Monday, October 17, 2005

Land Use and Illegal Immigration

Afforbable housing for the worker class. This is the big "problem" where I live now. You cannot purchase a SFR for less than $500k that you would let your child live in. This months' (Sept '05) MEDIAN (not average): $635k. {Ventura County at the bottom]

Supposedly this is going to mean our housekeepers and gardeners and even bookkeepers are going to be "lost" and we idle rich will be helpless. Quite the opposite. Instead we will buy Roombas, Rainbirds and Quicken thereby employing robotocists, Landscape Architects, electrical engineers and software programmers who can afford to live here. This IMHO is "A Good Thing."

What's this got to do with illegal immigration? A lot through a connection most people see in reverse. I'd much rather pay for a civil engineer, GIS coordinator, software vendor and robot crop picker machinery salesman each getting a living wage rather than tolerate the barely better than slave wage illegal immigration generating handpicking system we use now. The problem is we are subsidizing the slave worker market and taxing and regulating the technology fields mentioned above.

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