Sunday, August 09, 2009

Do what I say...

... not what I do.

This old cliche applies with special emphasis to our would be lifestyle controllers in government.
Timmay goes hat in hand technically to Congress for a little more time on the National Debt.

You know, the Congress that just bought themselves some new toys:

And Congress is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Ever since engineering a drought emergency the nice overlords of the Sacramento area have themselves spendthrifts with water.

And thus this post earns its "moral hazard" tag.


Tyrone said...

Nothing but first-class seats on that ride!

Max said...

The water use issue in Sacramento can be explained by this fact: no water is wasted here. What's not lost to evap is dumped back into the Sacramento and American rivers and reused downstream. Granted there are local water munis that pump ground water, but they're very small and the water is close to the surface.

SoCal people can't get their heads around this simple concept, so they enacted a statewide law that is forcing Sacramento to spend billions to install meters. The city knows there's little point in "conservation" here.

Anonymous said...

You can't expect amurkin royalty to ride coach can you?

Sun said...

You have missed the bigger picture. This is a "feel good" recovery. If we wish and hope hard enough, and then it starts to look like we're going to recover, we will recover! YESSS!!!

Peripheral Visionary said...

Rob, you are veering dangerously close to thoughtcrime territory; might have to drop an alert to and let them know that somebody has some doubleplusungood attitudes toward the Party.

-Junior Spy Peripheral Visionary

Sun said...

There is also a lot of other important news that you have missed. For example, the goverment program to pay people to buy cars has increased car sales! This has also been true with housing.

So I was thinking, why not just pay people to buy stuff? Then it will look like things are good and we can feel good. The Dow even broke 9,000!

Sun said...

I have already reported Rob for this thrift propaganda and freewheeling California lifestyle. It's just one big party out there isn't it?

averagerainfall said...

The economy will recover that much more if D.A. Vern Pierson practices what he preaches, and charges Casey Serin with multiple counts of mortgage fraud and wire fraud... hopefully entering a judgment against Serin that will follow him to the grave.