Monday, October 10, 2005

New New Orleans

What to do?

That solution would be free market flood insurance. Any guesses as to
what that would cost for houses 3m below sea level in a hurricane zone
protected by the promises of a city and state like New Orleans and

The fair answer is for the nation to rebuild to whatever level of safety
is deemed appropriate and then insist on the same personal
responsibility we expect of auto drivers, namely mandatory private

To avoid accusations of playing favorites; earthquake zones like my own
should be treated likewise. This does, however, raise the issue of the
burden "winter cities" place on the nations' resources. The price of
gasoline is so very high for so much of the nation solely because of the
impending refinery changeovers to heating fuels this time of year.
Should we allow people to remain in Buffalo, NY or should we evacuate
them at gunpoint as winter approaches?

The magnitude of the disaster was amplified by the suppression of market

"Compassionate Conservatism" has been hijacked and turned into a
meaningless rallying point to stir up the progressives. True
compassionate conservatism would have long ago facilitated the
remodeling of New Orleans along more sustainable patterns.

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