Sunday, July 09, 2006

Shine Mister?

Joseph Kennedy, the SEC’s first chairman and father of President John F. Kennedy, reputedly told colleagues that he sold most of his stock prior to the 1929 Crash after his shoe-shine boy started giving him stock tips. He reasoned that if his shoe-shine boy knew something he didn’t, something had gone seriously awry with the markets.

Read more from a SEC transcript:


surfer-x said...

I recognize the back of the guys head in the middle.

surfer-x said...

He shined my firehat before we shared a brokeback moment.

Rob Dawg said...

Yes indeedy the guy in the middle is famous for his head and infamous for his spit polish shine. I suspected you were "bound" to comment leather or knot it was going to be about speculative or social behavoir I did not know. THe jackboot nature seems to have chapped my recently aquired shadow. Thanks for making me crack a smile.

Old Joe Kennedy may not have recognized the the changes in society but Mark twain did when he said history does not repeat but it does rhyme.