, very strongly correlated to relative wealth. Bottom line: if you think you're better off than your neighbor, you'll feel better.

This concept drives consumer behavior big time.