Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wear Your Overalls

Wow, a 2Br home near the Dawg for under $400k? What's up with that? Are we returning to sane prices? No, like most things too good to be true so is this one. Speaking of too good to be true... Yes, I'm back and promising to blog almost daily including eye candy to keep the posts interesting even when the subject is dull like this one.

The predialian manse in question is 1563 Calle Aurora.
Zillow suggests $415,510 - $578,345 based in part upon:
Single family
2 beds
2.0 bath
Built in 1960
Unfortunately the listing agent knows better: "LAND VALUE ONLY NO STURCRURE."

The add promises 2br xba 1200sf of fine suburban living. Here's what it looked like this morning.
No, not her...
Or her...
That's just the hired help.
Jeez at the bottom, scroll to see. That's why I put them at the bottom. Too hard on the eyes. Maybe the abandoned couch is one of the bedrooms? The jacuzzi if you squint just right could be a bath.

Man, what mess. putting something livable on this small lot would be a lawyers full employment wet dream.
The listing is for a half acre but less than half is buildable, the rest is just a wildfire corridor.

There's going to be a lot of these soon. The holding/carrying costs have got to be eating people alive.

Last sale and tax info
Sold 11/18/2005: $864,000
2007 Property Tax: $9,190

How would you like to writing a check to the tax man every six months for $4,595? Worse is having to pay almost that much every month on a mortgage on a house that doesn't exist.

Not to worry, it seems there lots of good help with their own overalls apparently eager to help you strip the property naked.


The_Scum said...

FURST to congratulate youon keeping those battery terminals clean!

Rob Dawg said...

I needed to borrow some coveralls to do it. Luckily there were lots of volunteers above.

Funny Circus Bears said...

"Land Value Only". That's funny. In this markey land HAS NO value.

Rob Dawg said...

In the body I alluded to the fact that this pig of a property has a negative value. This in a "tony" better than average older neighborhood.

Imagine the thousands of lots and lots with so called houses in Palmdale or Las Vegas or Bakersfield or Merced that would be losing investments if they were given away.

Centipede said...

How about something interesting like LHC or LSD. This is old news.

The_Scum said...

There is a lot of foreclosed pure shit in Vegas. I looked at a couple shitpiles but it was too soon.

Foreclosures with heavy discounts (less than $100/sq ft) are slowly creeping into non shithole areas. The gangrene is spreading slowly to the nicer areas. I can wait.

I haven't checked Summerlin because it is too far from work. My target area is one mile or less away.

I haven't noticed any nicer residential lots with building activity in my one square mile target area. Plenty of lots, some for sale, no construction.

Target area is about 3 miles straight west of the strip south of Sahara. So I don't look around much beyond that.

What I have noticed, incredibly, is tons of commercial going up. No strip malls, usually stand alone buildings. The last two ones I noticed opened as "Gourmet Tamales" with gourmet tamale pricing and "Wrought Iron Art". I imagine it's some sort of wrought iron or artistic welder type place but I honestly haven't even gone in. Amazingly the Gourmet Tamale didn't close before they even took down the grand opening signs.

I wonder how many more banks Nevada has that can go under?

I haven't yet wasted my time venturing into the 'new world' way the fuck up North by the 215. I can only imagine the desolation of wasted brand new neighborhoods. I do drive by on occasion, but I don't slow to look.

Life is too short.

The_Scum said...

Whoops - one mile or leass away FROM WORK.

No editing allowed?

Rob Dawg said...

Unfortunately you have to delete and repost. Prevents some past attempts to edit the truth.

Las Vegas can't see the bottom yet. I would not be surprised at instances of $40/sf fixers and clean $69/sf houses.

con said...

Casey $$ report from his twitter:

"Wow, I made $91,000 gross income in 2007 across all ventures. Pretty sweeet! Now I gotta add up all those business expenses and deductions."

Way to go dude!

WeWantTheFunk said...


MY TODO: contact Rob Dawg and befriend him too and ask him what is going on and why he is no longer running a “popular anti-Serin website”.

Jean ValJean said...

yeah, but the best news of all is that his family gave him a PINK ipod for his birthday. Pink.

He claims they just have "a good sense of humor."

The truth is they're telling him they know he's a blooming fairy.

Jean ValJean said...

Wow. WWTF posted just right before I clicked "submit".

And if you take both of our comments together... well..

Watch your 6, Rob.

Bill in NC said...

I'd like to shake the hand of whomever got $800000+ from a lender for that.

Sort of like the "Extreme Makeover" family who got a $450,000 loan on a $300,000 house (in a $150,000 neighborhood)

Anti-heroes, sure, but we can admire their chutzpah.

H Simpson said...

it has got a couch
it has got a natured heated jaccuzi
Plenty of room to part the unregistered Jetta.

Did anyone pull the cushions to see if this is the new abode of our hero? I mean he had been talking about camping some time back.

Best of all is should the DA come looking for him on those taxes, none of the crap is his.