Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter


Lou Minatti said...

Happy Easter to you and the rest of the Dawg family, Rob.

We have massive storms rumbling through right now so the Easter egg hunt is under a rain delay.

tj and the bear said...

Happy Easter to you & yours, Dawg!

Same to you, Lou!

Lou Minatti said...

We had some nice Easter egg-sized hail.

Akubi said...

Happy Easter!
I hope everyone and their dogs/dawgs find the big golden Easter Egg today!

Akubi said...

So rushed with another
AIG hunt
to attend to, it seems I screwed up the linky.

Rob Dawg said...

after your year let's hope this is a season of green shoots and renewal. Egg sized hail? Wow.

Same to you and yours.

I was allowed to have a slice of ham with dinner! Perfect spring weather. Too much candy. My littlest still believes in the Easter Bunny so we have a tradition. She draws chalk on the walkway to "direct" him to leave goodies and he leaves little messages and paw prints in the morning.

Jean ValJean said...

What's an honest thief to do when the price of commodities goes down?

Well, they steal the furniture from Open Houses, silly!

Dave said...

Hurricane Living all year long in Miami!

No water bill means septic is free, right?