Saturday, August 08, 2009

Boeing Boeing Bong

Wagga is right. too funny.


Anonymous said...

AirHitler, what a hoot!

PS: Isn't that what we have now?

w said...

I love those Hitler videos. That scene is so impassioned.

Rob, I scored once again over in Dos Vientos today. Using Craigslist I have gotten some great deals there. Something to do with being a boom development I suppose ;)

Today it was a stainless steel restaurant sink for processing our chickens. Only 14 months new. $800 new, but just $200.

A few weeks ago it was what looks like a new stand up freezer for $60. About $500-600 new. Like I said, perfect condition.

Last year it was Heather Locklear's beautiful custom-made bed.

There is so much good loot coming out of these new McMansion developments. Has anyone else noticed this?

Lou Minatti said...

Rob, why are you reading They are a bunch of crazy people obsessed with imaginary Airbus vs Boeing wars. Plus they like to do in-depth reports (with photos) of what they ate on that Atlanta-LAX flight.

Unknown said...

Kinda sad. I remember a couple years ago when they were saying it wouldn't be delayed and were being kinda snarky towards Airbus and the A380 delays.

Rob Dawg said...

I take a perverse pleasure in this particular delay having personally saved exactly the same problem on the Next Generation Cabin Twin (NGCT) back in 1983. Boeing knew how to make aluminum clouds and then proceeded to transform itself into an expert at complex engineering management. Then they upped and moved to Chicago to be further away from the messy business of actually making anything.

This situation was inevitable and some of us saw it coming a decade ago.

Bob said...

When I saw the headline, I thought you were talking about
Air Pelosi.

Rob Dawg said...

I already have Congressional Air in the que as a post for this afternoon.

Rob Dawg said...

I already have Congressional Air in the que as a post for this afternoon.

Adam said...

LOL, I saw this one the other day, and the wife enjoye it quite a bit. She discovered football, and picked the Giants as her team after their first 2 losses. I think she pitied Eli more than anything else.