Monday, October 10, 2005

Take the Quiz

Classic example of the Charette process shown here.

Where they had an emissions calculator including:

What kind of car/truck do you drive?
compact car with highest fuel efficiency standards: add 2 points
SUV: add 5 points
light truck: add 6 points
full-sized car meeting minimum efficiency standards: add 3 points
hybrid electric car: add 1 point
fuel cell or hydrogen car: add 1 point
I don’t own a vehicle: add 0 points

Well gee I was unaware transit didn't use any energy at all but then I was
unaware that a light truck had 6 times the impact of a hybrid. A light
truck is typically 20mpg and a hybrid 50mpg. Not even 3 times.

But then this is what a Charette is all about. Getting to a preordained conclusion.

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