Monday, October 10, 2005

It's the End of Oil as We Know It (and I feel fine)

* "Hurry, before this wonderful product is depleted from Nature's
--advertisement for "Kier's Rock Oil," 1855
* ". . . the United States [has] enough petroleum to keep its
lamps burning for only four years . . . "
--Pennsylvania State Geologist Wrigley, 1874
* ". . . although an estimated two-thirds of our reserve is still
in the
ground, . . . the peak of [U.S.] production will soon be
within three years."
--David White, Chief Geologist, USGS, 1919
* " . . . it is unsafe to rest in the assurance that plenty of
will be found in the future merely because it has been in the past."
--L. Snider and B. Brooks, AAPG Bulletin, 1936

The latest REAL measurements can be found at:

Sick of oil out of the ground? Rapeseed, sunflower/safflower, algae, the
list is long before we even start fiddling with the genes. We only use oil
because it's all over the place, cheap and easy. For instance, whale oil is
really good for lubricating the chain on my motorcycle so that it doesn't
yank so much.

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