Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5.8 Chino Hills

This is what happens 70 miles west of the epicenter of a 5.8 earthquake. In the next aisle over they were cleaning up from a couple jars of spagetti sauce that committed suicide.

This is the autonomous report. Only 5.4 but given the depth an upgrade is likely. The 5.8 is the newswire number not that it matter that much at this point.

The only thing to worry about is aftershocks. There is a 5-10% chance of a larger quake in the next few days. The dreaded unzipping of the SoCal fault network.


Jean ValJean said...

FIRST, I wonder what will happen to the bailout if all those houses go tits-up...

Jean ValJean said...

SECOND, this is the IM conversation I had with a co-worker that works from home near San Diego:
ME): You shaken up?
HIM): stirred
HIM): not shaken
ME): heard there was an earthquake there
HIM): yeah
HIM): 5.8
HIM): I felt it strong
ME): any damage?
HIM): nah
HIM): phones out
HIM): Internet good
HIM): what a waste of earthequake
HIM): could have at least knocked everything out
HIM): so I can go to bed
ME): no such luck. You have to work like the rest of us

Rob Dawg said...

Yeah, so mild even the hosing market is unlikey to be able to use this as a reasonable excuse. Ahhhh, who am i kidding. I can the headlines now. HOME PRICES PLUMMET IN JUL/AUG AS BUYERS WORRY ABOUT MORE EARTHQUAKES.

Casey Serin said...

I was caught off guard by the tremors -- thought it was the battering ram of the long-overdue SWAT raid on my parents' place, to finally frog-march me into the county lockup.

Alas, no such luck. :-p

Vince F said...

I am 20 miles away from epicenter. I thought my house was imploding.....just like the housing market.

Rob Dawg said...

Remember Vince, you aren't covered for earthquakes but should the dryer pull from the wall and a NatGas fire destroy everything... Just sayin'.

The houses in Wrightwood are fine as well. The shock doesn't transmit evenly. OC got rolling waves far more than we despite being equidistant.

Akubi said...

Hmm, are you sure McCain didn't just walk down that aisle looking for apple sauce?

Jean ValJean said...

I thought Al Gore was the fat one?

Akubi said...

@jean valjean
I thought Al Gore was the fat one?
I was referring to this recent incident.

w said...

The reason the applesauce fell off the shelf is that the lazy union scum that faces-up the shelves every night was so amped on speed and Metallica that he stacked them poorly.

Sniff...I miss those days.

Bill in NC said...

5.4, not 5.8

Only 5% of the energy of the 1994 Northridge quake (6.7)

Which according to CalTech has a 99% chance of occurring in sunny southern California in the next 30 years.

Wasn't the 1906 quake a 7.8?

Akubi said...

The reason the applesauce fell off the shelf is that the lazy union scum that faces-up the shelves every night was so amped on speed and Metallica that he stacked them poorly.

Are you referring to my buddy Beavis? I was never a fan of Metallica, but found him amusing anyway.

I survived the '89 quake in the Bay Area and really didn't think much of it until the phone and ancient modem stopped working.

w said...

I should clarify that I was not partaking of said performance enhancement. But other older veterans were clearly addled.

Akubi said...

I wish I could include my graffiti around Bernanke's portrait.

Pleather Murse said...

Any word from "Al's Budget Pottery, China and Nitroglycerin Shop of Chino Hills"?

Bill in NC said...

Looks like I was a bit off on Merrill dumping their mortgage-backed bonds.

Once you factor in they are providing 75% financing to the buyer, they're selling those CDOs for all of 5 cents on the dollar:


Anyone want some hot new CDOs?


Rob Dawg said...

I hate this double dealing math these corrupt bankers are using these days. My guess is that the actual "sale" was more like 19¢ on the dollarer bound that these products wouldn't go below 14¢. A little off balance sheeting, a little insurance, a willing middleman, cash desperation, the whole thing stinks.

Akubi said...

Casey's next career:Fix and flip web sites for sweet passive income!
Mr. Hermansen, 30, is among the latest wave of entrepreneurs who, like the day traders and real estate investors before them, are looking to make a lot of money without much effort.

Bill in NC said...

Bush signs the nationalization bill ....um...I mean bailout of the U.S. mortgage industry.


Fannie & Freddie (that means YOU, dearest taxpayer) will soon be "insuring" nearly *all* residential mortgages.

Kudos on cranking the conforming limit up to the stratosphere for you bubbilicious states.

Property Flopper said...

Akubi -

Two problems with that idea for CS, the first is that it involves FIXING and FLIPPING. Both of these are *hard* and require *work*... insert whines around those unfamiliar(to Casey) words.

The second is that he won't get that sweet cash back from buying websites.

Casey Serin said...

Two problems with that idea for CS, the first is that it involves FIXING and FLIPPING.

Hey, don't forget I "fix-n-flipped" IAFF for a sweet $50,000 profit. Of course, I also ended up having most U.S. citizens wanting to see me thrown in jail, or worse. But it's all good. ;-)

I also ignored my tax obligations on that income (big surprise), and given that it took around a year to sell the blog, I could've just been working a normal job over the same time frame, making the same amount of money, or more -- without engendering the hatred of the entire American populace. But working is for loosers like most of you guys here.

Well, I'm gonna go grab my lunch that Mommy fixed for me, and watch some more TV. Sweet!!!

Akubi said...

@property flopper,
Just as this guy cornered the bird cage market, I figured Casey could leverage™ the Bird Dog niche. He sure liked bird dogging. While he often found WordPress plug-ins challenging, he seemed reasonably capable of “tweaking a site’s template and making other superficial changes like adjusting fonts, colors and type sizes”

Lost Cause said...

I think 5.4 means that 1.3 million move out of the state.

Lost Cause said...

I hear that John McCain wants to drill more cows, because milk is going up to $4 a gallon.

Cleanup in the cheeze aisle.