Sunday, August 16, 2009

God and His Chosen

“To date, I have not observed a transaction that did not have a fraudulent component,” Ventura County District Attorney Investigator Frank Huber wrote in the affidavit, which unveiled a pattern of “concealed down payments, intentional misrepresentations and the conspiracy to commit these crimes.”

Investors were often friends and church members. Some refinanced their homes with the Tuckers’ help, taking out cash and investing it. Others invested their life savings.

Full story in today's Ventura County Star.


Sweet Cashback said... in?

serinitis said...
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serinitis said...

The debate on whether Casey is mentally ill or a con man ends in a tie. He is both.

Tyrone said...

Link to the story is broken.

Mike D. said...

correct link is here.

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks Mike. Sorry everyone. Sometimes blogger just goes all Casey and acts funny. Funny strange not so much funny ha ha anymore.

wagga said...

Is that the Mormon angel in the pic? I don't remember the name, but isn't it something like "moron"?

averagerainfall said...

wagga -- Moroni. :)

Peripheral Visionary said...

I suppose I'm the token Mormon here, so it needs to be pointed out that in Feb '08 they had a letter from the leadership to be read in all the congregations that specifically instructed members to:

"First, avoid unnecessary debt, especially consumer debt; second, before investing, seek advice from a qualified and licensed financial advisor; and third, be wise."

Somebody must not have been in church that day.

And "affiliation fraud", as it's called, where people use social connections to perpetrate fraud, is depressingly common among virtually every social group imaginable. That includes ethnic minorities (especially immigrants), religions, recreational clubs, and investing clubs. The best advice I can give is to NOT put your money with somebody you trust, but to put it with somebody who is licensed and regulated.

P.S., "Moroni" is correct.

Rob Dawg said...

I didn't make any snarky comments about the picture but the perp and victims were all LDS so I thought it fair game. Especially when it is also a person in the woods looking for gold[en plates] and divine inspiration.

The only thing kooky about LDS is that it is too new for it get the whole story straight and bury the early missteps. Call it Catholicism c. 900 AD.

Peripheral Visionary said...

Rob, you are absolutely right, the LDS religion is disadvantaged with respect to older religions because it has not yet had the time to gain the respectable patina of age. Not Catholicism ca. 900 A.D. as much as Christianity ca. 200 A.D. or Islam ca. 800 A.D.