Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Modest First Step

In the spirit of "do unto others..." my near boundless compassion for the plight of illegals here in the US compells me to advocate the promulgation of some of their homeland rules. Now obviously I'm not suggesting the human rights violating rules all too common within the bounds of our neighbors to the south, just a few of the reasonable ones. In that spirit I suggest the first rule:

Non-residents may not be allowed to own property witihin 50km (31 miles) of the US Coastline. Just like Mexico. In order to facilitate this transition period to a set of laws they understand a special government unit shall be formed to "resolve" any problems. The Resolving Trusts Corp will purchase back any properties illegally transacted prior to Jan 1 1996 at the full orginal purchase price and at a sliding scale based on Jan 1 1996 values for illegal purchases made since then.

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