Monday, September 29, 2008

Tech Stocks

APPL is doing what it has always done since its first stock offering. Sawtooth rising. Long periods of reliable price appreciation and brief moments of freefall. Repeat. Helped my parents finance some of my college by recognizing this from the Apple II days. What we are seeing is Apple missing the back to school season and the impending introduction of aggressively priced new Macbooks running into a year without a Christmas.

And that's the big news. This is the year without a Christmas. Container volumes in the Pacific ports are cratering. Circuit City is tettering and my long time bullseye Best Buy has got to be hiding something in their credit arm.

Blognote: TARP pt 2 later this morning. Vote discussion afternoon and pt 3 tonight.


segfault said...

Did Apple even have a back-to-school promotion in the US this year? I don't remember it if they did.


Rob Dawg said...

The back to school promotion was actually pretty good. Instead of the usual useless printer there were free iPod Nanos.

Oct 14th seems to be the release date for the awesome "Glassbooks." My kid is going to be first in line at the UCLA bookstore so I can get my Core 2 Duo Macbook back.

Agent #777 said...

I guess it was a good thing for Apple I never did buy it in July 04 for under $20 a share. I am convinced this would have been enough to jinx the stock from this incredible run.
And even if I had bought, I am sure I would have sold completely out before $85/share.
And yet I do just the opposite on my PM stocks - I seem to get a nice low, hit a nice run, and then still refuse to sell, leading back near to the nice low again. The art of selling is so hard to master.

wagga said...

Just in & OT:

House nixes bill 205 for 228 agin, 1

Zintradi said...

"House nixes bill 205 for 228 agin, 1
R NV."
hmm maybe now the phoenix can burst into flames quickly before it regenerates rather than a slow burn.

Peripheral Visionary said...

The House rejected the bill, and I respect them for standing up to it. Now let's see if they can put a viable alternative together.

Rob Dawg said...

Why do we need an alternative plan? That's defeatist talk. no plan is the right course of action.

Alright Dow -735 and I only thought -500. Big deal. 10,400 is still very high for profits forward.