Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beggar Thy Neighbor

Let's see what happens over time to a neigborhood when the bulldozer pays a visit.

This is the Saticoy Country Club. Here are the 4 houses currently for sale but this time it isn't about prices, this is about foolish land use and development policies.

4690 N Clubhouse Dr
SQ. FT.: 2,400

4970 Northridge Dr
SQ. FT.: 4,495

4689 Northridge Dr
SQ. FT.: 7,417

5030 Northridge Dr
SQ. FT.: 6,793

Note that in 1973 Clubhouse Drive and 2400 sq ft was considered high end executive housing. When we talk about the US being massively overbuilt for housing it isn't just the number of dwelling units that matters. What does your $2.5m for that last one get you? A freakin' Mausoleum.


Steve said...

I want to buy the world a mursting firsting comment because it's Sunday morning*Sung to the tune of "I'd like to buy the world..."

Tyrone said...

Super-size me, big daddy!.

w said...

Interesting point Rob.

This neighborhood is a prime example.

Here is the new spec house, described by the Realtor(tm) as palatial. By the way, it is currently pending.

Here is what was considered extravagant 25 years ago. By the way, they raised their price $300,000 when the first house went pending.

However, this tasteless piece of opulent garbage from back in 1978 is so bad and yet it is amazing to see. 15,000ft2 and it looks like a tacky third world version of the White House. Everyone really should take the time to look at the bird's eye view of this home on the link.

Sorry about all the posts, Blogger would not format the links in the context I had them.

Rob Dawg said...

Do you want to do some posts here? I have a very similar pair just up the road in Somis that is in the que, scheduled for autopost this afternoon. you beat me to it.

That last monster on E Las Posas. That would make great farm worker housing. Think about it. close to Barron Brothers and all the other nurseries, probably 30 bedrooms could be carved out. I could bring in $15k/month and costs would be maybe $8k.

El Hombre said...


Tony Soprano here.. I just got out of the witness protection program.. Blogger won't let me use my old name.. oh well...

I just got back from doing some fishing in CA and visiting my folks in Merced. Have I got some pictures for you!

Glad to here you're in better health.

Rob Dawg said...

Hey Tony! Welcome back.

Yeah, you know the email, send the pics. Merced is just unbelievable. Florida 1926 comes to mind.

w, I cleaned up the dead posts.

El Hombre said...

I lost your email.. hit me with it..

w said...

Thanks Rob. I looked like a moron with 5 deleted posts.

Farm worker housing would be a great usage. There is enough room in the yard they could raise their own food. Of course with the indoor pool it may be better suited to a retirement home or treatment center. With farm worker housing you would have a lot of competition in Oxnard. Every foreman with cashflow and credit is thinking that he is gonna be a slum lord. With houses going under 200k there it is going to become a favela.

A side note, the post about the home in Hesperia(?) with 6 bedrooms and someone asked why anyone would want a 6 bedroom house who wasn't Mormon. Well, it seems to me that 6 bedrooms would be appropriate if your prospective customers were likely to live with their whole extended family to make the mortgage.