Friday, April 24, 2009

Yeeee Hah!

Via DQNews Ventura County:
561 sales
$350k median
-26.3% y-o-y



Property Flopper said...


OK - Got to say I like the pic from "free swim" better than Dr. Strangelove, but... it's still better than the large guy suffering from cement poisoning.

Northern Renter said...


How will he know when he hits bottom?


wagga said...

RIP Pontiac 1906-2009

sm_landlord said...

Thanks, I didn't notice that DQ was out for March. it looks like the LA West Side is finally sinking, other than 90402, which still seems to be frozen up with prices over $1000/ft^2

"South Oxnard" is falling nicely on low volume, maybe I'll have another look there this fall, after the sellers have had more time to consider capitulation.

Switching gears, I'm seeing signs of desperation in the retail Internet business. Yahoo! is (finally) closing down GeoCities, Verio and others are discounting heavily to retain and acquire business, Kodak has started charging for storage of pictures on their sites, and of course the retail last-mile providers are trying to get back to walled gardens somehow - with traffic restrictions again.

In commercial equipment financing, I saw a guy from JP Morgan a couple of weeks ago saying that things could loosen up by June. I don't have enough salt to take that with.

I was in Vegas last week, and the casinos look like they are doing OK business, which surprised me. I was stunned to learn that the Sahara was sold out - they were running at 50% capacity at the same time last year. Maybe people are just trading down, but...

bohica said...

If this swine flu goes pandemic, there will be plenty more vacancies.

H Simpson said...

anyone catch rick santelli tearing tim liesman a new hole this morning?

subject was saving the banks. Tim was trying to say the govt had to give lots o money to the banks because they would not trade with each other for a lack of trust. Ol Rick was jumping on tim's back screaming the govt has nothing to do with it. The banks do not trust each other because they are all crooks and should be left to fail.

When Rick gets on a roll..

Thank God for technology. If it were not for wall mounted plasma sets, I would be able to kick high enough to destroy my television.

Tim's photo should be in the dictionary under shill

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

"Animals will be bred and slaughtered," & "Unfortunately monogamous relationships will not be possible," Dr. Strangelove commenting on the future.

Santa F. Clause

tj and the bear said...

Tim's photo should be in the dictionary under shill

They'd have to do a CNBC staff photo.

Effective Demand said...

561 SFH sales
185 Condo sales

The county had 776 total sales so the 30 extra sales were new homes.

Considering the economic climate its not bad. But looking at sales historically it is very low.

Buyer activity is white hot in the lower end, there just isn't enough inventory to fill the demand. Many buyers are really marginal (FHA, can't rub 2 nickels together) but they are still getting the deal closed. There is no additional pricing power to push prices higher but tons of competition in certain segments due to easy FHA financing and extremely low interest rates.