Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Right On Schedule, Casey Goes Silent

As I predicted on his blog a while back the late December "quiet period" to build suspense or something. Really, I don't care. I invest nothing except a few minutes per day in a sick form of voyeurism.

Of note is the fact that it appears he has moderated my comments that use Chris Record and the Phoenix "college." I thought he'd let them slip through but now I suspect the import of his lifestyle is finally sinking in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Coté,

I posted this info previously under the "Alright, let's talk about Casey" posting. I took a look at the Nouveau Riche website. Interesting. Yes, its logo matches the one from Casey's test.

Nouveau Riche has tuition packages:

Masters Tuition – 30 credits = 5 days - $6,000
Doctoral Tuition – 60 credits = 10 days - $10,000
Regents Tuition – 120 credits = 20 days - $16,000

There are seven "investment strategies", each of which MAY earn you ONE credit hour of college credit, if the college accepts this drivel you are attempting to transfer. Eight to ten "classes" per investment strategy costing 30 - 57 tuition credits may earn ONE semester-credit hour. That is a whopping $6,000 minimum per credit hour! In contrast, De Anza College charges $13 for CA residents and $105 for non-residents. HOLY MOLY! No wonder they are Nouveau Riche!

I'm surprised that he has not published the name of this entity. Think of how many $3000 referral bonuses he could receive! Perhaps his new announcement is that he became a Nouveau Riche instructor or recruiter.

I am glad that his blog led me to yours. Perhaps I will learn something here, as opposed to just being shocked and (mildly) entertained.


Rob Dawg said...

Many thanks Nebraska. I was going to make your reply a core post but this works too. By posting here we are all assured that Casey's penchant for selective attention isn't allowed to edit the truth. Your efforts are appreciated and now part of the permanent record. Good job.

Rob Dawg said...

6:00PM and still no websire change. Interesting. Is this his arrest period? His predicted silent period? Did his wierd hours finally catch up? Did the severity hit home?

Rob Dawg said...

Update 7AM pacific. One poster is claiming he saw a perp walk on the news yesterday. Casey and Galina plus one. Details included confiscating computers, records, etc. Bears watching closely.

incessant_din said...

Careful, Robert. This kind of news can greatly restore my faith in the justice system. Don't abuse that power, or I'll end up even more cynical.

Rob Dawg said...

I was first in line for skepticism and cynicism and that whole raft of -isms. I got a purchase in bulk discount. You are correct, this is too much like karma and life in the balance and all that. I'll say it again, however. I really don't havee any emotion invested in the outcome. I am interested in the process. The timeline makes sense. Were I the local DA, I'd have waited until he was noticeably absent for a week and then serve. Possibly the passing of Dec 11th property tax period might have been a factor as well.

If it is true, even if bail was granted he'd be better off sitting in jail at this point. That tells me he'll try for bail and then wallow in the media frenzy. If this isn't the real deal then it is practice for the real deal. Tim in Monterey and I both thought Mar-April but who knows. I had also predicted a quiet period of no posts at almost this exact moment as part of the theater so it may be nothing more than that and the anon arrest rumor is nothing but rumor.

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Any news?

Anonymous said...

What "quiet period"? The moron just posted yesterday.

Rob Dawg said...

December 18th, 2006 at 8:41 pm was the last. This is the longest period of nothing in the history of the blog. Nothing I can confirm yet.

I predicted last month of so that just before Christmas there would be a deliberate gap followed by a lame excuse (that no one would believe) all just to push traffic.

Rob Dawg said...

1PM Pacific, the website is "down." Looks real.

Anonymous said...

Sacramento's local TV stations are:

3: www.kcra.com
10: www.news10.net
13: www.cbs13.com
31: shares news with 13
40: fox40.trb.com
58: www.my58.com (shares with 3)

Local newspaper is

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert:

I'm missing my "casey fix"

I need my "casey fix"

What has happened to Casey????

Did someone finally take him to the local hospital for his bipolar/adhd problem.... or, do you think he's been arrested?

Can you provide me with a "casey fix"??

I miss Sputnik

Anonymous said...

I think Casey is going underground. He went to this 'college', now in order to make money he needs to get other suckers to sign up. But how could he convince them when it's apparent that he's a complete screw up?

I'm guessing that he'll start up another blog, one that doesn't use his name or likeness.

Anonymous said...

I know others have dug them up, but if you want to tweak Casey, Google's cached pages are your friend.

A search in images for "sercasey galina" will turn up things such as:

Rob Dawg said...

Anon 1:04
I searched the first three stations listed early this morning with no results.

I'll try

Akkkk! Thhhhpft! Robert rubbed my tummy until I coughed up a Casey's Jetta keys. I've been using the drivers' seat as a scratching post and the passenger seat for "other" things.

Ewwwww, the keys are covered with partially digested fishy treats. I'll need more. Nevermind, these are still good. Yummmm, tastes like prison food. I hope those Jamba Juices kept Casey "regular." He's definitely gonna be in the "bottom" bunk.

Gimme more fishy treats and I'll poop wherever you want.

Anon 1:06 and generally,
It could be as simple as not paying the celphone and cable bills but he'd have bought a Starbucks and webbed in from there by now. I suspect the local DA moved before Casey went underground. We shall see.


Hi, all. Sorry about the delay in updating and approving all the helpful posts. I forgot Phoenix where I just earned my advanced degree at Nouveau Riche doesn't use daylight savings time. Silly me, I need to fix this as my investments are spread across 4 time zones and a good bird dog is always on time. So, anyway I was so up after the Seminar and then the movie all about overcoming adversity that I was too motivated to sleep so I stayed up with a little help from choclate flavor nodoze dissolved in Starbucks (delivery) Grande Espresso and worked out a plan to fix everything, pay back every dirty penny and make my wife and family proud. Turns out I am my own customer. By short selling to myself with a little cash out each of my investments covers another. Wow, instant equity and my monthly expenses are down to onlt $19,000 per month. No problem in this rising market. Okay, gotta go the front and back doors are both buzzing. Maybe investors. That's all for now.....

Or maybe all for 15-20 years.

Rob Dawg said...

Homes... my man! Welcome, stay here get yer fix.

Don' be tellin' me you rootin' fer da fuzz?!? Thas lame.

Sputnick wuz wanti'n his head scratched and said you'd be hiz choice number one. Stay tuned, we'll find Casey and make sure... well we'll make sure das all.

Rob Dawg said...

1:30PM Pacific. Site back up and wow, the hits! 355 per hour and exponential.

For those of you who don't know, scroll down on the right to the sitemeter logo. Lots of interesting data if you know what to look for. The very high use of Windows 2003 Server (and Win2k Pro) is interesting. Really low Mac numbers as well. Both tell me people are watching but quietly. The low Mac number is low because Mac users know how to mask their views.

The jury is still out.

Anonymous said...

In another Casey thread here, Homey da Clown suggested that Casey lives in a high-rise apartment in Placer county.

There are no highrises in Placer county ... maybe five stories max.

The address Casey has on his domain registration is for a UPS/Mailboxes Etc. type of place in Roseville (right next to a pretty good bakery, [and a Starbucks, though not the infamous Jamba Juice/Starbucks combo]if you are in the area). The "Suite" is actually a box.

Interestingly enough, Chris Record's domain is registered to an address only ~1 mile from the UPS/Mailboxes place:

Record Enterprises
2801 Alexandra Dr.
APT 2524
Roseville, California 95661
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 02-Aug-06
Expires on: 02-Aug-07
Last Updated on: 02-Aug-06

Administrative Contact:
Record, Christopher recordchris@yahoo.com
Record Enterprises
2801 Alexandra Dr.
APT 2524
Roseville, California 95661
United States
(866) 321-7716

Technical Contact:
Record, Christopher recordchris@yahoo.com
Record Enterprises
2801 Alexandra Dr.
APT 2524
Roseville, California 95661
United States
(866) 321-7716

Domain servers in listed order:

Rob Dawg said...

Anon 1:49,

Thanks, yeah the "business" address was the first thing I checked waaaay back in Sept I think. Yes, it is a Mailboxes Etc. type outfit. This is perfectly normal and didn't bother me at the time. To be honest, it still doesn't. I mean, as a simple management issue, distinct addresses can be helpful in a small business. I've done it when appropriate.

[People have asked.] I use my real name and let enough info to be "nailed down" but so what? I'm acerbic but not worth a vendetta. I don't lie so it is really hard for even the most twisted to work up a hate. I'm the "boss" so my job is probably safe. Feels good.

Casey is eventually going to go to jail. Depending on timing and other factors, a long or short time. The interesting part will be about whether he brings down those around him or those who assisted him.

Anonymous said...

casey has his ph# on his site ablebuyer.com at the bottom

Anonymous said...

Robert, dearest--

How can we thank you for today's facingforeclosure Serin fix?

Maybe there are some SWEEEET tee shirts available for purchase with your cufflink icon printed on them?

Pretty, pretty please?

Rob Dawg said...

Wow.... somebody "gets" the Monopoly piece cufflinks. And the poor sod thinks I'm funny. "gt" get help. These are signs of deeper issues. As to T-Shirts, the guys ate patrick.net already bought me one. It reads; "I wanted a T-Shirt but all I could afford was a stupid house." They have my acronyms archived at thread #63 and my picture at archive #300.

Casey fix:

Sweeeet! These guys are sooo nice. Blue shirts and kakhi pants aren't allowed so they gave me these awesome togs. "No cost" which is important these days right? Anyway the orange color is no prob as all the other seminar attendees wear much the same. It is a little strange how the dorms are arranged but I'm flexible. The deals here are so educational, I'm learning sooo much and not the usual dry classroom stuff. These guys are on the street really doin' deals. My roomate who calls me "caseywaysey" says it won't be long before I understand exactly how things work around here. Gotta go, the "instructors" are saying it is time to "strip down search" for better deals whatever that means.

incessant_din said...

No records of young Serin at Placer County or Sacramento County sheriff's sites.

Anonymous said...

Robert -

Wow - you've found Sputnik... Who needs Casey anyway.... I'll start coming to your site for my daily Casey fix...

Sputnik - I have a cute little girl - Skitty... She's so pretty... she never poops in my shoes (a good kitty).

In the meantime, I'm letting my imagination run wild. I think Casey's wife/family did an intervention and he's on a 72 hour hold in some mental health facility....

incessant_din said...

Maybe we need an Amber Alert to help locate Casey. If Wesley Snipes can get caught so quickly, Casey should be easy pickings.

Anonymous said...



In case there are any PI'S reading this, I hope this helps tracking down this POS.

Give his Daddy a call and ask wazzup with Casey?

Aleksey Serin
4932 Dewey Dr
Fair Oaks, CA 95628-4246
(916) 962-9895 or (916) 965-8466
• county: Sacramento
• residence type: House
• listed at this address: 4 years
• phone service by: AT&T

Other family members at that address:

SERIN, CASEY K (age 24)
SERIN, ANNA (age 43)
SERIN, CASEY K (age 24)
SERIN, GALINA (age 23)
SERIN, MARGARTIS ( age unknown)

Here is Casey's last known address:


Here be da 411 on dat place fo sho:

Address Verified
More Data About this Address
AM, FM & TV Carrier Route Radius Contributors City Demographics Income Tax
Home Sales Labor Statistics Nearest Mailing House Nonprofits Street Detail

Address 1451 Rocky Ridge Dr
Roseville CA 95661-3002
MapG MapY MapV

Warning Suite or Apt number required. Suite and Apartment Detail

Address Type Highrise ZIP Code Type: Standard
Area Code 916
Public Records Search Click here for available Public Records

Number of Inquires 4 Click Here to monitor this address

Carrier Route - DPC C041 - 990
County (FIPS Code) Placer (06061) County Demographics County Map PDF

Time Zone (Local time) Pacific Time ( 12/13/2006 6:11:46 PM )
Consolidated Metro Area (CMSA) SACRAMENTO-YOLO, CA ( 6922 )
Primary Metro Area (PMSA) SACRAMENTO, CA ( 6920 )
Representative, Party & District John Doolittle (R) (04) District Demographics Map

Latitude & Longitude 38.7340 Degrees North 121.2539 Degrees West
Census Tract 0207.02 Block 3
Delivery Post Office ROSEVILLE
Phone: 916-789-4504

His phone # is most likley disconnected. It's a T Mobile phone regardless, not a landline.

Here is the Post Office he uses:

PO BOX 1171

Here is the college where his friends attend ( maybe Galina as well)

Willism Jessup University


Links to Casey's friends ( he may be hiding out with them)





Pictures of Casey and friends,family



Dawg, Homey thinks Casey ain't no fool. Check it out. Five-O is on his butt like stink on a turd, and he noze it- fo sho. They gonna find his narrow azz hidin out sumwherez.

Somebody needs to call his daddy and get dat 411.

I do miss dat Sputnik. Funniest damn cat around. Always poopin in dem shoozes.


Homey Da Clown

Anonymous said...

Gracious! I hope he doesn't have to share a cell with this gentleman. Look at the first charge:

Sacramento Inmate Detail

Anonymous said...

Galina is one cute kitty.

Anonymous said...

Casey's baaaaaaaaack!
Sounds like he's about ready to hang himself. This is old hat for most of you, but I didn't know about this until tonight...


He sure is a dandy!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32

The Sacramento inmate link is the scariest thing I've read this week.

It would be oh so wrong to laugh.

....Oh hell, I did anyway. It was actually more of a grimace-smirk-oh-god moment.

Rob Dawg said...

anon 10:29,
I'm with Alan, that booking link rated a 9 on the sphincter pucker scale.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Isn't it a law that you have to disclose that a mailing address is a PO Box type thing?