Saturday, April 15, 2006

Flipper Flopper

This is a flipper:

This is a flopper:

Any questions?


incessant_din said...

A couple of questions, actually.

The immediate question is why didn't anybody warn the flopper that the water level is cyclical, and that summer can be long and hot?

The next question is who can we blame for this tragedy? Surely some scapegoat must exist.

Good thing it's just a fish. Still it's sad to see its home turn into a trap.

incessant_din said...

One last bad pun, then I promise to be good.

The second picture illustrates the difference between a fluid market and a liquid market. The flopper is currently in a fluid market, but it is no longer liquid. There is no hope for escape.

Rob Dawg said...

By all means pun away. What's interesting is that when half the liquidity goes away what's left is often toxic anyway.

Besides's I'm not even sure if that last fish didn't crawl up there on his ARMs on purpose.