Thursday, September 18, 2008

Casey Scores Again

Wannabe Celebutard™ in Seattle last summer courtesy Deflationland.

The boi spins straw from gold the Anit-Rumplestiltskin.

This is the 5 day chart of Goldspring somebody dropped 6 million shares a few minutes ago wiping out Casey's entire world. The trainwreck that is Casey continues. This is what he thinks:

The picture gets even better when you single out GSPG. Here is my trading history:

03/19/2007: 1,300,000 shares @ $0.0034 ($4,420)
09/11/2007: 200,000 shares @ $0.0007 ($140)
02/28/2008: 439,900 shares @ $0.0205 ($9,031)
01/29/2008: 340,000 shares @ $0.0189 ($6,439)

That’s 2,279,900 shares for a total cost of $20,030 plus transaction fees
Back to OPM and the power of leverage…

The interest on $20k i used to purchase the stock is tricky to calculate because it’s spread across several accounts. One of those accounts is at 0% APR at the moment.

Lets just estimate high and make it $400.

So as long as my investment is going up more than $400 per month, I’M IN THE PROFITS!

2.3 million shares at a dollar cost average of 0.9¢ each. When GSPG hit 6¢ he was sitting on more than $100,000 in profits. Well only half as Galina is entitled to the other half but let's not start that soap opera. Anyway, last quote was 2.1¢ meaning he's got a nice double maybe $20,000 although the fees and interest have taken probably 1/3rd to 1/2 that and cap gains another 10-15%. And what is Flippy doing? Enema cleansing and fasting. Nero fiddled.


bluto said...

You had to know that was coming. Penny stocks follow buy the rumor sell the news more than anything on the market. (There's always a mine report, presentation etc that will finally be the elephant that will take everyone to profit land).

Oh and murst

Northern Renter said...

And the worst part of it is that he has to stay close to the computer because of his logorrhea.


PS Please keep him in California. Do not let him go..... no wait, please let's have Casey visit Monica here in Montreal because I'm hoping and waiting for the housing prices to crumble.

PPS Curst.

Rob Dawg said...

Casey belongs to the world. [None of the other planets want him.]

segfault said...

I'm sure the 0% introductory rate on the credit card is gone by now.

Wonder how long before his personal creditors (before he got the sweet corporate credit) start suing him and getting default judgments? He may not even know he's been sued. I'm not sure what the process in California is for being constructively served, but in my state, they will appoint a warning order attorney to send certified mail to someone's last known address and it counts as constructive service, even if it's returned undeliverable.

Casey Serin said...


No, actually, it's right back up to .025 as I write this -- the "break even" level at which the stock value is roughly equal to the balance on the corporate cards (approx. $62,500).

It doesn't seem to want to push higher than .025 though... but the stock's earlier collapse could well be a harbinger of things to come. IT'S ALL GOOD...!!

Benoit™ said...

Rob, on his blog you wrote:

Let us not forget that because of his use of OPM his carrying costs and fees are $6000 per year.

He was lying about the 12% interest claim... he's told Nigel and others in the past that the annual rate on his corporate card is 24%, and I don't see why it would have gone down. So his carrying costs are actually roughly $12,000/yr.

Just wanted to get the "True" numbers out for "True" Casey. :-p

segfault said...

He was lying about the 12% interest claim...

It's a grey area. Wait until he and/or Momma Serin miss a payment and get the default APR.

Rob Dawg said...

Celebutard™ was lying about everything. Par for the course. I'm sure his 0% rate was intro 60 days or whatever. I'm sure his blended carrying costs all serviceable debt combined is at least 18%. He could have paid it all off at GSPG 6¢ and had enough to help out G and have a little left to take mom and dad out to dinner and move out debt free while still holding a million shares risk free. Pffft, that's for pussies.

Pleather Murse said...

I hope whoever had those SKF dumped them very early today ... !

Pleather Murse said...

BTW ... can someone who knows more about options than me explain the anomolous price on the $43 put option (.55) on the SSO? The $42 is 0 and the $44 is at .13.

Rob Dawg said...

Order matching. Tomorrow is expiry.

Pleather Murse said...

Ah. I knew tomorrow was expiration. It did look like an easy way to p/u about a hundred bucks or so if I just wrote 2 contracts. The chances of SSO dropping from 53 to 43 in one day are pretty slim so highly unlikely to get exercised on me.

Casey Serin said...

Change your avatar back to the huge walrus with the handlebar mustache. It works, Bobbo. :^]

Pleather Murse said...

Quoth floptard: "Risk still needs to be managed and I’m learning to manage it. I’m glad my hard fall with real estate did not turn me into an ultra-safe investor… 12% return?? LOL. Once you taste 1,000% or even 2,000% annualized returns it’s hard to go back."

w said...

Wohoo, I dumped my SKF at 138. Dumb luck.

AuAgPb said...

I hope whoever had those SKF dumped them very early today ... !

I played SKF 4 times this summer for modest gains each time. I was out before the Fannie/Freddie debacle. I can't fight Quickdraw Paulson and his ability to spend all the money. I'll just watch from the sideline.

Quoth floptard: "Risk still needs to be managed and I’m learning to manage it. I’m glad my hard fall with real estate did not turn me into an ultra-safe investor… 12% return?? LOL. Once you taste 1,000% or even 2,000% annualized returns it’s hard to go back."

Shows how clueless this idiot is. He laughs at a 12% return. WOW. And of course, the 2000% return is nice, but you have to take it, not let it evaporate.

wagga said...

Some people like to set the cell phone to vibrate, & carry it in the undies. I recommend this practice to kc because a study shows that sperm count is affected. In a way that we all approve.

Lab Dog™ said...

Casey's hotel has been located: The Bad Credit Hotel

Pleather Murse said...

I for one am glad that he has indeed found a new place to dwell, down at the end of floptard street.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Since my money left me
Found a new place to dwell
Down at the end of Floptard Street
at the Bad Credit Hotel

No more stated income
No more sweet cashback
Once they go back down to the bank
They never never never come back



Lab Dog™ said...

Where's PukeyPuke?

Edgar Alpo said...

Tharz gold in them thar hillz!

Akubi said...

And fish just love offshore drilling per moron McCain. As I recall there was some crappy 1950's movie along those lines.
Well, I hope McShame, Cheney and W get this fish stuck up their stupid-ass, evil urethras.

Agent #777 said...

Thanks a lot for bringing up SSO, Pleather. Because of this, it required me to check the Lehman options to see if someone bailed at some mistake price. Well, there it is with NJSUG. Someone paid 16.40 each for the right to receive 14.00 each on Saturday for their 1000 shares.
I had no idea LEH shares were worth -2.40. A scary thought indeed!

Scoring $2400 for free. TrueCasey, if you happen to read this, THAT is arbitrage!

Lou Minatti said...

A little birdy tells me that Casey will be in prison soon, so it's all good.

Akubi said...

Hey Lou,
A little birdy told me this is the End of this World as We Know It.

Funny as hell that idiot Neo-Cons "Free Market POS" turned this country into a Socialist state.

Pleather Murse said...

"Scottrade does not allow put selling or naked options." AARGH!

con said...

@Rob: "Anyway, last quote was 2.1¢ meaning he's got a nice double maybe $20,000"

No, you've overlooked that he sold ALL shares higher this summer and later bought 2.5 million at the lower cost of .025, as per Benoit's current post on Nigel's site. This means that he's now loosing at below 025.

Also, Casey's flight tomorrow is probably on SWA via Vegas, total r/t cost of about $380 with a Sat return.

The_Scum said...

GSPG last trade as per yahoo at 2.31 cents. But that homo is so far underwater in life does it matter? I wonder what brokerage he uses. I imagine it is a cash account only with very high fees. Did he repay whatever relative fronted him more money to invest? I don't follow his drama as well as others.

Pleather? I was into SKF at 109 and sold Tuesday at 127+. I posted it all here too.

Thank God I was waiting for the trade to settle and find another entry.

Thank you for your concern.

Pleather Murse said...

Good trade there on the skf. Boo-yah!

w said...

Ouch. SKF this morning is insane.

Pleather Murse said...

I believe they halted trading on the SKF and another short ETF. The new short selling restrictions / prohibitions created problems with them finding trades to match.

w said...

Of course they will need to bail out anyone holding SKF. It would only be right.

Peripheral Visionary said...

Markets doing the highwire act without a net. If a drop hits before the short-selling ban expires (whenever that will happen), there will be no one to catch prices as they fall.

Rob Dawg said...

Tinfoil hats firmly affixed? Good, what is happening here is separating the sheeple from their imaginary claim on the future assets and production of the nation. The equity in your houses, the value of your stocks, the worth of your money. All are unrealistically overvalued relative to how much real stuff will be available in the future. It won't be senior vittles era but it also won't be a cruise and vacation home retirement either. There never was enough money to keep our promises to the boomers.

Asset prices have to come down. A lot. There is no other sustainable solution. The govt honestly thinks it is cushioning the inevitable. And honestly govt intervention has worked in the past. they are not winging it. Unfortunately they are also fatally incorrect. The velocity of everything is beyond their ability to control.

Casey Serin said...

Hey Walrus, look -- I made Canada's National Post in a full-length article. THEY PAINT ME AS A CRIMINAL ON THE LOOSE AGAIN!


Jean ValJean said...

Ok, can I get that in Captain-dummy-talk?

Sorry, I'm not an expert on all these financial dealings...

Woudn't depreciating assets (I'm assuming you mean here: house, car, sofa, TV, etc.) mean the worth of money will go UP? i.e., same amount of money buys MORE assets?

And why are they "fatally incorrect" this time?

Thank you in advance to whomever answers, for your patience and the sharing of your knowledge.

Jean ValJean said...

He he he... Canada is a "Haterz"

ok, this sets off alarm bells for me..

Today the twit Twitted thusly:

CaseySerin: Getting a boarding pass and checking my red luggage. Didn't have time for lemonade this morning, just a quart salt of water. But itsallgood.

Anyone see a problem here? CHECKING luggage? For a ONE DAY trip?

Here are the things I thought...

1. NO ONE I know has to check in bags for one day. I can't imagine he has to carry THAT many beauty products to make himself look that flamingly homo.

2. Do we even KNOW that it's a one day trip? I looked, and I don't remember it being mentioned that it was only ONE day. IT just seemed we all ASSUMED it was one day.

3. I've read no mention of any ticket BACK to Sacto being bought. If any of the ppl who bought his ticket have any knowledge and are reading this.. care to comment?

4. He'll be staying at Cotton Swaby's place... anyone know for how long?

I guess what I'm trying to get that, is that it seems that this is NOT going to be the one-day trip we all assume... and it might not even be a ROUND trip... at least in the short term...

Benoit™ said...

JVJ, that's why you should sign up at CaseyHaterz... :-)

Nigel has confirmed that it will be a small multi-day "vacation" of sorts for the mop-topped homeless man.

MaxedOutMama said...

Geeze, Rob, are we twins separated at birth?

I almost wrote a post this week about Casey Serin being the weirdest negative index I've ever followed. The correlations are nearly 100%, and it's across the board. If he even gets fond of a restaurant, the chain's profits collapse and the chain gets sold. He's a perfect negative dowsing stick.

Personally, I'd get the hell out of gold due to the leading Serin indicator.

Property Flopper said...

Unfortunately, you really can't use Casey as a negative indicator - at least not for profit.

Why? That would be something USEFUL. I'm pretty sure if someone invested real money using Casey as the neg indicator, the stock would simply go flat. No profit.

Benoit™ said...

I think Casey is better used as a leading indicator in gay fashion trends. ;-)

Jean ValJean said...

Ok, this one is too easy, but I'll bite:

"Why Do I Keep Putting Up With The Hate?"
--Casey Serin, 9/19/2008

I’m Such An Arrogant, Selfish, Narcissistic Person"
--Casey Serin, 8/24/2008.

Asked and answered.


Akubi said...

Unfortunately they are also fatally incorrect. The velocity of everything is beyond their ability to control.

I have to admit I've been in a state of shock this past week and wonder where this unprecedented $1 trillion bailout will lead us.
This is worse than I had imagined it would be and I fear we will drown in these uncharted waters.

Bill in NC said...

Ahnold's gonna sign the budget:

Any Dawg feedback?

wagga said...

Is issuing a fatwa on Mickey Mouse mickey mouse?

Rob Dawg said...

I'm still going through the budget details. It doesn't add up. They needed to find some combination of $22 billion. They seem to have found $8b.

Lost Cause said...

Rob -- the Ministry of Propaganda says that today's rally was in response to the administration's near perfect response to a near perfect storm of asset dumping, derivative unwinding and consumption boycott. I think it is just the shorts covering. Which is it?

Loosers(tm) Suck said...

This was stuck in moderation hell over at

Casey, I want to thank you for putting this blog up I finally got my state attorney general interested in your recent actions thanks in large part to your posts and comments here on this new blog. I do not know if anything will come of it but at least they are looking into it and unlike you Casey that is not usually an excuse to ignore it.

Like I said I don’t know if this will push things forward but after meeting with one of the assistants in the AG office this afternoon I found myself face to face with reporters from three of the local stations.

I promise I will do my best to keep the interest strong. I will be recording the talkcast tonight just in case something goes wrong. Never know what kind of little nuggets LE will find in there.

Lab Dog™ said...

Perhaps it is Jaqui's fault...?

Nothing adds up. This entire state and national situation cannot be accounted for.

serinitis said...

I think our plan with the budget is to have the Feds bail us out. They get options on 80% of California Government and we get all our debt off our books

Centipede said...

Zen koan: When books never existed in the first place, how could they be written off?

Centipede said...

Apologies for the tense confusion. I was not born here.