Thursday, July 27, 2006


Someone observed: "The Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize the place."
Another anon someone retorted: "Yes they would; as the place they rebeled against."

To this I add; Time for an event long overdue and wholly endorsed by the Founding Fathers; a Constitutional Convention.

The "rules" were deliberately left vague. I suggest the following:

No delegate shall have ever held Statewide or Federal Office. Indeed, aspiration to such shall be cause for suspicion.
Any delegate shall not be currently under due process procedure or conviction of any felony.
Delegates shall be of legal age as alcohol will not only be served but in some instances be mandatory.
Wives, mistresses, boytoys, etc. are not Convention expenses nor deductible.
The new 0th Amendment shall address the right to privacy explictly limiting any government(s) going forward.
Federal taxes are for raising necessary revenues. Nothing else.
The penalty for utterance of the word "fair" in the upper house shall carry the sentence of death at a minimum. No other sentencing guidelines are permited.
Other than that, no air conditioning or heating or security. Go boys (and girls).


Osman said...

I have alot of respect for the Founding Fathers. They were brilliant and executed a radical vision. They didn't just HAVE a vision, they EXECUTED it and inspired many others.

Rob Dawg said...

As a Jeffersonian myself I tend to believe that even Madison would blanche at the extent of Federalism we have today.