Monday, June 15, 2009


Northern Renter and his family took us to dinner in the Old Town section of Montreal.


segfault said...


The Tower Observatory is pretty amazing. Did you get to go up in it?

averagerainfall said...

Northern Renter and his family took us to dinner

How many buckets of fish did you manage to polish off?? :)

Effective Demand said...

I stayed a week in Montreal once, there is a great thai place called Chao Phraya there.

All that french food and all I remember was the Thai place.

Go around bagging on Celine Dion, they love that. For an extra special treat pretend you are from Toronto instead of California for the proper Montreal experience. :-)

I also was at Mont Tremblant resort for another week but during the summer, that place looked like it would be great during the winter.

Rob Dawg said...

No, that picture is from their amazing botanical gardens.

LOL! I did have the salmon. Prices are expensive but then this is a big international city and the provincial and national VAT totaled near 20%.

Rob Dawg said...

Hey, ED. Nice 3rd party data. Stop by and pet the cats while we're gone. Thanks for the tip. We had Thai in Westchester before the flight. We're going for dim sum tomorrow. Nom nom nom.

Yeah Northern Renter explained how being from US got us a pass on poor French. He said the same thing.

W.C. Varones said...

Take a kayak!

Lou Minatti said...

You're part frog, Rob. They should love you.

Northern Renter said...

Hi all,
We had a very nice dinner; Rob, your family were charming and my wife and I were very touched by the crayons. The boy who sat opposite you told me this morning that they were particularly good crayons "..because they let you draw animals and most everything else."

As for sales tax.... better get used to it. The only question is whether it should be visible (as it is here) or included in the sales prices, as is often done in Europe.


Jean ValJean said...


Obama to California: Drop Dead.

Northern Renter said...

One other thing,
The topic of Snowflake never came up. Maybe we should have ordered wheat grass shots.


Sun said...

California - you just been Barack'd!

E said...


I think you mean Barack-rolled.