Thursday, July 17, 2008

End of Lease

As seen on Craigslist.
2005 Volvo S60 2.5Turbo with 39,000 miles. - $15000

Let's see 3000 miles over the 3 year lease maximum at $0.25 per mile $750 and counting. Wanna bet the dealer is offering him a really low turn in valuation? The cracks in the facade of wealth are widening.


Agent #777 said...

A friend of mine got a 4-year old Maxima for 11K in a similar situation a few years back. Apparently being a 5-speed made it harder to sell, but even so...

Agent #777 said...

...I see what you mean now. Local S60 2.5Ts for sale are 32K for an 07 and 25K for an 06, both a bit over the 12k per year mileage.
If someone is looking for that model, they should jump all over that one.

Pleather Murse said...

OT but too good to resist...shape of things to come? "Pakistani Investors Stone Karachi Exchange as Stocks Plunge" -- Police surrounded the exchange after hundreds of investors stoned the building and shouted anti-government slogans. They directed their ire at the government and Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, which this week removed a 1% daily limit on price declines. The measure was aimed at halting a slide that wiped out $30 billion of Pakistan's market value in three months, threatening to undo a 14-fold rally since 2001. ``There has been some level of mismanagement by the authorities,'' . . .``This may be due to their misperception that they can prevent the market from falling. Investors have to learn to bear losses as they do gains.''

wagga said...

"Stocks were originally conceived to share risk when trading with India. Anybody could send a boat over there to trade local goods for things which were rare over here, but the reason indian dyes, spices etc were rare over here was partly the hazardous waters boats had to sail through. For small traders one shipwreck could lose you everything. So people started grouping together and trading equal shares in each other's boats such that the risk of one shipwreck wouldn't clean anyone out.

Pretty quickly people came to realising that the pieces of paper promising 25% of the profit of the good ship Paris Hilton was worth a lot of money and, when your eldest daughter was getting married or your home needed a new roof, it was convenient just to walk into a local chocolate house and see what people would offer for it. Thus the stock market was born and the East India Company grew to prominence.

Stocks never actually had a fixed value, those were bonds. Stocks have always been chaotic and never really evolved past the shady haggling in dockside taverns under the watchful eye of gold-digging seamstresses."

Comment at the Reg

Akubi said...

They're back: Return of the flippers (seriously)
Check out their website
Do you think they attended Nouveau Riche University? They sort of have that look about them.

Casey Serin said...

Yeah, I really need to get into stocks... not the financial investments, but the ones that lock your humiliated ass down, in public.

If it's the closest thing to jail cell I'll ever see, so be it! ;-p

Peripheral Visionary said...

OT but too good to resist...shape of things to come? "Pakistani Investors Stone Karachi Exchange as Stocks Plunge"

I sure hope not--I do not relish the thought of wearing riot gear just to get in and out of my place of work safely.

Agent #777 said...

Good one, Akubi.
Not sure about our sellers attention to detail though. Look at this page for the one on Peineta:

Best offer by May 8th? How's that working out?

Akubi said...

@agent #777,
The Show Me the Deal$ is definitely the most entertaining part of the site.
I sense some Kiyosaki influences with this one:
This property has the most positive cash flow I've ever seen. We have hard money available and the crews to do the flow it or fix it up and sell it to an income investor for a big payday.

I suspect they're taking RK's advice and making their real money on the seminars/workshops/BS they seem to be promoting.