Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skittles in NorthEast Riverpark

Fellow blogger (and Venturan) Effective Demand took the same neighborhood from yesterday and ran it through a NOD/NTS/REO filter.
P = NOD filed
A = NTS filed
B = Back to the Bank / REO / Foreclosure

119 properties currently in the foreclosure process at some point for just 1 development.

At this point an earthquake would be a kindness.

Here is the view from RealtyTrac:


Mike said...

Any idea what tool he used to generate that picture? Would something like or allow me to do the same?

Property Flopper said...

Wow, the realtytrac versino is much worse...

I notice they've got the roads and infrastructure in place for another phase - I wonder when they'll get those houses started. Let's see, two dozen bank owned, another two dozen at auction and quite a few more headed that way... I'd invest in that next phase.

Rob Dawg said...

Makes you wonder if we still have any "Daisy Cutters" in the inventory.

Property Flopper said...

Urban renewal at it's best... and yes, we still stock them.

Andrew said...

Give me back that Filet-O-Fish!

Give me that fish!

Effective Demand said...

I think the RealtyTrac pic is different than the ForeclosureRadar pic because the ForeclosureRadar is just NOD/NTS/REO and limited to 4 months back on REO. There are other status in the realtytrac pic and the REOs go further back.

I think the Daisy Cutter idea is a great one but I wouldn't limit the drops to the Antelope valley. But I would be saying that regardless of the housing boom.