Monday, May 11, 2009

Chase That Market

The details of this particular property are almost irrelevant. Poor location, noisy, no privacy, flood prone, etc. don't matter. All we are concerned with is the listing history:
May 10, 2009 Listed $225,000
Apr 08, 2009 Delisted
Mar 09, 2009 Price Changed
Aug 02, 2008 Relisted
Jul 21, 2008 Delisted
Jul 04, 2008 Relisted
Jun 19, 2008 Delisted
Jun 03, 2008 Relisted
May 26, 2008 Delisted
Mar 19, 2008 Listed

Chasing the market defined.


Lost Cause said...

Not the last time that this house will be relisted. And not the first either.

Rob Dawg said...

She's an experienced listing.

Unknown said...

Casey just bought it.

Lost Cause said...

Europe Imagines Its Suburbs Without the CarVAUBAN, Germany Residents of this upscale community are suburban pioneers, going where few soccer moms or commuting executives have ever gone before: they have given up their cars.

Street parking, driveways and home garages are generally forbidden in this experimental new district on the outskirts of Freiburg, near the Swiss border. Vauban’s streets are completely "car-free" -- except the main thoroughfare, where the tram to downtown Freiburg runs, and a few streets on one edge of the community. Car ownership is allowed, but there are only two places to park -- large garages at the edge of the development, where a car-owner buys a space, for $40,000, along with a home.

lineup32 said...

noticed your comment on CR regarding running out of buyers before houses, seems about right to me also. Was thinking something similar last night looking at all the 600K homes in Napa listed and wondering who the hell was going to buy!