Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost Free

Middle of nowhere but a peek at things to come: Glendora Ave.

8544 Glendora Ave, Hesperia, CA 92344
Price: $149,900
BEDS: 6 BATHS: 3.5 SQ. FT.: 3,452
$/SQ. FT.: $43 LOT SIZE: 7,350 Sq. Ft.
ON REDFIN: 37 days
FIXER-UPPER: 2 story Fixer - New Home - Tile - Kitchen stripped - Faucets gone - Open floor plan - Spacious kitchen and master.
Gosh, do you think we'll hear this story again? And the kicker?: Oct 12, 2006 Sold $454,000


Tyrone said...

First-rate find!

Lou Minatti said...

That's quite a haircut. I wonder what the utility bills are for a 6 bedroom house out in the desert.

Six frackin' bedrooms. We've got a lot of those around here, too. Last I checked there weren't too many families nowadays with 5+ kids. I'd like a bigger house, but mostly to put crap. Instead of the micro-sized 2-car garages that are common today, I'd rather have a big detached 3-car garage.

Rob Dawg said...

Mrs. Dawg is long suffering. When early on she asked what I wanted in a house I said "it doesn't matter if the garage is attached or not to the hangar."

Anonymous said...

$43/sq. ft? That house was worth more when it was sitting on the back of a truck as a pile of materials. It's the opposite of capitalism - transforming raw materials into a finished product worth less than the raw materials were to begin with.

tj and the bear said...

"it doesn't matter if the garage is attached or not to the hangar."Back in CO my parents seriously looked at moving into an airpark community. Can't remember why we didn't.

Pleather Murse said...

I don't think there are any polygs up in Hesperia who might need a house that size. I was driving through Colorado City AZ a while back and saw some humungous houses up there for the FLDS folks, 5000sq ft and up. Families with 3-4 wives and maybe 15-20 kids per household. Anyplace else it would be some narcisstic yuppie couple who need extra rooms to store all the crap they collect. Home office, library, media center, etc.

onewaypockets said...

Speaking of BFE, this house appeared on Golfer_X's Inland blog....


w said...

In Oxnard we know what to do with a 6 bedroom house!

Rob Dawg said...

w, Lol! 6 family house.

oneway, good find.