Friday, May 08, 2009

Off The Grid

ONAN Generator - 60KW 3 Phase. Volts:480/440,240/208,120/110. Cummins Turbo Diesel, 50 Gallon Skid Tank. Cost $22,000.00 new. Selling for $5,895.00 OBO Call (805) 646-0xxx Location: Ojai, CA
When Arnold turns out the lights in two weeks you are going to remember this deal.


wagga said...

Before you buy it, first sign up the neighbors for uninterrupted power. Make them pay for the wiring.

wagga said...

And the generator & shipping & fuel. Sort of like a HOA, but you makes da rules.

Rob Dawg said...

60kW, 480/440, 3 phase!

"Who runs 'Barter-town?'"

Pleather Murse said...


How's it compare to solar panels in terms of cost/benefit analysis? (Assume a sunny Western state.)

MaxedOutMama said...

MasterBlaster runs Bartertown!

Okay, please explain. What's with the turn off the power bit? Just give me a hint, a link, a footstool with which to elevate my weary brain's comprehension level. I'll climb on it myself, I promise.

TJandTheBear said...

I'll take it!

Now, if I can just figure out how to get it onto my condo's second patio (and to hide it from the neighbors).

TJandTheBear said...


CA has an election on May 19th, and ballot initiatives the governator is pushing are going down. Him, the other politicos and the public servant unions are all making the same threats about the world ending if that happens.

Can't wait.

MaxedOutMama said...

So should I be anxiously watching the news on May 20th waiting for the announcement that California has split off and fallen into the ocean? Or is the plan to secede from the Union and live as joyous Ecotopians?

And where is Rob on the 'Bama threat to pull the federal cash because of the pay cuts? I raced over here joyously anticipating some eloquent remarks on the subject.

Rob Dawg said...

I've been at my daughter's confirmation. The bishop put the chrysm on here forehead and she didn't burst into flames to our surprise.

The opposite looks to be in the cards. The other 49 are going to be asked to dig a little deeper and help out Cali. There's a real war behind the curtain. Things like billions to incarcerate illegals and who pays. The wage decrease you mention. Huge layoff notices. Nothing solid yet except a few retaliatory promises like closing all the State Parks. I'll know more next eek but if you have any questions feel free.

Blackhalo said...

Embargo, on!

Nice web page, oh wise one!

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks, I've been told it is an acquired taste. Sometimes CR just runs too fast so always feel free to have a more casual conversation here.

serinitis said...

When the propositions go down it will be interesting. Stimulus wil be kicking in a month or two and while the stimulus (60 million) is more than the deficit for the next two years, theoretically the stimulus cannot be used for ongoing expenses but a lot of expenses are suddenly going to switch categories.

TJandTheBear said...

I'm just dying for Sacramento to do something stupid like truly cut a critical service or close all the parks -- THAT would wake up the masses right quick.

H Simpson said...


MassPort (the hacks who administer the Big Dig in Boston)got upset because people were outraged about the $400,000 salaries, accelerated retirements, and saying no to adding a buck to the tolls to use their leaky tunnel.

To show their power and get the masses to STFU about fee hikes, they decided to only have 1 tolltaker each way on Mother's Day. This caused gridlock and waits of 2.5 hours.

The Governor (same pinhead Obama is thinking about nominating for the Surpreme Court) and Massport officals could not understand the outrage. Back peddling did not work in the following weeks as anger increased.

Head of MassPort unexpectedly "retired" 2 days ago. Remains to be seen if the replacement will be even more corrupt, but the people are finally standing up to government.

In business, you understand change does not happen until people are so pissed off that they accept change has to be better.

In this case the state governments cannot spend their way out of problems as they have become accustomed to. Changes will be coming. Hopefully a lot of hack politicans will be going down when there is no money for dream projects.


Northern Renter said...

Maybe it's just me, but when I see an item with the headline "ONAN generator", I expect to see another semi-topless picture of Angelina.


Lou Minatti said...

The other 49 are going to be asked to dig a little deeper and help out Cali.So much for the "California gets ripped off by the other states" canard.

I know. Maybe Californians on the public tit can say that it's only fair and reasonable for people in Colorado and Texas to pay their bloated salaries because for years Californians have paid more in Federal taxes than they have received. The "stimulus" money evens the score.

w said...

I read an article recently about how unions in France shut down services to blackmail the public into accepting their demands. Nasty stuff. In fact it would make me want to hunt down the perpetrators and summarily justize them. I think it would really hurt the unions if they use those aggressive tactics here.

On another note, perhaps you non-Californians on here do not know taht the state employs 440,000 home caretakers who are mostly relatives of the sick and elderly who sign up to get paid to take care of their family member. $12 an hour and they get to be unionized. So obviously Sacramento is very supportive of anything that can deliver that many votes in one block.

I am currently looking around to see if there is some obscure California state program that will pay me to get my kids to school. Or maybe to brush their teeth. Who knows.

NR, I agree. Rob's testosterone/estrogen ratio must be dropping. Pretty soon there will be gardening photos on here.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Dawg - If I recall correctly, you have some solar panels as well. Are you going to wire them into this bad boy?

TJandTheBear said...

who are mostly relatives of the sick and elderly

Mostly? You're being far too generous! That program's grown from half-a-mil to 5 bil in a short time because they don't vet the apps and there's only two fraud investigators in the entire state.

The dems don't care, because it's just more union voters / campaign contributors.

IOW, I think we could all start getting those checks without much trouble.

TJandTheBear said...

Gardening photos?!?

They're calling you out, Dawg!!!

Lou Minatti said...

On another note, perhaps you non-Californians on here do not know taht the state employs 440,000 home caretakers who are mostly relatives of the sick and elderly who sign up to get paid to take care of their family member.That can't be right. 440,000? No way.

w said...
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MaxedOutMama said...

Lou - the number struck me as high, but this article claims that there are around 140,000 IHSS providers in JUST LA.

LA County's population is about 27% of CA's population. Multiplying it out generates a figure of over 500,000 IHSS providers statewide if the same ratios held true. But usually you have a somewhat higher elderly ratio in cities, so the number 440,000 seems about right.

It is dizzying.

w said...

440,000 customers
160,000 SEIU home care members
30,000 affiliated in another union

w said...

If tj is correct that they spend $5 billion a year on this program that works out to 200,000 people making 25k a year (~$12*40hrs*52).

MaxedOutMama said...

PS: Sometimes when I get mad about GA stupidity it comforts me to read about CA. I think CA is a more educated and literate state on the whole, but so much of the education seems to have been traduced to serve fantasy that GA looks better in comparison.

However, the US economy would not implode if GA were to fall into the sea. CA's relative GDP is such that straightening out CA's economy is nationally important for a recovery.

I'm just sayin'. Holler at me. The idea of paying people to take care of their own relatives strikes this redneck as being akin to paying parents to take care of their children. Big chunks of these payments have to be disguised welfare.

MaxedOutMama said...

W - that article I linked upthread gave the average payment as 13K.

Lost Cause said...

Paying people to care for infirm relatives saves the state the money that it would spend if these people were dropped off to live in state institutions. It SAVES money, people. Everybody wants family values -- everybody wants the state to save money. What is wrong with you people? This is going to be a bigger problem asthe bulk of people get older. Would you rather have people working full time and shuttling older people to hospitals and nursing homes, or would you rather pay them to stay home with them?

w said...

Lost Cause, There is no enumerated right to home care. I do not want to pay for it. They can rot on the street. My extended family is not wealthy. Nobody has gone uncared for.

NoVa Sideliner said...

Noisy? How's it compare to solar panels in terms of cost/benefit analysis? (Assume a sunny Western state.)Probably compares quite favorably, considering that most of the time you won't really be needing it. So your upfront, fixed investment is hopefully under $10k installed. You won't get solar cell for that.

Consider that a 210 watt Kyocera panel will run you $800+, and that's without the conversion hardware. You need almost 300 of them *and* full sun to compete with the monster above.

So for $240,000 you can, at the right time of day, compete with traditional generation that costs you $10k. Being green... yeah, green, as in greenbacks.

As for running costs, obviously the solar, once installed, is dirt cheap. But you can buy a lot of diesel for $200k.

In the event of the shit really hitting the fan for an extended time, though, a supply disruption in fuel delivery can cause you a problem, and then you'll be happy you have solar. And a couple of shotguns as well to protect your shiny, roof-mounted investment from robbers.