Saturday, December 09, 2006

Latest Bit O'Theater

Our subject thinks a quick comment about his latest debt laden scheme will fire up the page views. 36% interest only loan, 6 months with a 10% surcharge at 6 months; $4500.

ANALYSIS: 6 pmts $150, 1 pmt $4950. Effective rate 60%.

Now of course Casey didn't really do this.. A stunt to build traffic, nothing more. Odds on after "reading the comments" he'll claim to have reconsidered. Pretty lame.


surfer-x said...

I'll be in Sacto. 12/20 - 12/22. Maybe I should snap a couple Casey digipix while I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Casey works quick to cover his trail.

He's deleted much of his personal info on

Not to worry, it's been thought of and covered.

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks, Anon 6:25.

Post it here and I'll start organizing it. There's so much even going back to his early teens.

I. Early schemes
II. Formative schemes
III. Gettin' Smart
IV. Jumping in headfirst
V. Losing track
VI. Uhhh oh moments
VII. Blogging to redemption
VIII. Wheat shots and 36%
IX. Rich benefactor dies

Some of us have his number now.

Bob said...

The subject of Casey doesn't interest me at all, but it appears vox populi wins. Tho' it would be interesting if the internet in general & blogosphere in particular has the power to make him the face of the the Great Mortgage Meltdown of 200_, much as Charles Keating became the face of the S & L crisis.

Broward Horne said...

some of my more interesting bleedover traffic...

The Traffic Generator

and why it may have shown up...

Traffic Generator Speculations

I can't *prove* it's because of my postings on Casey's site but there are anomalies in his traffic bleedover measured in dejanews, bloglines and google/trends.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

broward -

Can you explain what all that means?



Rob Dawg said...

I'm a deliberately little fish. Sitemeter should refering urls and there has been no such spike, just a new segment refering from casey's pages where I leave a reply. Yeah, I'd bet Casey's 200k/mo are a huge hunkin' lota bots.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

For people who don't want to say it out loud, the impact: at best earnings restatements going back years and more likely bank closures with the possibility of nationalizing several trillions of this invisible money.
Robert Coté | Homepage | 12.11.06 - 12:26 pm | #

Do you really believe this? I never pegged you as this Bearish.

Also, yes they will have to "re-state" those loan losses. It will be booked in the current year as an adjustment to the loan loss provision.

However, the skeptic in me believes the earnings annoucement will come out as a "one-time" charge to adjust for the Surprising level of defaults on our loan portfolio - or some other deer in headlights, 100 year flood
bullshit reason

Rob Dawg said...

I'm not generally bearish in the usual sense. What's happening is severe but IMO still within our abilities to manage. My "fear" is govt response. Normally when people hold say, stock in a bank, they assume risk in things lik, say bad loans. I know better having learned an early lesson with BofA and know now that nothing is so bad that govt meddling cnnot make it worse. Years of restatements are an obvious consequence. The idea of bank failures comes about with the usual string of mistakes a la Casey.

Anonymous said...

Attempted to post on Sercasey's Mystery Science Theater blog:


It's homey time!


Here's another little item you "forgot" to come clean on.


<-- Back

Case Number:

Filing Date:

Case Type:
Breach of Contract

Case Title:

Breach of contract, huh?

C'mon, Mr. Honesty, tell the audience about this one.

The hits just keep on comin'.

Did you know that the FBI has a special division just for Real Estate fraud? I do. They take this stuff kind of seriously.

"Peter Norell, who leads a Santa Ana-based white-collar crime unit of the FBI, said fraud is being fueled by the volatile housing market, an increase in loans available to consumers and the widespread use of automated lending systems.

"The market is riper than ever before" for fraud, Norell said.

Lenders are reporting more signs of suspicious banking activity to federal agencies. For a seven-county area that includes Orange County, 4,326 such reports were filed in fiscal 2006, nearly double from 2005, according to the FBI.

Appraisers, brokers, borrowers and others identified by the system might be put on a "stop list" of people with whom the company won't do business, he said.

FBI supervisor Norell said his agency is deploying significant resources to the problem.

"We are still working every major fraud scheme that goes on in the Orange County area," he said.

He said the Secret Service, the Orange County District Attorney's Office, police agencies and postal inspectors are all doing their part.

"It's not just the FBI out there," Norell said. "There are a number of other agencies that do good fraud work."

Not only is the FBI turning up the heat, Congress is going after criminals- like you.

"There are many criminals committing mortgage fraud from the inside," said State Rep. James Marleau, R-Lake Orion. "Residents are losing their homes because of individuals they believe to be trustworthy."

"Marleau is sponsoring House Bill 6434 which would make several types of mortgage fraud a felony, including equity skimming, mortgage-related identity theft, and property flipping where property values are artificially inflated through false appraisals. "

"A violation would be punishable by imprisonment for not more than 10 years and/or a fine of up to $50,000, according to a legislative analysis of the bill. Those found guilty of repeat offenses can face not more than 20 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $100,000."

Hmm.... 20 years for repeat offenders. Does 8 properties count as a repeat offender?

I see you still refuse to tell everyone the truth. Man, I would be pissed as hell if you logged IP's and resold it to anyone and everyone to spam me. Oh ,wait you are.

Too bad. You really want to drag down everyone with you, don't you?

Maybe this will motivate you. Did you know your dad's phone number is listed?




Maybe tomorrow I'll post his name and address. You can call and ask to speak to Casey. BWAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...



That crazy kid Casey keeps deleting Homey's posts man. Homey thinkin that Casey don't want nobody to know was the 411 on his ass. You think?

Homey ain't down with that his posts keep getting deleted.

He ain't gonna tell the truth, is he? Nope. Homey don't like that.

Give Casey's dad a call and tell him Homey don't play that game.

Aleksey Serin
4932 Dewey Dr
Fair Oaks, CA 95628-4246
(916) 962-9895
• county: Sacramento
• residence type: House
• listed at this address: 4 years
• phone service by: AT&T

I ain't got nuthin on dat boy, I tell ya, nuthin.



Anonymous said...


Looks like Da MAN may have met dat crazy kid Casey at the airport cuz he hasn't updated his blog in a day.

Maybe Chris Record got mad dat we knowz Casey be workin fo him at NRC in Cali.



Anonymous said...


OOOPS Looks like his site is DOWN.

I thinks da man done got him.



Anonymous said...


In case there are any PI'S reading this, I hope this helps tracking down this POS.

Give his Daddy a call and ask wazzup with Casey?

Aleksey Serin
4932 Dewey Dr
Fair Oaks, CA 95628-4246
(916) 962-9895 or (916) 965-8466
• county: Sacramento
• residence type: House
• listed at this address: 4 years
• phone service by: AT&T

Other family members at that address:

SERIN, CASEY K (age 24)
SERIN, ANNA (age 43)
SERIN, CASEY K (age 24)
SERIN, GALINA (age 23)
SERIN, MARGARTIS ( age unknown)

Here is Casey's last known address:


His phone # is most likley disconnected. It's a T Mobile phone regardless, not a landline.

Here is the Post Office he uses:

PO BOX 1171

Here is the college where his friends attend ( maybe Galina as well)

Willism Jessup University

Links to Casey's friends ( he may be hiding out with them)




Pictures of Casey and friends,family


Homey Da Clown

Anonymous said...

The last known address is probably his current address. There is a large apartment complex there, and both the Macaroni Grill/Jamba Juice/Starbucks (Rocky Ridge/Douglas Blvd) as well as his Mailboxes ETC "suite." are within a mile.