Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Basin at Franconia

Kinda like the markets.


Sweet Cashback said...

First....just Murst.

Lou Minatti said...

Holy crap! Been there many times, but not since the "Old Man" fell down the mountain. My Dad still has a summer place just down the road in Laconia.

The Flume is a nice walk too.

Lou Minatti said...

BTW, it's interesting that such a little thing is a major tourist attraction in the northeast, while out west there are thousands of far more spectacular things to see that draw 1/100th the crowds. In the Sierra's, something like the Basin would barely warrant a sign by the road.

The simple pleasures of summertime New England. :-) I like the lobster rolls, though. They are sorta like our version of Po' Boys. I could never get into the clam juice-flavored potato chips, though.

H Simpson said...

do not waste your time on that tourist trap.

10 miles down 93 stop at the woodstock inn for a nice meal and some local brews.

Then stop next door for some really cheap prices on liquor to take back to California. Probably cheaper than you are paying locally.

and remember, this is speed week at Laconia with all the bikers from NY, New England and Eastern Canada in town. Good times, Good times..


W.C. Varones said...

Kinda like the markets?

Where is the Fed/Treasury manipulation?

Where is Obama, declaring that water must flow uphill until union pensions are replenished?

NHSteph said...

Turn around and look up. I got engaged on that ridgeline.

I love the Whites. Not very grand as mountains go, but a little slice of heaven all the same!

Rob Dawg said...

Yep, the "Old Man" is nothing but talus on the down slope now. Sure it's hokey but we needed to stretch our legs after the drive from the border. We got stopped by Border Patrol a second time even. Wow, Californians in a Florida rental must be on the list.

Homer, too much good food already. The State liquor stores are comparable to California Costco prices nothing special.

W.C., lol! I was talking about swirls and froth. You did me one better.

Nice story. Did you lasso a couple of those mosquitos and fly down?

Peripheral Visionary said...

Rob, glad you're enjoying your vacation, I just got back from mine. Hopefully California will hold off on going bankrupt (joking--sort of) until you get back so we can get your views on the situation.

I also note that Serin is back at the blogging thing; the blog comments strike me as heavily filtered, however, resulting in mostly Blogger Casey comments with just a few from his "supporterz". Yawn. You're welcome to ignore the nonsense and focus on other subjects, I wouldn't feel the loss.

Monica said...

The fact is that he's in a good mood (and really sexy in the shirtless picture, by the way), but I don't see how he'll make money with the blog. And I'm really curious what his $2500 real estate deal was and how he can, or could have, pay (paid) that much.

I'm afraid he'll become depressed and shut down the blog again. Or just end up with no money. Or become depressed and shut down the blog because he has no money.

I can't believe he somehow ended up getting out of a financially desperate situation, yet he's just waiting and having fun instead of trying to make money as soon as possible, not at the very last moment.

Property Flopper said...

"I can't believe he somehow ended up getting out of a financially desperate situation, yet he's just waiting and having fun instead of trying to make money as soon as possible, not at the very last moment."

Ah... we're talking about the same Casey, right? WHY would this surprise you? It's the same thing he's done again and again.

Monica said...

It's because he had the experience of being cash-strapped to the point of only having $70 or having to sell his Blue Ball, so one would think that he would at least try not to be in that situation ever again, especially since, let's face it, his newly-found prosperity, if it is even real, can't be that great. It won't necessarily take long until he'll be in that kind of desperate situation again, if he is not doing something to get an income as soon as possible. But as long as his basic needs (food, shelter, gas for his car, a few dollars, etc.) are met for the time being, he just doesn't seem to have that sense of immediacy.

Property Flopper said...

Monica - you assume Casey can learn. WHEN is his past has he seen the consequences of his actions and modified future behavior?

He lost his wife by doing just this - he couldn't stop posting crap about her, even with repeated warnings.

Face it, he's a loser who will always be broke and will always wonder why things don't work out for him (but NEXT time...)

Monica said...

Yes, but now, he seems changed. For instance, he seems to accept responsibility and apologize for no particular reason. I thought he may well have learned a lesson or two.

Property Flopper said...

Do you actually read Casey's stuff? Do you remember any of it?

He goes in waves. Once something fails, he is in denial for a while, then as he starts something new he "accepts responsibility" and appologies - but never means it. He's just happy about the new thing he's found and makes appropriate noises about the last failure.

When he actually makes amends to anyone, then I'll believe he may have actually changed.

averagerainfall said...

Serin is off his meds, and I'm beginning to think the whole family is "off kilter".

He and his siblings are jumping around like monkeys together on kiddie toys -- these are grown men and women in their 20's. Being supervised by their parents, mind you!

The only one with any sense in the family is Casey's other brother, the Marine, who at least knows to stay far away for this circus.

Monica said...

If that's their idea of fun, that's OK. It could also be a matter of not being able to afford much better.

And doesn't Steve, too, have lots of common sense? And we don't really know how relatives who kept a low profile really think.

If Casey is indeed taking medication, then being off medication actually seems like a good thing. Right now, he's in a good mood. Maybe careless about finding a source of income sooner, but in a good mood.

averagerainfall said...

And doesn't Steve, too, have lots of common sense?

Business sense, maybe. Common sense, apparently not. He obviously doesn't mind his sisters, his parents, and he himself being dragged into Casey's vortex of hate.

If your sibling was almost universally ridiculed on the Internet as a complete fool, a criminal, and a mentally ill person, would you want to be associated with him in any way??

Monica said...

Of course! Family is still family. But the other Serins have been kept pretty much out of the story and not even named by their names. So what if we know that they exist and that they have been with Casey quite recently? There is nothing new or unusual about that.

averagerainfall said...

There's nothing unusual about Casey's family spending time with Casey.

There is something unusual about every single one of them consenting to be filmed, knowing that the videos will be posted to Casey's blog, where they will be consistently ridiculed.

Their behavior on the videos is also bizarre, at best. Would you take a video camera to your grandparents' grave, to show your family frolicking around? How about taking pictures of his underage sister in various states of undress?

It seems none of these people have a sense of "privacy". Or embarrassment.

Monica said...

Maybe they didn't know Casey was going to post them or had the impression that it was only going to be posted on some kind of private, password-protected family site, or that they, were at least their faces, were not going to be seen on the Internet, only the nature around them.

Peripheral Visionary said...

Monica, I respect your optimism regarding Casey, but the fact is that Serin has "seem changed" since the first day he set up the IAmFacingForeclosure blog. It's part of his pathosis--he admits his problems, proclaims he has changed and will be different, then runs away from his problems and spends money he doesn't have on things he can't afford. I see no significant changes in his recent behavior.

For Casey, you can safely ignore anything he says and look exclusively at how he behaves. We'll know he's changed for real when he's off the internet, working a full-time job, and living independently on his own money.

Monica said...

He doesn't have to be off the Internet and if possible, it would actually be better if his income came from his own business. That is, in the long term. Of course he may have to work for a boss at the beginning or from time to time just to keep a roof over his head.

In fact, part of the problem is precisely that he tried to stay off the Internet for the sake of saving his marriage or his job. If he likes the Internet so much, he should not even think of quitting. Despite criticism, the Internet also gave him some satisfaction and let him find friends or well-intentiond acquaintances. He should not give up this essential part of his life.

The real problem is that he needs to make money and that he does not see the urgency of doing so, have a definite plan or even have the motivation to pursue his plans. As misguided as it may have been, the book project would have proved that he can focus on a project, if he at least completed it, but he didn't even do that. But he would focus on things like the sidebar picture or his biography and no real work gets done. I wonder what his new plans are, though. Maybe he does have some, but who would buy advertising for a blog with few readers and that may disappear?

Pleather Murse said...

Maybe he could look into getting a grant or loan to go to college. That's a great way that many adults use to avoid life for at least a few years.

Property Flopper said...

"it would actually be better if his income came from his own business"

That takes talent, ability and a strong work ethic, none of which Casey has. IAFF was his only success, and that only because he was willing to sell his dignity to get page hits. It's done and can't be repeated.

"he tried to stay off the Internet for the sake of saving his marriage"

Completely false. He went off BRIEFLY to save his marriage, then went right back to it. He couldn't stay away. His wife left him only after he broke every promise and continued in his old ways.

Face it - Casey is addicted to the attention, but can't get the same "fix" he used to. He'll keep trying different schemes, but will never get the old feeling again.

He has made himself unemployable in all but the most menial fields. Given his work ethic (or rather, lack of), he will never do well, even in the few jobs left to him.

He will end up paying for his mistakes for the rest of his life.

Monica said...

Not if he creates his own business and makes money. Success does not have to be based on working for somebody else. It just seems that way because that's what many people are doing and some don't even know any better.

Trying to stay off the Internet for the sake of other people was a huge mistake. Casey loves the Internet and it may well be the Internet that will provide his way to make money. I can see him making a living and laughing at jobs that pay only a fraction of what he'll be making.

Property Flopper said...

Now that's delusional. :)

Lost Cause said...

Oh, God. I should have known from the high comment count that you are back to talking about Casey. For the last time -- don't feed the trolls.

averagerainfall said...

Face it, the Walrus' blog will be forever inextricably entangled to the gay fraudster from Sacramento. :-)

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

Santa prefers the Ammonoosuc Ravine.

Santa F. Clause