Monday, October 10, 2005

Cole v. Cote Round 2

Examples of pork:

> No love for tunnels
> By Rick Cole

> ...funded by the pork-laden federal
> > transportation bill recently signed by President Bush.

Update of the kind of pork Mr. Cole is talking about:

Nancy Pelosi listed this transportation pork in her district:

-- San Francisco Transbay Terminal, Caltrain extension -- $29 million.
-- Doyle Drive replacement -- $8 million
-- Muni's Islais Creek bus yard -- $5 million
-- Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, improvements -- $5.6 million
-- Trails and bikeways at the Presidio and Golden Gate National
Recreation Area -- $5 million
-- Illinois Street bridge, port of San Francisco -- $3.2 million
-- Muni's program of providing real-time arrival information for trains
and buses -- $2.5 million
-- City CarShare, a nonprofit that provides cars on an as-needed basis
-- $1.6 million

2/3rds is non-roads and large chunks of the roads projects are non-roads

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