Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Casey's Goldbug Bites Back

So just how has Goldspring been doing since Casey was bragging about hiz mad investing skillz? Closed below 1.8¢ today. His 2.2 million shares were worth $132,000 in August and are worth $39,000 today. The Midas touch in reverse.


Anonymous said...

1st to remind you he owes 60k in corp credit for buying this stock and his semi-vegan lifestyle. That 39k number is even more painful.

sm_landlord said...

Casey finally joins the ranks of long-term investors.

SmellyPogoStick said...

So, are you saying it is a good time to buy Goldspring?

Rob Dawg said...

LOL. See that ginormous volume spike at 1¢? I don't believe in charts. Charts are to investing what maps are to driving. GSPG might be fun at sub-penny provided it just grinds down to there. Any kind of bad news whatsoever and it is a zero for the stockholders. When it gets below a penny and I find the time I'll look at it then. Life is too short and too good to fill it with anything except worthwhile pursuits.

Dolph said...

Look at the 10Q released on Monday. At the pace they are digging holes, they will most likely delay any gold mining until late next year.

They say next summer, but it took them about a year to get to hole 89. Add in the fact they "raised" 4 million more (toxic stock sales anyone?) and this thing will drop on the slightest delay from their promises.

I say they make more promises on stuff come Feb.

Dolph said...



Quarterly Report

Item 2. Management's Discussion and Analysis or Plan of Operations

The following discussion provides information that we believe is relevant to an assessment and understanding of the consolidated results of operations and financial condition of our company. It should be read in conjunction with the Consolidated Financial Statements and accompanying Notes.


GoldSpring, Inc. is a North American precious metals mining company, focused in Nevada, with extensive, contiguous property in the Comstock Lode District. Our Company was formed in mid-2003, and we acquired two properties in the Comstock Lode before the end of the year. We secured permits, built an infrastructure and brought the exploration project into test mining production within a year of its acquisition. The Company, in 2005, began consolidating the Comstock Lode by acquiring additional properties in the district, expanding our footprint and creating opportunities for exploration and mining. We are an emerging company, looking to build on our success through the acquisition of other mineral properties in the Comstock Lode District with reserves or exploration potential. The Company's objectives are to increase reserves through exploration, expand its footprint in the Comstock, resume mining, optimize its production, and maximize shareholder value

In the first quarter of 2007, we temporarily ceased mining activity while we focus on delineating the ore body and exploratory drilling that should lead to a comprehensive mine plan and, ultimately, to more efficient mining in the future.

The Company turned a corner during 2007 with the final settlement of the Parent litigation and settlement of the Degerstrom litigation, both of which had caused a drain of financial and human resources that severely drained Company resources. Given the end of this litigation and continued challenges in capital raising efforts, the Company's management determined that there was a need to reevaluate the Company's business plan with a view toward the best way to maximize shareholder value and protection of our secured creditors.

In 2008, the Company began to execute its new business plan with all activities focused on resumption of mine production in Fiscal Year 2009. The most relevant steps taken are as follows:

o Expanding our footprint in the Comstock Region and other acquisition opportunities through the entry into of two letters of intent to purchase rights, which upon consummation, will have allowed the Company to amass one of the largest land positions in the Comstock District.

o Further exploration in the Comstock Region to accomplish the above, including a decision to review the geology of the Hartford complex in a more detailed manner

o Completion of the Plum Mine reserve report through a focus on infill drilling to allow completion of the Report

o Expanding the permitted drilling area and updating of the mine reclamation bond

o Consummation of loan agreement with major shareholder to borrow up to $2.5 million for completion of the drilling program, of which $1,500,0000 has been funded as of September 30, 2008 and efforts to secure further funding to enable recommencement of mine production

Adjustments to this analysis have been made over the past few months, all with the goal to best utilize the Company's limited financial resources to increase shareholder value and to focus on raising additional capital to reinstate mining production operations.

- 18 -
Table of Contents

Post the mine shutdown in January 2007, the Company focused its attention on ore body delineation, metallurgic testing and exploration. In December 2007 the Company commenced developmental drilling in the Hartford Complex of the Comstock Lode District to delineate the ore body in this area. This developmental drilling program is scheduled to be completed in three phases of 100 holes per phase. The goal is to define and map the ore body, complete the reserve report and related feasibility study and create a comprehensive mine plan.

There is also ongoing exhaustive metallurgic testing to attempt to maximize recovery of the high grade fraction of the ore and to determine optimum size to continue heap leaching. The Company, through this testing determined that a mill should be increase overall metal recovery.

The exploration drilling program, which is heavily dependent on funds availability, commenced in December 2007. The Company is scheduled to continue with the exploration drilling program throughout 2008 and plans to complete the first one hundred hole drilling phase by the end of December 2008. . To date, 89 holes have been drilled.

Assuming sufficient funds are raised in a timely manner, the Company's goal would be to reopen the Mine during the first half of 2009. In order to resume production, the Company must complete a reserve report certified by a qualified third party; complete a comprehensive mine plan; and complete a mining schedule, all of which are dependent upon ability to secure sufficient funds to procure the mining fleet and related assets.

There are also risks involved in the fact that one individual and his affiliates, as of September 30, 2008, beneficially own in excess of 22% of our voting stock. Pursuant to financing agreements, this convertible debt holder and his affiliates with a 61 day notice can waive the 4.9% ownership restriction, allowing him to convert 100% of his convertible debt and related interest, which totals $8,833,614 at September 30, 2008, into our common shares. This group, if they waive the ownership restriction and convert all convertible debt and related interest into our voting common stock, may take actions that could conflict with your interests. This includes the election of Company directors, approval of actions generally requiring the approval of the holders of our voting stock, including adopting amendments to our articles of incorporation and bylaws and approving mergers, certain acquisitions or sales of all or substantially all of our assets, which could delay or prevent someone from acquiring or merging with us or limit the ability of our other stockholders to approve transactions that they may deem to be in their best interests.

Results of Operations and Operational Plan

Our Comstock Lode Mine, which is located in Storey County, Nevada, went into test mining production in late third quarter 2004. We have not established reserves on this exploration project. Therefore, all of our activities on this property are considered test mining or exploratory in nature. In November 2005, we retained mining engineer Jim Golden, who became our COO in 2006, to conduct a comprehensive review of all aspects of the Comstock Lode Mine operation, including the overall mine plan, with the objective of further improving efficiency, increasing production, and reducing costs. Furthermore, TechBase of Colorado, with the help of our consultants, is expected to complete a detailed mine plan and a reserve report for the Comstock Lode Project in the fourth quarter 2008 or first quarter 2009. We believe that these steps coupled with our exploratory drilling of the Hartford Complex will improve our overall performance at the Comstock Lode Mine.

We had planned to commence our exploratory drilling program in mid 2007 if capital resources allowed; however, due to insufficient funds, this was delayed until the December 2007. In late 2007, we retained Dwight Juras, Ph. D. geologist, to assist in overseeing our exploration program at the Comstock Lode Mine and in the Comstock Lode district. Mr. Juras has over thirty years of diverse geological and exploration experience in the mining industry. He has worked for several major mining companies. We have allocated a budget of $2,000,000 to explore and develop our claims at the Comstock Lode Project. Exploratory drilling started in late 2007 and is scheduled to continue throughout 2008. Initial drilling has been in the Hartford Complex, and drilling consists of surface mine drilling down to a depth of 400 feet and covers approximately 40 acres. We intend to target our exploration toward expanding our mineralized material inventory at our Hartford Complex property in the Comstock Lode District and toward developing new mineral properties in the Comstock. The successful location of additional mineralized material on the existing property would allow us to expand the size and the lifespan of the Comstock Lode mining project, exclusive of new property acquisitions. It is our belief that we possess an advantage with our status as likely the only heap leach gold mining permit holder in the area. This permit is relatively difficult to obtain, and it is one that we can expand to include new areas in the event we locate and wish to process new deposits.

- 19 -
Table of Contents

Among the exploration and business development activities that are in process:

� Ore body delineation

� Reserve definition

� Completion of drilling and reserve report

� Development of comprehensive mine plan from exploration results

� Increase of ore reserves

� Augment ability to mine and operate at more efficient levels

� Intent to resume mine operations after completion of the reserve report and the comprehensive mine plan.

� Expansion of existing footprint in the Comstock region (which was largely accomplished through the in process DWC and Sutro Tunnel transactions)

Expansion of team of experts to study geology and metallurgy, as well as develop mine plan, define reserves and complete initial reserve report

Secure funds to complete drilling

The Company hired Orbit Garant Drilling to perform exploration and developmental drilling at the Comstock project, and four holes were drilled by the end of December, with third party laboratory testing yielding encouraging ore grades from samples tested from the first four holes. The Company also hired two mining engineers and a Ph. D. geologist as consultants to its team to further augment its expertise in all facets of mining, including metallurgy. In order to fund its exploration efforts, the Company, since early December 2007, has raised in excess of $4,650,000 (of which $4,150,000 has been funded as of September 30, 2008) in capital to finance the exploratory drilling.

First Nine Months of 2008 Developments

The Company has drilled a total of 89 holes in its 100 hole Phase 1exploratory program through October 2008 at the Hartford Complex. The purpose of this program is to define the boundaries of the ore bodies and to produce a comprehensive reserve report and mine plan by the end of the 2008 calendar year. The total estimated cost of this plan is $2,000,000 of which $1,357,000 has been expended to date. As of September 30, 2008, $1,500,000 has already been received of the total $2.5 million committed by a related party in new loans to us through the end of 2008. Initial report results are encouraging. The initial resource report released in September after obtaining 3rd party assays on 38 drill holes completed to date plus assay results from 450 holes from prior drill campaigns indicated a resource of 4,926,000 tons grading 0.080 ounces per ton gold containing 392,000 ounces at a cutoff grade of 0.030 ounces per ton. The resource is highlighted by 930,000 tons grading 0.209 ounces per ton gold containing 194,000 ounces of gold using 0.10 ounces per ton gold cutoff grade. A reserve report is expected to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2008 or first quarter 2009. The Company intends to expand the exploration program beyond the Hartford Complex in the fourth quarter of 2008.

- 20 -
Table of Contents

All of the assays referenced herein and the data derived there from have been performed and analyzed by American Assay of Reno, Nevada, a laboratory independent of GoldSpring, utilizing industry standard analytical methods.

In addition to the drilling program, the Company is continuing to work on the completion of a comprehensive mine plan. The results of the drilling program, combined with the mine plan, will form the basis for a reserve report. The Company completed its initial resource report in the third quarter 2008. Completing the mine plan and the initial reserve report and obtaining the required funding are the key elements in the Company's plan to return to production in 2009. In determining the optimum time to resume production, the Company will seek advice from its team of mining industry experts.

The Company continued to expand its footprint in the Comstock Lode in the first nine months of 2008. During the nine month period, the company acquired or staked approximately 71 new claims, bringing its total claims in the area to approximately 250. The average claim covers an area of 20 acres. In addition, the Company acquired mineral leases on 16 unpatented mineral claims, 6 patented mineral claims and 84 acres of mineral rights on private land. The Company intends to acquire additional properties and claims in the Comstock Lode region through the remainder of 2008 if suitable financing can be arranged.

DWC Resources Acquisition

On August 13, 2008, Goldspring, Inc. (the "Company") entered into a binding letter of intent to purchase certain property owned by DWC Resources, Inc. in Storey County, Nevada. The purchase price is $7,500,000, but is subject to adjustment pursuant to the results of a fairness opinion and/or appraisal to be obtained by the Company. The purchase price will be paid through issuance of a $7,500,000 promissory note which shall bear interest at the rate of 9% per year with quarterly interest payments due throughout the term of the note which is 5 years. The purchased assets include patented and unpatented lode mining claims owned by DWC Resources, Inc. in the Comstock Lode district. The letter of intent also provides for the payment of royalties ranging from 2% - 6% of "net smelter returns" based upon the price of gold per ounce and a 1% royalty to be paid to the party which sold the subject property to DWC Resources in 2007. There is also a commitment to expend a minimum of $250,000 per year on exploration by the Company for five years.

- 21 -
Table of Contents

Sutro Tunnel Sublease

The Company simultaneously entered into a binding letter of intent to sublease the Sutro Tunnel Lease dated January 1, 2008 between Sutro Tunnel Co. and John Winfield or his nominee. The purchase price for the sublease is $2,000,000 (which is subject to adjustment upon receipt of a third party fairness opinion/appraisal) payable pursuant to the issuance of a $2,000,000 promissory note which shall bear interest at the rate of 9%per year with quarterly interest payments due throughout the term of the note which is 5 years. The letter of intent also provides for the payment of royalties ranging from 6% - 8% of "net smelter returns" based upon the price of gold per ounce and a 1% royalty to be paid to Winfield if Winfield provides an acceptable buyout of the Sutro property. The Company is also required to fulfill lessee's obligations under the Sutro Tunnel Lease with regard to payment of royalties and exploration expenditures.

With the appointment of two new directors in the first quarter of 2008 (Rob Faber, the Company's CEO, and Scott Jolcover, a former Company employee with significant mining experience in the region), the Company commenced the task of rebuilding its Board, which lost several independent Directors in early 2007. The Company further complemented its Board by the third quarter appointments of independent directors, Jonathan Jaffrey and Robert Reseigh. Mr. Jaffrey's strong financial background and Mr. Reseigh's strong mining background greatly augment the expansion in depth of expertise on the Board and with their appointments; the Board is now comprised of a majority of independent directors.

In early March 2008, the Company appointed a new metallurgical team with resources and expertise geared toward efficiency maximization in anticipation of recommencement of production, which was scheduled for the second half of 2008 and due to funding delays, which have been remedied, is scheduled to commence in 2009. The Company secured $4,500,000 in half of 2008 for further drilling and general corporate expenses and $150,000 in the third quarter of which $4,150,000 has been funded as of September 30, 2008 with the balance being funded by the end of calendar year 2008.

The Company was also successful in extending several notes with Longview Fund, LP. On September 30, 2008, Longview extended the maturity date on three promissory notes issued to it by either the Company or its subsidiary, Plum Mine Special Purpose, LLC ("Plum Mine"), to September 30, 2010, with a principal amount totaling approximately $1.0 million.

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks Dolph.

Assuming sufficient funds are raised in a timely manner, the Company's goal would be to reopen the Mine during the first half of 2009.

How is the speculative mining capital market these days? And the price of glod?

They lack critical mass; money, time, ore bodies, to get lucky before a re-org that wipes out the existing stockholders.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone hasn't checked, the Comstock Lode ceased being a viable mining area in -- wait for it -- 1878.

Maybe these guys know something the rest of the world doesn't, but I doubt it.

Rob Dawg said...



Lost Cause said...

The lesson here? You have to go through a lot of dirt and mud for just a little bit of gold.

wagga said...

I predict that success will come on the 2759th hole.

Mr. Outspoken said...

You all insult Casey's acumen, but it's not like GSPG has been a standout failure. I've been surprised by the resilience of the stock. I mean it's been floating around the crapper for ages in the midst of a credit crisis. You know, where actual companies can't get credit. What is it going to take to flush them down? The cockroach of junior miners (or the Radio Shack?)

Peripheral Visionary said...

Casey was simply ahead of his time. :)

And on GSPG, the stock does have some residual value, but mostly as a ticker for use in pump-and-dump schemes.

Rob Dawg said...


Jean ValJean said...

epic failure.

So.. open question...

What do you guys think will happen to the price of used cars in the next two years?

w said...

Sorry Rob, it was my stupid computer.

Property Flopper said...

24601 - Interesting question. I think they'll have a split result, with low end cars rising in value and high end models dropping.

The last few years, lease returns were a heavy impact on prices. Those have started to dry up now and with new car sales in the tank, I suspect we'll see fewer used cars on the market. Prices will climb at least a little.

High end will drop - luxury toys will not hold the value, especially as people who could not afford them in the first place start to lose them. SUV's are already in the toliet - who wants something with 10mpg?

All conjecture, pulled out of my butt - no evidence or stats to support it, but...

r said...

Complete Threadjack, but I want to tap the common wisdom here: would anyone recommend buying a Sirius XM radio as a Christmas gift now that they are barely breakeven 3 months after the merger?

What's the odds they will be here next year?

Rob Dawg said...

Goldspring appears off the day's lows at 1.6¢.

Used cars will "hold" value. That's not the same as rise in price. Contrary to popular perception used prices are determined by new prices of similar models not purchase price plus depreciation. $14,000 new '09 Explorers would kill the used market. Ford may have no choice. Personally I'm looking for a deal on a semi-exotic. V70R or Audi TT category.

I'll be the first to say I have absolutely no effin' idea. My blush is XM is a consumer discretionary BUT like cable TV in the last recession. Take that for what it's worth.

You guys (and gals) are great.

Jean ValJean said...

What about supply and demand?

Won't the lack of sales of new cars mean that people are keeping their cars longer, and not releasing them to the used car market, thereby decreasing supply?

Rob Dawg said...

You are a smart guy. Fewer new to used transitions would decrease supply only if the supply were smaller.

Property Flopper said...

$14,000 new '09 Explorers would kill the used market

Agreed - but Ford can't make $14k Explorers. They have much higher fixed costs per unit.

Hell, Ford would be hard pressed to put out a $14k Yugo with the structure they've got - high labor costs, supplier contracts out of whack, etc.

Jean ValJean said...

Threadjacking my own threadjack:

Giving some Dap to Dawg for the DJIA again closing at 8200.

Tach said...

"Agreed - but Ford can't make $14k Explorers. They have much higher fixed costs per unit.

Hell, Ford would be hard pressed to put out a $14k Yugo with the structure they've got - high labor costs, supplier contracts out of whack, etc."

But if they've already made the cars, aren't their options "sell or rust" and at least with sell they get something back from them?

Property Flopper said...

They also have the option of not making more. Normally when the inventory backs up, the big auto makers scale back on production. Idle a line or two.

Dumping what they've already made works only if they stop making more. Expect to see that if Ford shuts down.

Seriously though - Both Ford and GM will get bailed out. Too many jobs come from them (through trickle down of supplier companies), the gov't will step in.

Bums me out though - YEARS of stupid decisions by upper mgmt and they still get bailed out. I'd love to see them fail personally, but that would be bad politics.

wagga said...

Dawg was right. Xmas is cancelled

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause


I'll still be making deliveries.

Santa F. Clause

Anonymous said...

$39K equity value will = 0 before long.

Rob Dawg said...

$33,000 at close today. FAIL.

Oh, and make no mistake. Casey checks in here a couple times a day. Sad.

Northern Renter said...

Must be tough for him to find a soup kitchen which has WiFi.


Lost Cause said...

Now there are homeless living in an abandoned car beneath me.

anonymous said...

GSPG is Brush Creek Mining (was BCMD) all over again. Every 10 years or so, someone gets the idea to revive an old mine and this is what you end up with. A few people get rich and idiots like Casey get left holding the bag.

anonymous said...

Has anyone confirmed that Casey crawled back to mommy and daddy?