Sunday, September 21, 2008

Equity v. Equities

The core of our implosion du jour is that the rest of the world thinks US is too rich relative to their nations and needs to be made poorer now that our ability to raise living standards around the globe is slowing. Sounds simplistic but everything for the last near 40 years has been about establishing social justice/equity. The global warming hoax, NAFTA, free trade, outsourcing, intellectual property theft, on and on all serve the end goal. Now we have a "financial crisis" of global proportions and who gets the bill?

Our masters are pleased. The bit has been set and the plowhorse has not bucked.
The Chicomms smile an inscrutable smile having done what Cousin Nikita could not. They have successfully hanged the decadent west with a rope we sold them.

CalculatedRisk writes: U.S. taxpayers may bailout foreign financial institutions and even foreign governments.

Truth be told the correct wording is; "U.S. taxpayers may bailout foreign financial institutions especially foreign governments."


Agent #777 said...

Hey! A first is a first, even if it is on a melancholy post like this one.

Rob Dawg said...

The special first comes later today with the 1 millionth visitor post.

H Simpson said...

Jesus Dawg. How about a longer post and a warning before you whip a pic like that on the public.

Where is my eye bleach???

According to CNN, Dan Marino took a $600K haircut selling his home in Miami. The sale price is waay down from what he originally wanted.

segfault said...

Haven't we already bailed out Mexico (a few years ago)? Wasn't it disguised as a loan, but we're not demanding payments on it?

w said...

The French newspaper Liberation is right, what happened to the good old days when bankers jumped out the window to their deaths instead of walking away with millions? There is no shame, no introspection, no culpability, no apologies. These fools give Osama Bin Laden credibilty.

segfault said...

I'm with the people on CHC who say that we should see some executives in handcuffs (and with prison sentences) in return for our tax dollars.

Caveat: They shouldn't be allowed to fake their own deaths like Ken Lay. That was lame.

Akubi said...

I should have moved to France or Ireland when it was feasible. This really, really sucks.

Akubi said...

Tanta is awesome.
Oh, if I had a penis, I'd shove it up Dick Cheney's bunghole.

Akubi said...

BTW, Dawg, you are not making any sense whatsoever!

Akubi said...

WTF are "masers" anyway?

Bill in NC said...

"see some executives in handcuffs"

Good luck with that.

Even the former heads of Fannie & Freddie will settle for their full severance packages, minus a token amount (so the govt. can claim victory)

Rob Dawg said...

If Casey is free these guys aren't going anywhere.

"Masers" == "masters." Fixed.

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

I can bring you a strap on for Christmas.

Santa F. Clause

Akubi said...

Thanks Santa!
My dad taught me that as long as you pack enough guns itsallgood.
I may have destroyed another relationship yelling at John MCain on TV.

Casey Serin said...

Robbo -- 999,501st!! ;-)

Pleather Murse said...

"In one of the most sweeping changes on Wall Street in decades, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the last two independent investment banks, will become bank holding companies, the Federal Reserve said Sunday night." Hmm. Expect more market wackiness Monday.

Lost Cause said...

Masers are like lasers, but using microwave energy instead of visible light.

Northern Renter said...

I have to agree with Akubi here that you aren't making much sense. Offhand, I think you are now officially trying to get in good with C(onspir)asey Serin by putting out some mildly paranoid ideas. Global warming isn't a hoax. NAFTA is not a conspiracy to impoverish the Americans; consider how little you think of your politicians, then realize that Canadian and Mexican politicans are plausibly worse (plus, we have less muscle in any NAFTA disputes).

As Roger Cohen wrote in the NYTimes today, "Let’s be clear: this is an American mess forged by the American genius for new-fangled financial instruments in an era where the mantra has been that government is dumb and the markets are smart and risk is non-existent. The responsibility for undoing the debacle is chiefly American, too." Trying to ascribe blame to the rest of the world trying to impoverish the Americans is, simply, wrong.


PS Akubi.. with regards to Cheney... that asshole is already a complete dick, no need to add more.

Lex said...

You don't have to blame characters from an old Star Trek episode --
I think the answer is fairly close to home,

and I'd agree with you about the global warming hoax if you used the qualifier "anthropogenic."

Don't like free trade? Don't worry. Expect Smoot-Hawley II sometime during the second year of the McBama administration.

Rob Dawg said...

Northen renter,
"Conspiracy." Of course not. That's why the picture is of "tinfoil panties." No one set out lower US living standards, they just knew it would be a distinct consequence of free trade in goods and labor.

Global Warming as being marketed is absolutely a hoax. There was some warming 1978-1998 but nothing for the last 10 years. Every single zealot is at a loss to say why. We know why but they so abhor the answer we instead have witch hunts. Galileo had a similar problem. Lex is right, I should have put in AGW instead of just GW because there are indeed some fairly large climates change occurring. Lex is also right that the next administration is going to try Smoot-Hawley II but luckily that genie is out of the bottle and they won't be able to legislate it back in.

Jean ValJean said...

KC is putting the onus of informing his parents that he lost their loan ON HIS BROTHER STEVE!!

.. and I quote from Steve (you know, the WORKING son in the family):

Casey Serin Says:
September 22, 2008 at 12:57 pm

Steve, tell Mom and Dad that I’m sorry for not paying them back and keeping them on the hook for my corporate credit. Let me know what they say.

Casey Serin
Worlds Most Hated Blogger

... unless it's a really good troll...

Jean ValJean said...

sorry, forgot the link:

Steve Serin is a mechanic, and his shop also buys wrecked cars, salvages them, and re-sells them (you know, actual WORK producing something). His URL was actually something different, containing "Serin", but he heeded commenters' advice and changed it to something that wasn't as toxic on the internet: Salvage.

segfault said...

It's a troll. The comment doesn't have Casey's ugly mug next to it, ergo, they weren't signed in under his user name.

Pleather Murse said...

I've been getting into Dostoevsky lately and I can't resist this little tidbit from his short novel "The Gambler" ... "not only is the Russian incapable of acquiring capital, but also he exhausts it wantonly and of sheer folly. None the less we Russians often need money; wherefore, we are glad of, and greatly devoted to, a method of acquisition like roulette --whereby, in a couple of hours, one may grow rich without doing any work. This method, I repeat, has a great attraction for us, but since we play in wanton fashion, and without taking any trouble, we almost invariably lose."

Unfortunately this is a little less apropros now that I know Casey's brother is apparently a hard working man and quite unlike Stocktard. (BTW, I know they're of Uzbek nationality but they appear to be of Russian ethnicity. I've been to Uzbekistan and it's easy to tell the difference between the groups.)

H Simpson said...

ROB said:
Conspiracy." Of course not. That's why the picture is of "tinfoil panties."

Gee, I thought it was one of your tin foil hat neighbors with their head up their @ss.

Forget global warming:

1. No such thing. What happend to all that dried up lakefront in the se? Don't see numbnuts on tv now that the rain showed up again.

2. No money. Sorry, but the goverment is now offically bankrupt. We are poorer than other 3rd world countries and our consumption is about to crash downward.

Best find a new scam. Maybe mining stocks or multiple house flipping. I know just the douc.,,,errr, I mean person to contact.


Rob Dawg said...

Young Fliptard™ is in the final innings. His initial fame as the worlds most hated blogger was an accident. He cannot recreate it. That was hiz lastz skillz and now even it is gone. I've got a pretty strong stomach but talk of urine therapy is the new outrage and I cringe at even peeking at what he's doing.

There is a lot of global climate change and humans have something to do with it. That said, termites and natural phenomena absolutely dwarf those human (anthropogenic) impacts. What isn't happening is global warming like we've been told to fear. Do not despair it looks like sunspot cycle 24 may have finally spawned its first child. Six months late and undersized but the current period of extraordinarily low activity would probably be setting records except our instruments have gotten so much better we can detect previously unnoticed events.

The parallels are frightening. The financial markets are the same pseudoscientific mojo we see amongst the climate zealots. Housing only goes up, traffic can only be cured with transit, urban density fixes housing and climate and traffic. People are getting too smart and don't swallow the pill anymore.

Lost Cause said...

Seriously -- with that last post, Rob, I don't know who is crazier, you or Snowflake. Global warming denier, traffic obstructionists... tin foil hats, but gold colored.

Lost Cause said...

Almost 999,999 ... you even have the mark of the beast, Rob,

Lost Cause said...

I havn't had this much fun since 11:11

Agent #777 said...

1,000,000 baby!!

Who wants the screen print?

Lost Cause said...

Congratulations, Rob, on your one millionth visitor. I have screen shots. Unfortunately, they all say "Casey Scores Again."

Northern Renter said...

Don't know much about history.
Don't know much trigonometry.
Don't know much about the French I took.
Don't know what a sliderule is for.

But I do know a ton about how the kidneys and the intestines work, and Casey's arguments are complete and utter bullshit. If he wants to starve himself and drink urine, so be it. Boy ain't got too much hay in his loft.


The_Scum said...

Mr. Dawg, I have blatantly ripped this tinfoil buttfloss for use on my own blog.

Thank you.