Monday, May 04, 2009


"Sometime between April 20 and April 21, two portable toilets were stolen from a field near Pleasant Valley and Fifth street."

-Sheriff's Blotter, Camarillo Acorn 01 May 09 edition.
Any ideas? Did they spirit these over the border before they were missed? Cleaned and parted out? Repainted and had their serial numbers removed for a quick aftermarket resale? What's the going rate for a stolen port-a-potty?


Tach said...

Probably moved to one of the tent cities.

H Simpson said...

Add a tile floor and sell it in for 699,000 in the inland Empire.

Seen outhouses going for more...

Buy now!
The prices will never be lower!!


Jim the Realtor said...

They were needed here - doubled the value:

youtube link

Lost Cause said...

Spontaneous combustion.

serinitis said...

My Guess - Casey is flipping them.

TJandTheBear said...

Somebody stacked'em and called'em tower condos.